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List of Figures (cont.)


Figure Page no. Title Thumbnail[Click to expand]
Looking and the Turmoil in the Town
110 239 Revolutionaries of Kalarash kal239s.jpg
111 241 Flag bearers of the revolution (decoration) kal241s.gif
The Happenings of the Town
112 245 Picture of the author - Yosef Ozitel kal245s.jpg
113 247 Small town Jews reciting the prayer “Tashlich” beside the “Faroyzed" kal247s.jpg
114 248 Holiday walk - on Mostovoya street while eating sunflower seeds kal248s.jpg
115 249 Winter in the city kal249s.jpg
116 250 Picture of the author - Noach Tamir kal250s.jpg
117 251 Picture of the author - Moshe Hadar (Baran) kal251s.jpg
118 255 Outside view of the tailors shul kal255s.jpg
119 257 Picture of the author - Yisrael Gisher kal257s.jpg
120 259 Ordinary front-view of a house, but inside it is full of life - this is the barber shop of Itzik Kwittel kal259s.jpg
121A 260 Pictures of different periods: typical clothing - from the year 1910 kal260as.jpg
121B 260 Pictures of different periods: typical clothing - from the year 1914 kal260bs.jpg
121C 260 Pictures of different periods: typical clothing - from the year 1920 kal260cs.jpg
122A 261 Small town modernism: about sweaters in the year 1928 kal261as.jpg
122B 261 Small town modernism: typical children's clothing - in the year 1900 kal261bs.jpg
122C 261 Small town modernism: small town kindergarten children before the Holocaust - in the year 1939 kal261cs.jpg
123 268 View of the “skalad” of the town kal268s.jpg
124 270 Entrance gate of the Public Gardens kal270s.jpg
125 271 General view of the Public Garden kal271s.jpg
126 273 Picture of the author - Dr. G. Fishstein kal273s.jpg
127 276 Part of the “Mostovoya” street - the “traktier” (restaurant) of Vassili-Mendel kal276s.jpg
128 278 An archetype of a “woman of valor” - Beyla Gag with her three sons kal278s.jpg
129 279 A journey to a wedding in the village in a peasant's carriage kal279s.jpg
Types of Work People
130 290 Shmuel Butelbroit - “Sutskiy” (father of Yisrael Galedi) kal290s.jpg
131 291 Picture of the author - Moshe Vashvein kal291s.jpg
132 295 Jewish peddler (sketch) kal291s.gif
133 298 Water carrier (sketch) kal298s.gif
134 299 Jewish coachman (sketch) kal299s.gif
135 300 A group of Kalarash people on a motorbike trip, in rebuilt Kalarash after the war kal300s.jpg
136 306 Yitzchak Aloni receiving the “Kaplan Prize for Efficiency” kal306s.jpg
Amongst the Non-Jews
137 313 Picture of the author - Chaya Melamed-Abramovitz kal313s.jpg
138 315 Picture of the author - Rivka Bodiski-Teomin kal315s.jpg
139 319 Shmuel Tkatz (murder victim) kal319s.jpg
140 320 Corpses of those murdered in the woods (Yoel Tkatz, Shmuel Tkatz, Alter Shamis, Mendel Kogan) kal320as.jpg
141 320 A group of robbers caught kal320bs.jpg
142 321 Public city funeral for the murdered Rabbi kal321s.jpg
143 322 Two gravestones of the father and son: Yoel and Shmuel Tkatz kal322s.jpg

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