The Memorial Book of Kaluszyn
(Kałuszyn, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Kaluszyn; geheylikt der khorev gevorener kehile

Editors: A. Shamri, Sh. Soroka

Published in Tel Aviv, 1961, Former Residents of Kaluszyn in Israel



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This is a translation from: Sefer Kaluszyn; geheylikt der khorev gevorener kehile (The Memorial Book of Kaluszyn),
Editors: A. Shamri, Sh. Soroka, Tel Aviv, 1961, Former Residents of Kaluszyn in Israel (Yiddish, 545 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Kaluszyn (1961)

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Translated by Yossi Ziontz and Bill Leibner

(* All text is written in Yiddish, unless otherwise marked (*H) for Hebrew)
Title Author Page
From the publishers   9
From the publishers (*H)   11
History of the Kałuszyn Jewish population Dr. N. M. Gelber 15
Times and Regimes
Kałuszyn - our town Shalom Soroka 28
The Old Jewish Kałuszyn Yossef Zisholtz (Tel Aviv) 37
Towards a new Era Moshe Frucht 42
Under three Systems of Government Chayim Rayzman 45
Dealing with Restrictions and Persecution Moshe Tchernitski 49
After the Liberation of Poland Moshe Frak 53
In the Minsk-Mazovyetsk Prison Israel Raychenbach 57
In 1920's turmoil Yakov Palma 60
8 days under the Soviet power Shmueal Ayzearstayine 68
The Killings at the Bug River Yonna Elson 70
Memories about (from) a bloody day Yechieal Grantayvitsh (?) 70
The hatred of Israel (Jewish people) Zyesha Baravescki 72
Struggle against Antisemitism By David Felner (Ben-Avraham) 73
The Butchers and the Slaughter-Gzayre Yechezkel Shtutman 75
Kałuszyn during the Days of the Pogrom in Minsk-Mazovyetsk Chaim Rayzman 76
My Shtetl Mrozy and the “Kałuszyn Forest” Brurya Sharfman 77
The Kałuszyn Community
The Kehilla in Kałuszyn Shalom Saraka 82
Rabbis (*H), rabbis and financial supporters/leaders in the Kałuszyn community S. Arye 85
The Rov of Kałuszyn Moyshe Berl Dechnevers 102
The Rebbe Naftole Yosef Zis'holts 105
Yiddishkayt and Unity Yakov Zisíholtz 106
Two Societies Avraham Potashnick 107
Three Benevolent Societies Combined Shlomo Kuperhand 108
The Achiezer Society David Felner (Ben Avraham) 109
The ritual slaughterers Yossef Zisholtz 111
Occupations of the Jews of Kałuszyn Yitzchok Minski 113
The First Hebrew School Simcha Sitin 118
Jewish Youth in the Polish (State) Schools Pola Kaplan 119
The struggle of a Jewish student Chaim Rayzman 121
The Kindergarten Rivka Bergman (Abramski) 123
The “Gan-Yiladim” Miriam Shamri 124
Parties and Cultural Associations
In memory of Kałuszyn Y. Zerubavel 128
Hallowed Names Yaakov Zaydman 131
Our youth Miriam Piasecki 131
From Chevres to Trade Unions Moshe Frucht 132
What I remember from the fifth year Shlomo Kupperhand 134
Alter Gorzesz in 1905 Israel Reichenbac 135
The righteousness of revolutionaries Boruch Shtulman 136
Maskilim in Kozhenits Shtibl Elyahu Kaplan 138
The first Zionists Yaakow Mendel Gotthelf 140
In the beginning Yankev Palma 141
The two emissaries A. Ben Hanoch 144
The first sprouts Akiva Hendel 145
The First Poppy Sale Eliyahu Kaplan 147
“Bund” in Kałuszyn Avrum (Abraham) Goldberg 149
The Sports Association “Morgnshtern” Yisroel Demshtchak 164
A Bundist Liame during a Marred Holiday Yaakow Palma 166
Social awakening following the first German occupation Avrohom Mitlberg 168
The Poalei Tzion in Kałuszyn Yeshayahu Grodzicki 172
The Poalei Tzion among the Kalusziner workers Shulem Soroka 185
On May 1st S. Shulem 190
The “Z.S.- Fareynigte Hersh Yosl Sokol 193
The communist movement in Kałuszyn Welvele Sapirstein 194
MOPR in Kałuszyn Pesach Finklshtayn 204
The “Promień Moshe Frak 205
The Trade Unions Pesach Finklshtayn 207
The strike of the transport union Shmuel Eizerstein 209
The pot factory Yossed Mendel Zisholtz 210
A Strike and a Din-Torah Chaim Rayzman 212
Zionist movements Yossed Mendel Zisholtz 213
The Halutz and other Zionist socialist movement Awraham Mashela 216
Poalei Tsiyon – Right (PoaleiTsiyon – Z.S.) Y. Tsigler 218
The youth organization “freiheit” Yona Papowski 220
The Halutz –Shomrim youth movement Dawid Flener (B. A.) 221
Pioneers build the kaleika of Kałuszyn Yossef Neiman 224
Friends from my Youth David Felner 227
Thus lived a shtetl Gitel Rok-Rosenfeld 229
Behavior and Types
The average Jew Yehiel Granatowitch 232
From the spark of repentance Arieh Shimri 234
Individuals and Characters Israel Raychenbach 239
The kleizmers of Kałuszyn Shmuel Eizerstein 253
These were my People… Moyshe Pasklinski 255
As I saw Kałuszyn Awraham Rosenker 264
Market day in the sthtetl Shoshana Windicki (Hausman) 272
Reb Itche Meir Perkal Awraham Potashnik 274
Reb Moshe Mashlanke Golda Foxman (Mashlanken) 275
Two types Dawid Flener (B.A.) 277
The love of Palestine by Reb Arieh Chaikes Arieh Kaplan 279
Reb Yehezkel Hendel the founder of the village Kfar Hassidim in Palestine Akiva Hendel 281
The sufferings and pains of Welvel Grushka Melech Yelen 283
Alter, the Village Peddler Yosl Sukenik 284
The big wedding at the home of Reb. Naphtali Shlomo Kupperhand 286
My first trip to the rabbi Yehezkel Kamiel 287
Amongst Hassidim Chaim Kalushiner 288
Fires and miracles Chaim Reisenman 292
The two Wilner Moshe Gline 293
From Jewish life style Yossef Zisholtz 294
Chanukah in Shtetl Yechiel Granatovitch 301
Purim in town Sh. Ben Moshe Aaron 303
Recruits Moshe Frak 306
Reb Yaakow Tovia and the Amen Yossef Neiman 307
The Carlsbad box Itzhak Atzap 308
How much hair does a shtreimel contain Ben Hanoch 308
It was told Yaakow Zusman 309
Berl Graptche the treasure Dawid Flener (B. A.) 311
Their fine manner Sarah Feige Senalik 312
Destruction and Struggle
The tears are choking   314
Martyrdom, resistance and destruction Dr. Yosef Kermish 315
From the Ringelblum material   350
This is how it started Yaakow Nozalke 352
The Destruction of Kałuszyn Mendel Berman 356
Germans and Poles in the destruction work Chaim Reisman 361
Amid Ruins Nechemia Obfal 365
Children amongst the ruins Alter Zaydman 367
The Resistance and the Burial David Felner (Ben Avraham) 370
Refugees in Kałuszyn Yaakow Kenner 372
A “Guest Performance” in Kałuszyn Zygmunt Turkow 374
Notices of a refugee Moshe Zoyere 376
Refugees (a poem) Nahum Bomze 378
Letter, protocol, and lists   379
The lights reminisces Moshe Kurtzboim 391
Across the Bug and back Nathan Borowski 392
Partisans in the Kałuszyn area The Brothers Shinolentzky 393
Between ruins and forests Yehiel Granatowitch 395
In Hiding Laybl and Efraim Shtchapovitch 397
Poems Arieh Shimri 401
In bunkers and forests Shlomo Kupperhand 406
With Kałuszyn Landlayt in the Warsaw Ghetto Sholem Kamienny 411
The Kalusziner commune in Bialystok Dawid Flener (B. A.) 417
From Kałuszyn to Landshut Chaim Popowski 418
Auschwitz, (poem) Charles Dobzinski 428
In the struggle against Nazi-fascism Yankel Rei 432
The last promenade Chaim Kapune 433
Songs Binem Heller 435
With Kuniak in Hiding Layb Rochman 437
Such was the end of my Shtetl Mrozy Bruria Sharfman-Kaplan 452
Poems Moshe Sarah La's 454
Kalusziner residents in France during the Nazi occupation Israel Engel 456
During the war years in France Motel Sukne 458
Letter from the camps &nsbp; 460
German cruelties Eliyahu Skowrnek 462
Only with Kalusziner Israel Milgrom 462
From France to Argentina Awaham Itzhak Nissenbaum 463
The last greetings from the ruins of Kałuszyn Yehezkel Jossefson 466
Awraham Gamzu Dawid Felner (B. A.) 466
Moyshe Kishelnitzky Sholem Soroka 467
Shmuel Lew Wewl Sapirtein 469
Moshe Goldberg I. Granatowich 470
Yeshayahu Grodzshicky I. Grodzshicky 471
Homesickness Mordechau Grodzshitzki 473
Light Shmuel Wolman 474
Our “Gandi” (Baruch Shebicki) Rachel Auerbach 475
Shmuel Liss Shulem Soroka 478
Shmul Layzer Sadovski Avrum Goldberg 479
Leibish Sapirstein Sulem S. 479
Simche Finkelstein   480
Aaron Kotzki Shulem Soroka 481
Leibel Rosenfeld Dawid Plener (Ch. A.) 482
Henoch Rus M. Kligsberg 483
Yochewed Reisman Pessah Finkelstein 484
Leiser Borenstein Itzhak Atzap 486
David Gelibter Yosef Zisíholts 487
Zisman Zitelni A. Shem 488 
Chaim Torbiner Paula Kaplan 490
Avraham Felner David Felner (Ben Avraham) 490
Reb Israel Asher (Felner) the Magid Yosef Zisíholts 491
Moshe Popowski Chaim Kalusziner 492
Dawid Rozhe Yossef Zisholtz 493
Baruch Wieworke Shulem S. 495
Nute Tenenbaum Chaim Reisman 496
Hersh Liss Welwel ben Yossef 497
Moshe Liss Dawid Plener (Ch. A.) 499
Benyamin Miodownik A. Bach 500
Israel Milgrom Moshe Klinberg 501
Yaakow Palma Arieh Sh. 503
Shlomo Popowski Meir Treiber 504
Chaim Rayzman Y. Grodzhitsky 506
Alter Berman A. Ben Riwka 507
Itche Rosenberg A. Shem 507
Martyrs of Kałuszyn   509
Kalusziner Landsmanschaften
Kalusziner in Israel Shulem Soroka 524
The mutual revolving fund named Kałuszyn Dawid Plener (Ch. A.) 534
The Kaluszyiner society in Paris Welwel Sapirstein 536
The Kalusziner society in the USA Shmuel Hershman 540
The Association of Kałuszyn-Minsk in Buenos Aires Yehezkel Kamiel, Mayer Bayer 543
Necrology   547

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