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List of Figures (cont.)


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Landscape, Work, and Business
26 57 Picture of the author - Uriah Feldman kal057s.jpg
27 58 A section of the railway that passes through the length of the town (Youth group) kal058s.jpg
28 59 Example of a picket fence restriction continuing for the length of the train tracks kal059as.jpg
29 59 This is how the town looked when you pass through it on the train kal059bs.jpg
30 61 View of the “Shus” (Youth group) kal061s.jpg
31 65 Fruit (plum) drying building “Duchovoya” (sketch) kal065s.jpg
32 67 “Diben” - Fruit (nut) drying (sketch) kal067s.jpg
33 68 Typical dress of the man and woman owners of a “grocery store” kal068as.jpg
34 68 The expectation of the buyer . kal068bs.jpg
35 69 A view of the street fair “Hamotzei” kal069s.jpg
Education and Culture
36 79 Picture of the author - Yosef Vinokur kal079s.jpg
37 81 Picture of the author - Dr. Y. L. Matmon-Cohen kal081s.jpg
38 85 The “progressive school” under the direction of the teacher Yechiel Reznik in the year 1905 kal085s.jpg
39 86 The kindergarten method arrived to our town as well kal086s.jpg
40 87 The pupils of the elementary school under the direction of the Yiddishists of the town kal087s.jpg
41 88 The pupils of the elementary school under the direction of Krista kal088s.jpg
42 91 Central character of the amateur troupe - Yasha Horovitz kal091s.jpg
43 97 Picture of the author - Yisrael Gershuni (Garminski) kal097s.jpg
From the Town to the Diaspora and the Homeland
44 103 Chayim Grinberg kal103s.jpg
45 105 Picture of the author - Zalman Shazar - President of Israel kal105s.jpg
46 107 Picture of the author - Chaim Visodler kal107s.jpg
47 111 Photograph of the last will of Chayim Grinberg kal111s.jpg
48 113 Chayim Grinberg speaking from the stage kal113s.jpg
49 116 Chayim Grinberg (sketch) kal116s.jpg
50 117 Yisrael Giladi kal117s.jpg
51 120 Picture of the author - Pinchas Shneerson kal120s.jpg
52 121 Yisrael Galedi, Yisrael Shucht, Mendel Portugali (Committee of “Hashomer” the first in the land of Israel) kal121s.jpg
53 125 Kibbutz in Israel to be named after Yisrael Giladi with the name “Kfar Giladi” kal125s.jpg
54 126 A young Yisrael Giladi in the company of young Zionists in Kalarash kal126s.jpg
55 127 Mendel Portugali kal127s.jpg
56 128 Picture of the author - Yaakov Portugali kal128s.jpg
57 132 Yitzchak Rosenberg kal132s.jpg
58 135 Yitzchak Rozenberg receiving his certificate “Honorary citizen of Haifa” from A. Chushye kal135s.jpg
59 138 Yitzchak Rozenberg with friends Yisrael Galedi, Alexander Zayad, Karol, Y. Huz kal138s.jpg
60 140 Uriah Feldman kal140s.jpg
From the Town to the Diaspora and the Homeland
61 145 Rabbi Yisrael Dov Zevin (Chief Rabbi) kal145s.jpg
62 153 Reb Moshe Reznik (the “starasta” of Kalarash) kal153s.jpg
63 155 Gabriel Kogan (municipal chief) kal155s.jpg
64 157 Yechiel Eilberg kal157s.jpg
65 158 Picture of the author - Zev Sirkis kal158s.jpg
66 161 Yechiel Eilberg amongst the youth kal161s.jpg
67A 163 Nachman Soslinsky ( A Leader of the Yiddishists and Communist circles of the town) kal163as.jpg
67B 163 Shimon Shteingort (A Leader of the Yiddishists and Communist circles of the town) kal163bs.jpg
68 164 Sara Berginer kal164s.jpg
69 165 Yosef Krasnushinsky kal165s.jpg
70 166 Yaakov Gluzman kal166s.jpg
71 168 Moshe Halperin kal168s.jpg

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