Yedwabne: History and Memorial Book

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From Sefer Jedwabne; Historiya ve-zikaron

Published in Jerusalem - New York: The Yedwabner Societies in Israel
and the United States of America, 1980.


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Morlan Ty Rogers
Ariane Hundt

(“The Perpetrators were Polish” article)

Our sincere appreciation to the following persons and organizations for permission to place material on the JewishGen web site:

Rabbi Jacob L. Baker, the book's editor.

Andrzej Kaczynski, author; Piotr Aleksandrowicz, from Rzeczpospolita for the “Burning Alive” article

Der Spiegel, Claus Christian Malzahn, and Avigdor Kohav (Nielevitski) for the “Die Täter waren Polen” article.

Leszek Kocon (holds copyright) and Dr. Andrzej Bernat, General Manager, Main Directorate of the Polish State Archives, for the “List of Jewish population that probably resided in Jedwabne prior to 1939”

The publisher of the Polish edition of Neighbors maintains a list of English language articles in the press about Jedwabne. Please see and for Polish language articles see

This is from: Sefer Jedwabne; Historiya ve-zikaron (Yedwabne: History and Memorial Book),
Edited by: Julius L. Baker, Jacob L. Baker, Published in Jerusalem-New York:
The Yedwabner Societies in Israel and the United States of America, 1980.
(Volumes: 1 Pages: 231 Languages: H, Y, E).

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of the English Portion

To the Reader / Editors 1
Preface / Editors 3
My Hometown Yedwabne / Rabbi Julius Baker and M. Tzinowitz 5
Craftsmen, Religious Teachers and Teachers / Tzipora Rothchild 6
The Yedwabner Shul in New York / Rabbi Jacob L. Baker 11
A Brownstein Article - Published in the 50 year Anniversary-Journal (Yiddish) "Par Israel Anshe Yedwabne", New York 13
   My recollections of the Yedwabner Shul in New York City / Ralph Tish (*)  
   Mr. Kalman Lasky reminisces: (*)  
   Louis Gordon relates:  
   A Kol Nidre episode in Yedwabne / Moshe Cinowitz and Eliezer (*)  
Rabbi Meyer Eliyahu Winer / Rabbi Avigdor Bialystocky / By Moshe Tzinovitz 17
Yedwabne - Affectionate Memories / Eliezer 19
Between the Two World Wars / Yona Rothchild 33
From Yedwabne With Affection and Appreciation / Dr. William Brickman 36
My grandmother Raizele the Miller / Rabbi Julius L. Baker  (*)  
Moishe Mordechai the "bal agolo" (wagon driver) discovers that naphtha mixed with kasha is a blessing for his stomach / Louis Gordon  (*)  
A great Yedwabner Legend / Itzchok Yankel Newmark Melbourne, Australia 52
A lone Jewish family flourishes for many generations within a forest of gentile neighbors / Rabbi Jacob L. Baker (*)  
She raises sheep in order to make genuine kosher tzitzis (*)  
The Rebbi Reb Yehuda Nadolnik (*)  
The Rebbi, Reb Faivele the Melamed! (*)  
Rabbi Eliyahu HaCohen Duschnitzer / By Rabbi Israel Shurin Translated from "Olomeinu" by Fred Lowell 59
Rabbi Itzchok Adamsky - the Melamed! / Eliezer Piekarz  (*)  
Rabbi Irving N. Weinberg's roots are from Yedwabne / Rabbi Julius L. Baker  (*)  
How Yedwabne practiced the mitzvah of "matan b'seyser" (Charity in a concealed manner)  (*)  
Sh'muel Binshtein (Shirke's) saved the Jewish community of Yedwabne from a pogrom / Tzipora Rotchild (*)  
My Visit to Yedwabne, 1941 / Hersh Tzinovitz 70
The Pilgrimage / By Rabbi Julius L. Baker 71
The history of the Cinowitz family / Hersh Cinowitz, Atty., Bombay, India (*)  
Essay / A. Oscar Goelman   (*)  
Introductory Remarks about the Holocaust / Eliezer Piekarz 81
The Destruction of the Jewish Community of Yedwabne / Rabbi Julius L. Baker 87
Custom / Fred Loweff   (*)  
World War Two Remembered / Herschel Piekarz Baker 91
The Total Jewish Population of Yedwabne Burned Alive by their Gentile Neighbors on July 10, 1941 / Avigdor Kochav 100
Mrs. Rivka Fogel an Eyewitness 101
Yedwabne After the War / Hersh Cinovitz, Atty. Bombay, India 104
Jack Leika and Their Polish Rescuer, Mrs. Antonina Wyrzykowska / by Jack Kubran 106
A 'Good Will' Story Polish woman who saved them welcomed by Simsbury couple - Special to the Ledger) (*)  
Report: The Burning Alive of the Entire Jewish Community of Yedwabne / Itzchok Yaacov (Yanek) Newmark 111
The Unforgetable Passover in Birkenau-Auschwitz / Rabbi Chaim Itzchok Greengrass 116
The Old Synagogue / Abraham Blumowicz 120

(*) These entries are missing from the original Table of Contents. They were added here for ease of navigation

In our Hebrew Section

Outstanding Yedwabner Generosity Recorded Since The Year 1845 7
Pinchas Turberg / A. R. Malachi 62
Yizkor Memorial List of Our Martyrs 75
Yedwabner Shul and Relief Society in New York Since 1885 85
Valuable Articles Written by its Founders in the 50th Year Anniversary Journal - Anshe Yedwabne - in 1935 85 to 102
Yizkor Memorial Plaques Perpetuated In The Lomza Yeshiva in Petach Tikva, Israel 103

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