Chorostkow Book
(Khorostkiv, Ukraine)

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Translation of Sefer Choroskow

Edited by: D. Shtokfish, Committee of former residents of Chrostkow in Israel

Published in Tel Aviv, 1968


Project Coordinator

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

This is a translation from: Sefer Chorostkow (Chorostkow book), Editors: D. Shtokfish, Tel Aviv,
Committee of Former Residents of Chorostkow in Israel, 1968 (H, Y, 418 pages)

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Translated by Sidney Lightman


A. The shtetl (small town) up to the time of its destruction

Foreword   5
The History of Chorostkow and Its Jews Dr N. M. Gelber 11
Minute-Book of the Chorostkow Chevrah Kadisha   20
In a Little Town Pinchas Sherlag 27
Chorostkow Chanoch Shechter 51
About the Life of Our Little Town 1914-1930 Avraham Glick 86
Three Times Chorostkow Leah Blauthal-Zeltkes 93
The Market Shlomo Werber 100
Parties, Organisations and Societies Haim-Israel Weissbrodt 104
About Hanoar Hatzioni (Zionist Youth Movement) Dov Arieli 138
Hashomer Hatzair in Chorostkow Bella Kessler 153
The Kindergarten in Chorostkow Rivkah Hart (Vogelmann) 155
B. Figures
The Rabbi's House Sarah Heitner 159
Portrait of Rabbi Meshulam Rota, of blessed memory Zephania Drori 161
Pinchas Sherlag   164
Public Affairs Activists Haim-Israel Weissbrodt 165
A Family Who All Survived Moshe Yavor 195
The History of One Family Aharon Widermann of blessed memory 202
A Skilled Conversationalist Dov Sadan 220
Figures Shlomo Werber 226
Shmuel Epstein Yekutiel Chereg 232
Leah Weissbrodt Bella Kessler 235
In Memory of Aharon Moshe Yavor 236
Portraits of Comrades Yitzchak Kessler 237
C. The Holocaust
Testimony from the Days of the Holocaust (Recorded by H. Y. Weissbrodt) 243
Three Testimonies Leah Zeltkes, David Wich, Dr Klahr 248

D. Between Two World Wars

Unforgettable Memories Marek Sherlag 253
Chorostkow at the Time of the First World War S. An-Ski 258
That Was How the Shtetl Lived Yosef Cohen 263
Beautiful and Sad Recollections Hanya Widermann 268
Parties, Organisations, Societies Haim-Israel Weissbrodt 270
Religious Life Shalom Klinger 292
Chorostkow as I Remember It Yitzchak Widermann 304
Zionist Activity Hersch-Mendel Klein 308
My Visit To The Town Aharon Widermann, of blessed memory 312
About Our People Moshe Fink 317
Summation and Overview of Pre WW1 Chorostkow Until WW2 Dr. Morton R. Lang  
E. The Holocaust
Intoduction Dr. Morton R. Lang  
A Memorial for the Jews of Chorostkow Bluma Feffer-Lempel 325
Chorostkow Under the Soviets Yitzhak Kessler 332
First Letter About the Destruction Matilda Krenkel 334
My Experience Under the Germans Shimon Kahana 336
Years of Sorrow, Anguish and Struggle Zipporah (Fanya) Kiperman 337
The Tragic Fate of Some Jewish Families Chayah Zydowicki 364
Survival in Camp Yitzchak Goldflies 365
I was Successful in Escaping Fanie Katz-Goldhirsch 365
The Disappearance of a Jewish Community Chanah Zineman (Margulis – Klar) 367
Ruins Remain of Jewish Chorostkow Moshe Feingold 370
Ukrainians and Poles Helped to Murder the Jews Avraham Vitoff 373
Concentration Camps in Eastern Galicia   375
Concluding comments regarding “The Holocaust” Dr. Morton R. Lang  
F. Associations Organisations of Jews from Chorostkow
Intoduction Dr. Morton R. Lang  
The Organisation of Jews From Chorostkow in Israel   379
Fellow Former Chorostkow Residents in NewYork Shmuel-Shlomo Schwartz 381
G. List of Martyrs
Memorial Prayer – Necrology   389-408
Memorial Dedications   409-418
List of Captions for Photos and Documents    

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