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List of Holocaust Victims
from Gura Humorului


By J. Silverbush

On October 10, 1941, on one day, 2945 Jews, men, women and children were sent from Gura Humorului to Transnistria. Most were Gura Humorului natives and some had been called in from surrounding villages. Hunger, cold, stress and disease caused most of them to lose their lives in Transnistria. Only 100 returned in the Spring of 1944 to their destroyed and plundered home city.

In September 1947 the first aliya of 140 people left from Gura Humorului to Eretz Israel by way of Cypress. A second aliya followed on December 23, 1947 with 160 people.

In the years 1948-1951, almost all the Jews remaining in Gura Humorului emigrated to Israel. Only a few remained behind.

The information presented on this site is from pages 203 to 220 of the English edition of the book, "Gura Humora, a Small Town in Southern Bukovina." The book was published by the Association of Former Residents of Gura Humora and Environs. The Association, based in Israel, has a convention every two years. It renovated the Jewish cemetery in Gura Humorului and is now restoring the only remaining synagogue. It also tries to help needy members of the community in Israel and abroad. The president of the society, Jacob Jurgrau, who graciously donated the translation of this book to be posted to JewishGen, can be reached at:

Mr. Jacob Jurgrau
17 Deborah St
Kirat Motzkin 26363

Residents of Gura-Humora and environs deceased in the Shoah

In the pages that follow we are remembering those of our town Gura Humora and its environs (Ostra, Ilisesti, Arbore, Bucsoia, Vama, Valisca, Vatra-Moldovitei, Moild, Frasin, Poiana, Frumosul, Capu-Campului, Capu-Codrului, Comanesti, Rus-Moldovita, Rus-Favaul, Stulpicani) who perished in the Shoah, drowned aboard the Struma, were murdered during the pogrom in Iasi, and fell on the defense of Israel. We have tried with all our might to be accurate in our recording. Should we have failed in our lofty goal of accurancy, we beg forgiveness from the departed. It was certainly unintentional. Lists were originally prepared by Shlomo ben Menachem Ovadya Apter (Most of the names were taken from the appendix to an unpublished book of Shlomo Wininger about Gura-Humora).


May the Almighty remember the souls of former residents of Gura Humora and environs who died at the hands of the German Nazis and their Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian henchmen; and those who as a result of inhuman antisemitic actions perished of starvation, disease and persecution in the Transnistria exile and elswhere. Earth, cover not their blood! May they rest in peace.

Gura Humorului Necrology: A B

Legend to abbreviated names of locations

Stulp. = Stulpicani     Coman`ti = Comanest     V. Seaca = Valea Seaca     C. Camp = Capul Campului
R. Mold = Russ Moldovitza     Berchi`sti = Berchisesti     R. Fab. = Russ Fabaul  




Family Name Maiden Name First Name Father's Name Place of Birth Year of Birth Year of Death Location of Death Cause of Death
Abraham   Milu Hersch   1930 1942 Kopaigorod Typhus
Abramowitz   Rosa Shmuel   1885 1942 Auschwitz Gas Chamber
Abramowitz   Mircea Shmuel   1882 1942 Auschwitz Gas Chamber
Adelsberg   Viktor   Frasin 1882 1942 Edinetz Perished en-route
Adler Laufman Jety Josef   1922 1942 Criszopol Thyphus
Adler Reinisch Regina Noach   1915 1942 Bershad Thyphus
Aharon   Haim Josef Fischel Moshe Frasin 1868 1942 Edinetz Perished en-route
Altkopf   Fockel   Frasin 1904 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altkopf   Anna   Frasin 1906 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altkopf   Abraham   Frasin 1897 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altkopf Silberbusch Rivka Mottel Frasin 1902 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altkopf   Son of Abraham Frasin 1924 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altkopf   Daughter of Abraham Frasin 1926 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altkopf   Hersch Mendel Frasin 1866 1941 Moghilev Thyphus
Altkopf Freier Rosi   Frasin 1868 1941 Moghilev Thyphus
Altkopf   Mendel Berl Frasin 1893 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altkopf   Shmuel Zeev Mendel Frasin 1919 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altman   Gedalia     1868 1941 En-route Killed by the Germans
Altman   Josef Gedalia   1900 1942 Murafa Hunger
Altman Wolf Gedalia Mordechai Leiser   1902 1942 Murafa Hunger
Altman   Anna Josef   1933 1942 Murafa Hunger
Altman   Gideon Josef   1935 1942 Murafa Hunger
Altman   David     1892 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altman Berkowitz Mali Simon   1897 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altman   Son of David   1924 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Altschueler   Mottel Moshe   1871 1941 Shargorod Thyphus
Altschueler   David Mottel   1901 1941 Shargorod Thyphus
Apter Pauker Pepi Yehoshua   1906 1944 Shargorod Thyphus
Apter   Rivka Yankel   1924 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Apter Samet Lea Abraham   1862 1944 Shargorod Thyphus
Apter   Moshe     1880 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Apter Rosenblum Hinda Yeshayahu   1882 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Apter   Blima Moshe   1917 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Apter   Lea Moshe   1919 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Apter   Yehoshua Shlomo   1883 1943 Shargorod Thyphus
Apter Preminger Lea     1872 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Auerbach   Meir Nathan Vama 1893 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Auerbach Wisner Ester Jakob Vama 1890 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Auerbach   Mordechai Nathan Vama 1890 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Axelrad   Abraham Itzhak   1877 1941 Ataki Killed by the Romanians
Axelrad   Israel Chaim   1924 1941 Russia Missing


Family Name Maiden Name First Name Father's Name Place of Birth Year of Birth Year of Death Location of Death Cause of Death
Baer   Itzhak Michael Frasin 1863 1943 Moghilev Thyphus
Baer   Michael Shirnshon Frasin 1903 1943 Moghilev Thyphus
Baumgarten   Abraham Wolf   1902 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Bendit   Yehuda David-Leib   1876 1942 Moghilev Thyphus
Bendit Engler Rosa Yehuda   1877 1942 Moghilev Thyphus
Bergman Sand Anna Israel   1902 1942 Obochov Thyphus
Bergman   Zeev Leon   1928 1942 Moghilev Thyphus
Berkowitz   Efraim Yehuda-Arie   1921 1942 Moghilev Thyphus
Berkowitz   Israel/Dov Efraim   1885 1942 Moghilev Thyphus
Berkowitz   Shaul Moshe-Michael   1876 1941 Obochov Thyphus
Berkowitz Scharfstein Sali Israel   1881 1941 Obochov Thyphus
Berkowitz   Leizer Simon   1900 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Berkowitz Schloim Malvine     1902 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Berl   Josef Eliahu   1877 1942 Murafa Thyphus
Berl   Moshe Eliahu   1888 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Berl Wassermann Rachel     1879 1942 Murafa Thyphus
Berl Braun Gisa     1900 1942 Shargorod Thyphus
Bernfeld   Elieser Itzhak   1859 1942 Kopaigorod Thyphus
Bernfeld   Haim-Ahron Selig   1877 1942 Kopaigorod Thyphus
Bernfeld Trepner Rosa Nachman   1879 1942 Kopaigorod Thyphus
Bernstein   Hersch Abraham Frasin 1876 1942 Djurin Hunger
Bernstein   Abraham Hersch Frasin 1899 1942 Djurin Hunger
Bernstein Salzberg Rachel Lea Shmuel Frasin 1875 1942 Moghilev Hunger
Bernstein   Isidor   Frasin 1887 1942 Djurin Hunger
Besner   Israel Mordechai Haim   1886 1941 En-route Killed by the Romanians
Beyer Libros Sheindl Zalman Shlomo   1883 1943 Moghilev Thyphus
Biederman   Mina     1872 1942 Murafa Hunger
Bildner   Fritz Munish Vama 1889 1941 Czernowitz Killed by the Germans
Bindeglid   Elieser   Vama 1902 1942 Moghilev Thyphus
Bindeglid Bitman Haia   Vama 1909 1942 Moghilev Thyphus
Bindeglid   Mira Elieser Vama 1935 1942 Moghilev Thyphus
Birnbaum   Herman     1912 1942 Kopaigorod Hunger
Birnbaum Ellenbogen Sheindl David   1918 1942 Kopaigorod Hunger
Bitkover   Berl Meir Vama 1882 1942 Shargorod Hunger
Bitkover   Moshe Berl Vama 1902 1942 Shargorod Hunger
Bitkover   Zirl Berl Vama 1915 1942 Shargorod Hunger
Blum   Josef Avner C.Camp 1881 1943 Djurin Typhus
Blum   Wolf   Stulp. 1873 1943 Djurin Typhus
Blum   Leopold   Stulp. 1895 1942 Beyond the Bug Killed by the Romanians
Blum Seller Feiga Rivka Yehoshua Stulp. 1907 1942 Beyond the Bug Killed by the Romanians
Blum   Sofie Leopold   1927 1942 Beyond the Bug Killed by the Romanians
Blum   Else Benjamin   1924 1941 Lucinetz Killed by the Romanians
Blum   Bina Benjamin   1932 1941 Lucinetz Killed by the Romanians
Blumenfeld   Marissa Jakob   1854 1944 Briceni Killed by the Romanians
Bolner Jurgrau Ester Elieser Litman   1900 1942 Moghilev Typhus
Brandes   Adela Nathan   1910 1943 Moghilev Typhus
Brandes   Klara Nathan   1908 1943 Moghilev Typhus
Brandman   Leib Peretz   1886 1942 Moghilev Typhus
Brandman Kimmelman Henzia Josef   1892 1942 Moghilev Typhus
Braun   Lev Nahum Jona   1888 1942 Djurin Typhus
Braun   David Aba   1857 1942 Djurin Typhus
Braun   Sima     1854 1942 Djurin Typhus
Brecher   Reuven Mordechai Isak   1870 1942 Moghilev Typhus
Brecher Knobler Hava-Jetty Israel   1873 1941 Moghilev Typhus
Breier   Mali Berl   1903 1943 Murafa Typhus
Breier   Mina Berl   1913 1943 Murafa Typhus
Brender   Bendit Chaim   1890 1941 Moghilev Typhus
Brender   Sara     1887 1942 Moghilev Typhus
Brender Knobler Mali     1896 1941 Moghilev Typhus
Bronstein Sisman Sabine     1873 1941 Bershad Killed by the Germans
Buechler   Selig Israel R. Mold 1887 1942 Moghilev Killed by the Germans
Buechler   Shmuel Selig R. Mold 1923 1942 Moghilev Killed by the Germans
Buechler Scheuer Lea Josef R. Mold 1888 1942 Shargorod Typhus
Buechler   Mendel Moshe R. Mold 1891 1943 Bershad Hunger
Buechler   Donia Mendel R. Mold 1921 1943 Bershad Hunger
Buechler   Mottel Mendel R. Mold 1925 1943 Bershad Hunger
Buechler   Shlomo Mendel R. Mold 1927 1943 Bershad Hunger
Buechler   Rita Mendel R. Mold 1932 1943 Bershad Hunger
Buechler   Miliu Mendel R. Mold 1928 1943 Bershad Hunger
Buechler Knoll Klara Mendel's wife R. Mold 1889   Bershad Hunger
Buechler   Moshe Israel R. Mold 1890 1943 Moghilev Hunger
Buechler Freundlich Rivka Yehuda   1895 1943 Moghilev Hunger
Burg   Aharon Shmuel Mordech   1871 1941 Moghilev Hunger
Burg Derpel Jetty Chaim   1877 1942 Obochov Hunger
Burg   Jona     1875 1941 Shargorod Typhus
Burg Drasinover Jetty   Vama 1882 1942 Obochov Typhus

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