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Chapter 7 (cont.)

[Page 492]

I Shall Always Remember Them

Translated by Irene Emodi, Tel Aviv

I shall always remember the members of my family, my relatives and friends, members of the Jewish community of Yurburg, who were cruelly murdered although they were quite innocent.

I shall always see them in my mind, innocent sons, proud Jews, true to their people, Zionists who loved Eretz Jisrael, striving to go there to build and be built there.

Their hope did not come true.

Blood- thirsty murderers, mad Hitlerists and their Lithuanian helpers, criminals and murderers, put an end to the glorious Jewish community that had existed in Yurburg for hundreds of years.

Blessed be their memory.

Lovingly remembering all of them
Hannah Feinberg-Shraga, Miami

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A Memorial Candle For My Family

Translated by Irene Emodi, Tel Aviv

With deep sorrow I cry for the members of my family who were killed in the years of the terrible Shoah in Yurburg by the Nazi-German murderers and their Lithuanian helpers, shameless, inhuman criminals.

These are the names of my relatives who were killed:

My father: Mordecai Berzaner

My mother: Ethel Berzaner

My sister: Raisel (Raisale), the lovely little girl

We shall always remember what the Nazi criminals did to our families and community, we shall never forgive them for the murder of innocent human beings.

The memory of our loved ones will be with us forever.

Always, always we will remember them with a sacred tremor.

God will avenge them!

Sadly remembering them,

Diana (Dinale) Tobin (Berzaner)

The photo below did not appear in the Yizkor book but is included here because it is revelant to the material above.

For our sister -
Reizele Berzaner 1924-1941-
And for her two dear friends-
You will forever be in our hearts-
With love Dina'le and Mute

At the Site of the Mass Graves in Yurburg Cemetery in June 1998 - Photo by Gerrard W. Rudmin

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In Eternal Memory

Shulamit Miller (Feldman)

Translated by Yacov Sherman, Mexico City

To my dear family - My parents, my brothers and my sisters, who were killed in cold blood by the Nazi-Killers and their helpers the Lithuanians. They were innocent people.

And those are the members of my dear family and they are unforgettable.

My father: Moshe Feldman.

My mother: Leah Feldman.

My brother: Tzvi (Hershel) Feldman, his wife Dvora, and their children David and Ava.

My brother: Yacov Feldman.

My sisters: Sarah and Shenyah (Sheinale).

Their names will be remembered in eternal memory with great love.

They will always remain in my heart.

Forever their memory. The sacred memory.

I will never forget my family and the dear ones from the Yurburg community.

May their souls be bound up in the bond of everlasting life.

Shulamit Miller (Feldman), Los Angeles

In Memory

Frieda Epstein-Pochrat

Translated by Yacov Sherman, Mexico City

My sister Esther Pochrat and I weep and mourn the deaths of the dear children of the Yurburg community, who were murdered in the Shoah by the murderers, the German-Nazis and Lithuanians helpers.

Their inhuman acts shall never be forgotten.

The Jews will not ever forgive the perpetrators of these horrible crimes toward us and the Jewish community.

We will remember forever, our relatives, our friends, our city, our homeland - Yurburg.

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In Memory of the Victims

Translated by Yacov Sherman, Mexico City

With great sorrrow and pain, I mourn the deaths of the children of my dear family, who were killed by the Nazis and their Lithuanians helpers.

And here are the names of my dear family who were the victims:

My father: Meir

My mother: Hania

My sisters: Golda and Mendel Furman and their children Moshe, Yacov, and Leib; Shaine and Hershel Furva and their children Yonah and Berele; Rivka and Aaron Kliatzko and their children Abraham, Fruma, Yonah and Toiva

My brothers: Michael, Tzila and Leah'le

Hershel Tarshish, the first victim to be shot by the murderers in front of my eyes at the Kovna prison on June 27, 1941.

I shall always remember my parents, my brothers, my sisters and relatives who were murdered while they were still young by the Hitlerist criminals, in the years 1941 -1944.

I shall remember the members of my dear family fondly and with respect.

May their souls be bound up in the bond of everlasting life.

Roza Shoshana Birger Tarshish, Chicago

The youngest daughter from a big and special family.

[Pages 496]

In Eternal Memory

With a heavy heart, I mourn the members of my family, my parents, brothers, sisters and relatives, who were murdered by the evil German Nazis and their Lithuanian henchman - with terrible cruelty.

We shall never forget the barbaric acts of horror and we shall not forgive the murderers. These are the members of my family; may they rest in peace:

My Father: Eliezer Chosid

My Mother: Golda (my step-mother)

My Sister: Miriam-Rivka, her husband Eliahu Miasnik and their children

My Sister: Chaya-Bila and her husband Pinchas Fields

My Sister: Batya (Basa) -Rachel

My Brothers: The twins - Zalman-Yitzhak and Moshe-Ze'ev

My Aunt: Daba Luria, her husband Yerachmiel and their son, Salman-Schnior

My Aunt: Tirza Kropinski and her children - Pinchas and his wife, Yehudit

My Aunt : Sarah Fasia, Yehuda and her little daughter Miriamele

My Uncle: Daniel Hess and his wife Mina, daughter Batya Eichman and their child Lucy

My Uncle:Aryeh Mailer, and his son Moshe-Aharon Hess

My Uncle: Zvi Hess, his sons Dovid-Lieb, Moshe-Yitzhak, Haim-Avraham and their children Hehama Eichman, Aharon Segal and their children

My only daughter: Fasia-Tsipa (Tziporelah), who was killed at age three and a half.

Blessed be the memory of my large family.

I shall always remember each and every one of them.

Dorothy Chosid-Bodnoff (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

The Eliezer Cossid Family in Yurburg (about 1925)
(Although this photo was not in the original Yizkor Book, it is included her because it is appropriate to the material on this page)

[Pages 497 - 502]

Jews of Yurburg - List of Names

List from Memory - Mordechai Berkover

Translated by Regina Borenstein Naividel

Italic Notations is information added by Jack Cossid

[Page 497]


Rabbi Arie Leibzig Gut
Freyman Eliezer
Minzer Avraham
Hamenski, non-Jewish
Haim Natan Yosifer
Hasneh Shapira
Heselkovitz Shachne
Pollak's tavern
Israel Mazur
Menuha Goldstein
Gutstein family
Heishel der Tepaer (potmaker)
Rabbi Arzik Yosifer
Hasloviz Ephraim
Frank Malka
Patrikanski Yehuda-Leih (Alter)
Bernstein Leib (Leon)
Hersh pastry store
Tilla Weizman
Fiedler Mordehai, barber's shop
Rubinstein Judge
Bishko, candy factory
Eliashevitz Meir - (Grocery)
Grinberg Mordehai
Grinberg Yosef
Commerce Bank (Shmerel Bernstein)
Perlman Mordehai (store)
Lipinski (store for drinks)
Fin Hershel
Fin Pharmacy
Frank Yoel
Krelitz Moshe(Bagel Bakery & lived upstairs)
Mordehai Kommel's house
Hotel Aharonson
Shachnovitz Pinhas - Book store #
Jaswonski (variety store) #
Zarnitzky (hat & cap shop & lived upstairs) #
Hana - Itse Mayer's
Sausage shop Shmulovitz (butcher shop)
Yudel Koshlevski (leather shop)
Peer David
Raizel Levin
Beker brothers
Israel Mazur (leather shop)
Meir Krelitz
Beyle Bernstein (Shmerel Bernstein's sister)
Yehiel Bernstein
Yente Bernstein (Shmerel Bernstein's sister)
# Pictured on lower photo of page 33 of Yizkor Book

[Page 498]

Berman (soda factory)
Leshets Yakov-Moshe
Zalman Neviaszki
Yakov Pulerevitz
Natan Pulerevitz
Leizer Pulerevitz
Natan Valdislevovski
Zaider Moshe
Berkover Eliezer
Abramovitz Zussa
Bader Mordehai
Pina der Staller (carpenter)
Barchik Malchik
Furcht Yakov
Margolis Mersh
Beyleh Kagan
Yakel Meirovitz
Hina Beylis
Rassel Gamler
Zelig Baiman
HaParosh Rabbi Akiva
Hina Telzek
Natan Verbelovski
Baiman family
Temke Hasselson Shlomo
Pulerevitch grocery
Eisenstatt Liba
Glazer Hershel
Eliyahu Naividel
Leah Ravel
Christian house of prayer
Chertok (the tailor)
Zvi Kobelkowski
Yekutiel Kobelkowski
Pazrintski Zalman
Pazrintski David and Baruh
Tene Levinson
Rabinovitz Yudel
Shmulovitz Yereahmiel
Pollak Tuvia
Telzek (sausage shop)
Mendelovitch Mordehai
Kobelkovski Gershon
Kobelkovski Zeev
Portnoy Yehuda Aharon
Minzer Aharon Yehuda
Hotel Hershel Fein
The Main Synagogue
Bible school
Moshe Eliezer Beker (the attendant)
Hostel for the poor
Yizhak Kobelkovski
Yehuda Berkover
Zundelevitz Shmariyahu
Hasselson family
Benjamin Feinberg
Lipski's store (Gut)
Shimonov Alter, dentist
Koplov - Shugam
Koplov, dentist
Rikler, pharmacy
Tarshish (Rosa Birger's brother)
Purva (textile store)  - Tarshish's brother-in-law
Niviaski Zvi

[Page 499]

Bernstein (hardware store)
Levitan Meir-Zusha (textile store)
Rochzo Shimon (grocery store)
Pulerevitz (bicycle & jewelry stores)        
Simna (stationary store)
Kopelovitch (barber)
Vitko Yakov Dov (store)
Ruven Olshwenger (hardware store)
National Yiddish Bank
Haim Yosef Kobelkowski
Goldstein Moshe Haim
Henia Feinberg
Leizer dem Deins (store)
Naividel Ruven (bicycle shop)        
Naividel Rivka (Puckale)
Feinberg Meir (George Feinberg's father)     
Yosepovitz Haim Zvi
Brezner Mordehai
Sara Verbelovski
Greibski (leather store)
Meierovitz Shmuel
Lubin Dov (barber)
Eliashav (grocery)
Yoslit Tzadok
Leiba Popkaimer
Plier Akiva
Berkover Shimon
Rozen Hillel
Appelboim (leather store)
Rabbi Shlomo Gershon the Zadik
Berman the tinsmith
Zvikis store
Arpachsander Spetel
Kratsmer Moshe
Machel the ironer
Polak Avraham
Gery's tavern - non-Jewish
Feinberg Gavriel
Feinberg family
Hesselkovitz Yizhak Hassel cinema
Leiba Hesselkovitz
Baiman David Yizhak
Tuvia Ess
Salmon (tailor)
Apriaski Haim
Mintser family
Liepziger Izhak
Meirovitch house (Hershele Klein)
Levin Mordehai - on the other side of the bridge

UGNAGISIO (fire brigade) STREET

Michelovski Haim
Peisabson Dvora
Karabelnik David (Cheka's father)
Michelson Mordehai
Haim Siger (the teacher)
Rizman Shma-riyahu
Zalman (der Wollkratzer-cleans wool)
Yozopovitz (the policeman)
Fire brigade
Hillel Skirstmonski


Rabinovitz Ossip
Doctor Gerstein
Natan Abramson (photographer)
Bilman's tavern
Post Office

[Page 500]

Kalman Fridland
Moshe Levin
Zeev Levin
Milkreit (non-Jew)
Meirovitz Eliezer
Aba Silver
Peres Moshe
Minvitz Haim
Zusman Levitan
Aba Verblonski
Shvadis tavern
Sara Posk
Yarovski Moshe family
Leizer Meirovitz (Dem Dajan)
Liba Elchanan Levinsohn (the watchmaker)##
Koplov Zalman
Zecher family
Kizell family
##(Jack Cossid's great-uncle)   

USIMSTRE (beyond the river) STREET

Berkover Shlomo
Berkover Jona Yakov
The Lithuanian Gymnasium
Hillel Danilevitz
Berkover Yudel  


Natan Kaplan
Zilberman Haim
Levinson Shraga
Kushner Aba


Reuven Ess
Moshe Yosef Ess
Stuck Arie-Leib (bakery)
Aba Kaplan
Reuven Hersh, bakery
The butcher (Shohet) Arie Shlomovitz
Wilenski Shimon
Avraham Kovelkovski, bakery
Die Bulverlech (potatoes)
Synagogue on the name of Feinberg
Yakov Mintser
Haim Eliyahu Eliashov
Rochzo Shimon
Rochzo Israel
Kaplan Ita
Dov Brezky (bathing house)
Eliezer Chosid (Jack Cossid's father & family)
Moshe   Kropinski
Eliyahu Shmulovski
Zvia die Zuchne (the clean one)
Moshe Ess
Zvi Kobelkovski
Moshe Kaplan
Ess Nachman
Hasselson family
Berski family
Abermovitz David
Kobelkovski Izhak
Avraham Pollak
Fruchter Daniel
Megidovitch Zelig

[Page 501]

Tova die Huchzige (happy-go-lucky)  Vassiliov tavern
Stern Wolf
Avraham Bar Abramson
Eliashevitz Meir
Megidovitz Hana
Fruma Kreid (bakery)
Yudel Frank
Tova Tirtsa Michelson
Zvi Michelson
Baruch Michelovski
Rachel Kaplan (butcher shop)
Shimon Nacha Kaplan
Aharon Arie Kaplan
Mordehai Kaplan
Sheina-Lea (the caring)
Yakov Ess (butcher shop)
Dov Mar (butcher shop)
Zelig Kopelkovski
Shia der turk (the Turk)
Miasnik family
Moshe Shmulovitz
Yosef Ess
Dov Ess
The Chasan Alperovitz (cantor)
Mordehai Ess
Moshe Beer (the tehilim sayer)
Aba (the coachman)
Yakov Stern
Arie (Liba) Shtuk
Peer family
Eliezer Eliashov
Jonatan (the Melamed)
Yeheskel Vilonski
Haim Ruven Danilevitz
Dr. Krolinski
Daniel Ess
Friedlander (bakery)
Shlomo Levin
Zvi (Hersh) Ess
Shulamit (Shlomo) Moskover
Hertz (grocery)
Shmerl Pollak
Shlomo Pollak


Goldstein Yossi Hemia
Eliyahu Miasnik
Talmud Tora (school)
Mendelevitch Natan
Michal Lashetz
Israel Markovitz
Zusa Danilevitz
Tova Pollak
Dertvin Shmuel
Dertvin Zalman
Ita Saks
Yudel Koshlevski
Bershtenski Bezalel
Berkover Shimon
Berkover Tuvia
Asher Zaider
Yerachmiel Shmulovski (tailor)
Melech Kaplan
Sara Hana Koshlevski
Shmuel Piva Weizman
Liba Portnoy    

[Page 502]

Aba Zilber
Yosef Bokar
Mina Glazer
Moshe Ordel Gabronnski
Yisrael Levenberg
Yisrael Kovlkovski
Yakov-Shlama Weinberg
Eliezer Miklovski
Moshe Feldman
Leah Kovlkovski
Yehezkal Yaffa
Alchanan Vladislvovski
Photographer (?) Goy Zedov
Beit (house) Arzik Nachmis
Aharon Varbalovski
Gavriel Levin
Beit Hamtvchaim (Zamski Nz'lnik)
Beit Hkrovot
Chaim Dovid Rosenberg
Hillel Fiedler
Mordechai Most
Rabbi Avraham Dimant
Eta Fagen
Leeba Fras
Chaim Kzav
Natan Aronovski
Dov Luvovski
Eliahu Yokovizer
Yisrael Zilber
Rebecca Most
Yosef Melnik
Simna Family
Anzel Family
Yeker Lobeen
Hershel Weinberg
Shlama Arnian
Yacov Arnshtein
Zdtah De Kachen (Maged)
Eta Feekin


Moshe Kaplan
Amnoal Koplov
Beit (house) Yekeial Bernstein
Aharon Smolniks
Chana Frank
Herzel Gymnasia  (Hebrew High School)


Brogovski Drugstore
Shimon Zandelovitz
Mordechai-Arye Mazur
Mordechai Freedman
Tzvi Stock
Kopel Guttman
Sharmiahu Bernstein, Head Commerce Bank

[Pages 503 - 507]

Members of The Organization of Former Citizens of Yurburg and the Vicinity in Israel

Compiled by Shimon Shimonov

Translated by Regina Borenstein Naividel

Chana Abel (Apriaski) - Bereshit 11, Givataiim
Moshe Abramovitch - Harakavi 5, Tel Aviv
Ada Oberfeier (Berkover) - Yarkona 38, Ramat Gan
Zvi Ahuvi (Liubovski) - Kibutz Yagur, M.P. Yagur
Bat-Sheva Eilon (Shtuk) - Givat Brener
Pnina Oren (Rikoler) - passed away
Tania Ip, Dr., (Haimovitz) - Mendeli 5/8, Jerusalem
Arie Eliashov - Tzfat 9/9, Kiriyat Sharet, Holon
Aharon Eliashov - Shikon Hadash, Blok 10/8, Binyamina
Yaakov Apriaski - Hapalmach 16, Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv
Yonina Afreimi - Kiriyat Shalom, Mesilat Yeshurun, Maimon 10, Tel Aviv
Yaakov Baiman - Moshe Sharet 52/13, Kiriyat Sharet, Holon
Chana Baiman (Sandler) - passed away
Rivka Levanoni-Bloch (Feldman) - Yavne 28/5, Holon
Zehava Ben Yehuda (Pulerevitch) - Hagalil 13, Netanya
Rachel Ben Artzi - passed away
Rivka Baron - Kibutz Yagur, M.P. Yagur
Mordechai Berkover - Zuriel 6, Ramat Gan
Yakov Berkover - passed away
Josef Berkoer - passed away
Boris Bermstein - passed away
Prof. Zev Bernstein - Netanya
Leib Bernstein - passed away
Klara Barnstein-Doshnitzky - passed away
Hinde Beker (Loinberg) - passed away
Menachem Beker
Prof. Zvi Barak
Baron Lea
Gershon Bershtanski - passed away
Yitzha Bershtanski - passed away
Bezalel Bershtanski
Moshe Gutstein - Simtat Mezada 20/6, Ramat Hanasi, Bat Yam
Michael Gutstein - passed away
Yaakov Gutstein - passed away
Chana Goldman (Megidovitch) - Herzel 161, Rehovot
Yaakov Goldstein - passed away
Fania Gamuz - Kfar Daniel, M.P. Mercaz
Miriam Gurevitch (Hess) - Nazeret Elit 90/14
Josef Grinberg - passed away
Rachel Greenstein (Hess) - Bar Ilan, Kiriyat Motzkin, Haifa
Meir Drori (Achpersander) - Achad Haam 57, Tel Aviv
Pessia Hirsch - Michael 47, Haifa
Josef Vitko - Talpiot, Shikon Amamai, Jerusalem
Aba Walas
Mrs. Vladislavovski - Kiryat Share, Hashiloah 10, Holon
Mark Verblovski - Balfour 213 A, Appt. 9.10
Miriam Verpol (Bershtanski) - Kiriyat Yam G, Joseftal 36/9, Haifa
Frida Zvuluni (Shachnoviz) - passed away
Frida Zurines (Minzer)
Rachel Zigelman (Mauser) - passed away
Shmuel Zachar - Ibn Gvirol 183, Tel Aviv
Kalman Zachar - Kfar Pines, M.P. Karkur
Mordechai Zilber - passed away
Max Zarnitzky - passed away
David Haimovitz - Nechemia 21, Neve Shean, Haifa
Jaffa Tiz (Levin) - Katzenelson 8, Bat Yam
Dvora Tiz (Paschovitz - Hashiloah 14/3
Shara Tamshe (Yoslit) - Helsinki 6, Tel Aviv
Chana Treinin (Karabelnik) - David Yalin 19, Givataim
Sara Yagolnizer (Reisman) - passed away
Lea Joselevitch - (Most) - Rupin 5, Kfar Saba
Moshe Yanovski - passed away
Olga Yasvonski - passed away
Eliyahu Kagan - Hadassa 9, Tel Aviv
Frida Kagan (Reznik) - Daka 25, Neve Sharet, Tel Aviv
Meir Cohen (Hess) - passed away
Erika Katz - Hasamir 8, Ramat Gan
Zalman Leviosh - passed away
Meir-Eliyahu Leviosh - passed away
Rachel Levin - Yecheskel 13, Tel Aviv
David Levin - passed away
Rina Levit (Berkover) - Hadekalim 4, Ramat Gan
Michael Lazarovski - Harav Kook 13, Tel Aviv
Moshe Levite, Dr. - Pinkas 4, Tel Aviv
Jaffa Lufeinski (Heskelovitch) - Neve Asher, Pardess Hana
Sara Lufeinski (Rabinovitch) - Chlenov 17, Petah Tikva
Berl Lipinski - passed away
Reuven Megidovitz - Poalei Tzion 151, Neve Amal, Herzliya
Moshe Megidovitz - Sireni 32/5, Rehovot
Rivka Moshkovitz - Levi Eshkol 101/12, Kiron
Hana Moshkovitz -
Rivka Mida (Eliashov) - Eilat 18, Holon
Chana Melzer (Hess) - Stromer 18, Netanya
Frida Minzer - passed away
Zilla Meisel (Hirsch) - Michael 47, Haifa
Miriam Michelovski - Zahal 13/10, Kiriyat Yam
Meir Mendelovitz - passed away
Ronit Margalit (Gut) - Yishaiyahu 32, Tel Aviv
Shoshana Martin (Pulerevitch) - Ben yair 37/31, Arad
Chasia Markuse (Achpesander) - passed away
Chana Niv (Zachar) - Kfar Pines, M.P. Karkur
Rachel Niv (Karabelnik) - passed away
Pessia Neviaski (Eliashov) - passed away
Mordechai Naividel - Shila 15/12, Beer Sheva (passed away)
Niona Slovo (Chaimovitz) - Sderot Degania 15/6, Kiriyat Haim
Shoshana Sokolovski (Baiman) - Kibutz Amir, Hagalil Haelion
Aharon and Dvora Smolnik - passed away
Natan, Gershon and Ester Smolnik - Barak 52, Kiriyat Motzkin
Mina Simon (Mazur) - passed away
Moshe Anaki (Risman) passed away
Meir Polovin - passed away
Sheinele Pulover (Minzer) - passed away
Baruch Portnot
Menachem Puchert - passed away
Chana Polen (Smolnik) - Motzkin 25, Tel Aviv
Alisa Porat (Leipziger) - Kibutz Afikin, Emek HaYarden
Zvulun Poran (Petrikanski) - Hanetka 1, Jerusalem
Lea Furman - passed away
Bilha Pulerevich - Joseftal 32/12, Kiriyat Haim G
Yehoshua and Moshe Purbin (Rodnizki) - Ben Nun 54, Tel Aviv
Shimon Feinberg - passed away
Mina Feinberg - passed away
Dvora Peisachson (at S. Shatz) - Neker 12, Armon hanasi, Jerusalem
Bluma Feldman - Kibutz yagur, M.P. Yagur
Ida Per (Moskovitch) - Misgav Dov, M.P. Emek Shorek
Sara Priskal (Josefolevitch) - passed away
Leibel Frank - passed away
Rachel Zvi (Blumental) - La Guardia 65, Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv
Zanun Chertok - passed away
Emanuel Koplov - Herzel 208, Rehovot
Rivka Koperman (Rosman) - tiomkin 7/2, Rishon LeZion
Golda Kliski (Hess) - Basok 10/1, Neveh Shalem, Yad Eliyahu
Chaia Kurtzman (Eliashov) - Ben Yehuda 74/17, Herzliya
Shoshana Knishinski (Petrikanski) - Sderot Ham Hatzarfati 62, Ramat Gan
Ita Klinski - Simtat Hasharon 4/28, Ramat Hanasi
Geula Rabinovitch (Melnik) - Burla 10/8, Tel Aviv
Rivka Ravitzki (Weinberg) - Kibutz Givat Brener
Yaakov Rabinovitch - passed away
Elchanan Rodnitzki - Kibutz Yagur, M.P.
David (Mordechai) Rudanski - Olifant 3/3, Tel Aviv
Jetta Reznik - passed away
Lea Rosenberg (Vitko)
Israel Rochzo - passed away
Michael Risman - passed away
Shalom Risman - passed away
Aharon Rikler - passed away
Fruma Shochat (Vladislavovski)
Bella Shechter - passed away
Miriam Shlibek (Josepovitch) - Beit Josef 20, Tel Aviv
Chana Shleifer (Hess) - Kriait Giora 161/1, Or Yehuda
avraham Shmulovski - Pinkas 4, Tel Aviv
Shimon Shimonov - Harav Herzog 20, Tel Aviv (passed away)
Sara Shapira (Frank) - Rambam 44, Jerusalem
Dora Shapira (Verblovski) - passed away

We Shall Remember

By Shimon Simonov and Zevulun Poran

Translated by Irene Emodi, Tel Aviv

We shall remember our friends from Yurburg, who managed to arrive in Israel, many of them after many difficulties and the sufferings of the Holocaust, but did not live to see the Book of Remembrance of our town's martyrs published. They walked a long way with us, took part in our meetings and excursions, participated in the activities to commemorate our loved ones - contributed towards the placing of the memorial plaque in the Holocaust basement, planted trees in the Yurburg forest in the Modi'in region and initiated the publication of the Book of Remembrance, but did not see it published. Among them: David Levin, member of the Association's council, a man of vision, active and among those who took the initiative to publish the Book of Remembrance.

The pages of the Book of Remembrance include the names of those who are absent - they were not forgotten.

Blessed be their memory!

[Page 508]

People of Yurburg Abroad

Originally in English

Submitted by S. Shimonov

Alphabetized and spelling corrected

(Parenthesis material added here by Joel Alpert)

L. Abrams                   Skokie, (Illinois)
Esther Atlas                Brookline,  (Massachusetts)
Lena Berman                 Detroit , (Michigan)
J. H. Beiles*               Montreal, (Canada)
(Helen Kizell Beiles        Montreal, Canada)
Ben-Berk                    Chicago, (Illinois)
L. Bernstein                Chicago, (Illinois)
Haward Bendalin             Phuenie
Rosa Birger                 Chicago (Skokie, Illinois)
Dorothy Budnoff             Milwaukee, (Wisconsin)
R. Cable                    Brookline,  (Massachusetts)
Jack Cossid                 Chicago, (Illinois)
Sol Ellis*                  Detriot, (Michigan)
Max Ellis*                  Oak Park, (Michigan)
Bob Ellis*                  Southfield, (Michigan)
Joe Ellis*                  (Delray Beach, Florida)
Freda Epstein               Brookline,  (Massachusetts)
Quen Faktor                 S. Africa
(Pauline Freeman Feldman*   Milwaukee, (Wisconsin)
Isidore Feinberg*           Detroit, (Michigan)
George Feinberg             Detroit, (Michigan)
Ellis Gans*                 Detroit, (Michigan)
(Olga Zapolsky Gans         Detroit, (Michigan))
Molly Ginsberg              Montreal, (Canada)
Miriam (Berzaner) Gold      Southfield, Michigan
M. Goldstein                Skokie, (Illinois)
Sol Goldstein*              Skokoe, (Illinois)
Ethel Goldstein             Chicago
Greenman                    Chicago, (Illinois)
Dora Haber                  New York
Hebert Idelson              S. Africa
Michalina Kantor            New York
Max Kissel                  Canada
Joe Levin                   Chicago, (Illinois)
Toni Levinshon              Transwal
Rose Levin                  Chicago, (Illinois)
Ruby Levin                  S. Africa
Lazar Levin                 S. Africa
Herbert Lyon                Canada
R. Mazur                    Brookline,  (Massachusetts)
S Meller                    Los Angeles
Harry Michelson             Brookline, (Massachusetts)
Sara Mendelowits            Mattapan,  (Massachusetts)
Betty Much                  Detroit, (Michigan)
P. Rosenfield               Lincolnwood, (Illinois)
Lena Rubinowich             Canada
Chana Shrage                Michigan
S. Smolin                   Skokie, (Illinois)
H. Schaffer                 Chicago, (Illinois)
Diana (Berzaner) Tobin      (Boca Raton, Florida)
Lazar M. Wallace            Charlotte, North Carolina?)
Iritt Wenokur               Detroit, (Michigan)
Rina Wenokur                Detroit, (Michigan)
I. Vilonski                 Los Angeles
George Zerry*               Detroit, (Michigan)
* Known to be Deceased

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Greetings from Former Residents of Yurburg in Lithuania

By Shimon Simonov, Zevulun Poran

Translated by Irene Emodi, Tel Aviv

Upon completion of the Book of Remembrance of the Yurburg community, in the fall of 1990, an unexpected guest arrived from "over there", from our Yurburg, the Yurburg which is engraved on our memory, for better or worse. This important guest, Holocaust survivor Zalman Kaplan, came to tour the country. Here he was traveling along, looking at its towns and villages, inhaling the country's fresh air and absorbing its pleasant odors.

The guest sees our country as a summer dream - a thriving and developing Jewish country, absorbing new immigrants even in days when there are plenty of political, economic and cultural problems. Indeed, in spite of the problems in Israel, life is exhilirating and creative. He, the guest, returns - as he says - to his friends , the survivors, excited about the wonderful things he has seen and experienced in Israel in general and the intimate and moving meeting he had with former residents of Yurburg in particular.

We here in Israel, formerly of Yurburg, send cordial greetings to our friends and acqaintances, survivors, who are over there - and say to them: we shall be very happy to see you as guests and as residents - our country is your country!


The following is the story of the life of Zalman Kaplan and his family in the terrible days of the Holocaust:

I was born in Yurburg on 28 May 1921. My father's name - Aba and my mother's name

- Ethel. My grandfather on father's side was Mordehai (Mottel) Greenberg. We lived on Naoias street, next door to Emanuel Koplov.

I studied at the "Talmud Torah" elementary school and at the Lithuanian high school. When I graduated from highschool in 1939 I went on to study at the universities of Kovna and Vilna.

When World War II broke out, I was sent to the Tambawa area in Russia. From October 1941 till February 1946 I served in the Red Army. In 1943 I graduated from officers' school and took part in battles against the Nazi enemy.

The fate of my family was like the bitter fate of all the families in Yurburg. My brother Mendel, 15 years old, was murdered on 3 July 1941 in the cruel Aktia of the Jewish group at the Yurburg cemetery.

My father was murdered in Kalnyam on the way to Rasain. My mother was murdered in the big Aktia at the Salvodka (Kovna) ghetto. She was sent to Port 9 and died there on 28 October 1941. The members of my father's family, among them his brothers Yacov-Ber, David, Meir, his sister Merel and his uncles and aunts and cousins were all killed.

The father of my mother Mordehai (Mottel) Greenberg and her brother Yosef (Yosel) Greenberg and their families were exiled to Siberia. Of them survived: Yosef (Yosel) Greenberg and his son. My mother's sisters - Dina and Polia and their families were exiled to Riga and from there to the Aushwitz gas chambers . . .


Each year we visit the graves of our dear ones in Yurburg. It is sad in Yurburg. The streets of the Jews are gone. The synagogues were destroyed. There is no sign left of the hundreds of years old flourishing community. Only graves, graves all around. Yurburg's Jewish cemetery has been abandoned. The graves are covered by weeds, bushes and thorns. The survivors have renovated the cemetery, as far as possible, but the graves and fence require further thorough repair. Former residents of Yurburg have approached the local authorities on the matter, but nothing has been done to date. The Former Residents of Yurburg Association in Israel has participated in donations for these requirements.


Once upon a time there was a town of Israel called Yurburg, now it is a town that exists merely in the memory of those who used to live there once.

Zalman Kaplan

(Translated from Yiddish by Paz )

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Survivors of Yurburg, Shoah Survivors (Holocaust) in Lithuania

Translated by Irene Emodi, Tel Aviv

Yurburg: Zelda Frank

Kovna: Haim-Wolff Jaffe (deceased-1996); Shalom Rosenberg

Vilna: Hanan Levin; Haike Liovin; Asher Meirovitz; Berl Minevitz, Haya Koblovsky, Zalman Kaplan; Hannah Mishna-Konisky; Eliezer Shapira.

Immigrated to Israel: Bailinka (Bella) and Gittala (Gita) Abramson [Gita Abramson Bereznitzky passed away in August 2000 in Tel Aviv]; Shimon Baiman.

Visited Israel: Hannah Shimna; Zalman Kaplan.

Died -blessed be their memory -: Haskah Magidovitz, Israel Moshkovitz.

[Page 511]


Words Spoken at the Ceremony of Placing the Ashes of Lithuanian Martyrs at "Yad Vashem"

By Zevulun Poran

Translated by Irene Emodi, Tel Aviv

Not long ago we buried the few ashes brought from the graves of Lithuanian martyrs.

A tiny remnant, merely a symbol of the many heaps of ashes dispersed in each town and village; heaps of ashes that remained there as angry witnesses to the terrible Holocaust that befell our dear ones, the Jews of Lithuania. The martyrs' ashes cry out to us: Remember, do not forget!

And each generation will tell the next, father will tell his son about the terrible Jewish tragedy of one tribe, out of all the Jewish tribes in Europe, that was cruelly destroyed and exterminated although it was quite innocent.

Let us lament and mourn the blood that was spilt and the Lithuanian Jewish tribe that was destroyed and is no more.

In Solemn Remembrance

While we light the eternal candle, at this shrine of mourning, near the sacred ashes, we remember them:
The six million of our people who were destroyed as martyrs
Slaughtered and exterminated by the Nazis and their helpers:
Of the communities and families of Yacov who were murdered and destroyed
Out of the evil intent to erase the name of Israel and its culture from the earth:

Let us tell our sons and grandsons how six hundred years ago we, Jewish refugees, terror-stricken and persecuted in progroms, settled on the marsh land under the gray sky of Lithuania Here the Jews set up their tents as unwelcome guests; they suffered and were persecuted, but they had no choice but to hold on to this land and consider it their permanent shelter.

In this miserable valley the Lithuanian Jews sacrificed their existence and their blood; they left nothing behind, only hard work and contributed much to the country that absorbed them and to its material and spiritual culture. Many generations developed Jewish culture, created a spiritual tradition.

Alas, they built in vain.

When the blood- thirsty Nazis came to the land of Lithuania, the Jews found no cover there, and their Lithuanian neighbors did not stretch out a helping hand and did not stand by them in their hour of need.

The land of Lithuania was one big grave to its Jews.

Its Nazi gravediggers and their Lithuanian helpers ended the hopes, the dreams and the wish to find a secure home for Jews in the land of Lithuania, as in all the countries of the world.

95% of the Jews of Lithuania were destroyed in the terrible Holocaust.

The last survivors return to the borders in the land of birth of the Jewish people.

This is the bitter Jewish fate and that is the cruel conclusion!

No statues were erected for the Jewish fighters against the Nazis.

We here in the free land of Israel, in our independent state, set up the statues and tombstones.

The fate of the Yurburg community is like that of the communities of Lithuania - it was lost and is no longer.

Our dear ones, who climbed the gallows there, gave us our life, the continuing existence and creation in the country of the Jews, together with the tribes of Israel forever.

We shall carry out our fathers' and father's fathers' last will in Israel.

[Page 512]

Translated by Irene Emodi, Tel Aviv

The Only Tombstone,

befitting the memory of the Jewish community of Europe that was destroyed by the Nazi murderers is THE STATE OF ISRAEL, the country where the hope of the Jewish people has come true, for all generations to come, and it is a free and reliable shelter for all the Jews in the world who want to live a free and independent life.

David Ben Gurion

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We Shall Remember

By Z. Poran

Translated by Irene Emodi, Tel Aviv

with pain and sorrow our fathers, our brothers and sisters, killed by beastly murderers;

the loss of the treasures of our Torah, wisdom and knowledge, the rabbis of the community and the people of noble mind, the glory of mankind;

the great synagogue, the house of prayer and kloizes, the libraries and studios, Talmud Torah and the Gymnasium, the charity institutions , the love of others, the love of Israel and Eretz Israel;

our loved ones, all of them, who were murdered in cold blood by evil men who destroyed our community - the Yurburg community - forever. The martyrs' blood that was spilt cries to heaven and there will be no atonement.

Memorial for the Murdered - Jews and Anti Fascists - Erected by the town of Yurburg
Beside the memorial are the Surviving sons of Yurburg who came to commemorate the Jewish martyrs of Yurburg.


"In Memory"

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