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List of Jewish Taxpayers, 1789-1791

Below is a list of Jews who paid taxes in Gorodenka in 1789-1791. This list is especially significant because it was in 1787 only two years earlier than the time period covered by the list that Austrian Emperor Joseph II required the Jews of Galicia and Bukovina to adopt permanent surnames.[1] This list, therefore, may be the earliest existing record of some of the family names that it contains.

The German text that accompanied the list refers to taxes that were collected through, and used by, the "Horodenker Jewish Society." A possible explanation can be found in the book Shtetl Memoirs, by Joachim Schönfeld (1985, Ktav Publishing House, Inc.), who writes about the town of Sniatyn, not far from Gorodenka.

According to Schöfeld, the interface between the Jewish community of Sniatyn and the Austrian government was a council called the Jüdische Kultusgemeinde the Board of Jewish Worship and Education. Members of the Board were elected by taxpaying members of the community. Not only did the Board represent the Jewish community to the government, it also controlled the ritual slaughterhouses, the mikvah, the main synagogue, the Jewish school, and other community institutions. Most of the income to support these facilities came from taxes imposed by the Board, collected by government tax collectors and returned to the Board. There was probably a similar organization in Gorodenka.

The source of this list is the following document from the Austrian Archiv des Ministerium des Innern (Wien) [Archive of the Ministry of the Interior (Vienna)]:

IV T 11 Galizien Judenwesen 1786-1792 ad 2839 ad 23276 pr 742 Liquidation.

Ihre Aberbach
Jankel Aberbach
Leib Aberbach
Srol Aberbach
Wolf Aberbach
Moses Aberbachs
Schaul Aberbachs
Mayer Acker
Chaim Adler
Moses Agatstein
Moses Agatstein
Scholem Agatstein
Srol Agatstein
Herschs Ant. Moses Tiger
Herz Armer
Hoachim Ast
Schlojme Ast
Abraham Austern
Moses Austern
Samson Axel
Juda Böhm
Jacob Balbirer
Leib Bankner
Aaron Barber
Nossen Barth
Hersch Barts
Jone Beerman
Beril Beermann
Gerson Begelman
Koppel Bergbauer
Saul Berghauer
Hersch Bergman
Gerschon Bildner
Hersch Bildner
Izig Bildner
Jossel Bildner
Hersch Binder
Isser Bitter
Schmuel Blater
Laiser Brait
Abraham Brand
Simon Brauer
Abraham Braver
Jzig Brettler
Josef Briger
Berl Briller
Maier Bruckenstein
Moses Bruckenstein
Abraham Bruckner
Jakob Bruckner
Moses Bruckner
Abraham Buchner
Moses Buchner
Aaron Burger
Monas Burger
Berl Dachs
Benjamin Dankner
Schapse Dankner
Chaim Degelman
Leib Denninger
Maier Diamant
Mortko Diamant
Hersch Diener
Leib Dolinger
Schlomo Dolinger
Hersch Dollinger
Salamon Dolmann
Moses Donner
Mothie Doppler
Moses Dreyer
Jankel Eckstein
Jeruchim Edelstein
Leib Edelstein
Mayer Edelstein
Mordko Edelstein
Kallman Eder
Moses Edler
Samuel- Eerber
Lazar Eisman
Chaim Emmer
Abraham Erdreich
Jokel Färber
Manele Färber
Mayer Färber
Jankel Feihtner
Abraham Feldman
Judas Feldmann
Leib Feldner
Schlome Fessler
Juda Fettner
Dawid Feuer
Hersch Feuer
Leib Feuer
Leib Feuer
Mechel Feuer
Israel Fink
Juda Fink
Schomer Fink
Jossel Fischer
Nochem Fischer
Leiser Flügler
Moses Flügler
Seelig Flaschner
Mayer Fleischer
Karpel Fliegler
Schmuel Fragner
Salamon Frajer
Oscher Freibeck
Moses Freimann
Seinwel Friedman
Jakob Friedmann
Schlome Frischling
Izig Frohnberger
Koppel Fruchtner
Nussen Fuchs
Srul Fuchs
Simon Gloger
Herschs Gaber
Dawid Geiger
Hersch Geiger
Schlome Geldner
Chaim Gerson
Moses Gettner
Schmul Glas
Abraham Glasberger
Izig Glasberger
Mordko Glasberger
Schlome Glasberger
Kalman Glasser
Mayer Goldberger
Srol Goldschmidt
Izig Gottlieb
Leib Grazer
Abraham Guther
Chaim Guther
Srol Gutman
Aaron Gutser
Mathel Guttman
Leib Guttmann
Schmul Hager
Joachim Halka
Hersch Hallman
Leib Hartenstein
Schmerl Hartenstein
Seelig Haschel
Schaje Hass
Daniel Hecht
Dawid Heine
Schlome Hengst
Simon Herland
Hersch Herrmann
Abisch Hochman
Tod'res Hoffmann
Elias Hollering
Hersch Hoptasch
Laiser Huber
Mayer Huber
Aaron Huttmann
Hersch Igelman
Schabes Imberman
Falk Imbermann
Froim Imbermann
Salamon Jäger
Jossel Junker
Leib Jurman
Moses Jurman
Schmul Jurmann
Schmuel Kalker
Simon Kammel
Joachim Kanzler
Hinde Karin.
Berl Katz
Herschls Katz
Israel Katz
Josel Katz
Leiser Katz
Moses Katz
Moses Katz
Moses Katz
Moses Katz
Noa Katz
Nossen Katz
Schmuel Katz
Schoel Katz
Mothie Kaz
Wollf Kaz
Kalman Kellner
Scholem Kiel
Joel Kirschner
Izig Kleinbauer
Moses Knöpfner
Beer Knobler
Beril Koch
Berl Koller
Hinde Koltin
Mayer Korker
Lowisch Korn
Moses Kracher
Isaias Kramer
Moses Kramer
Schlome Kramer
Leib Kramisch
Hersch Kronn
Samuel Krupfbein
Todres Kugelmoss
Abraham Kugelus
Srol Kugler
Srol Lampner
Israel Landmann
Chaim Langer
Jankew Lanpker
Wolf Latesschneider
Abraham Leihner
Leib Leman
Chaskel Lerner
Aaron Lezter
Juda Libig
Jakob Liderer
Hersch Liebermann
Godel Lochner
Leib Luster
Mordko Luster
Ihre Lutner
Moses Maas
Srol Mager
Manele Mass
Srol Mass
Maier Mauler
Josias Mayer
Mordko Meerbaum
Dawid Melzer
Koppel Menschner
Abraham Neuberger
Israel Neuberger
Kalman Neuhauser
Hersch Neumeuer
Abraham Ochsenstern
Chaim Offenberger
Dawid Offenberger
Hersch Offenberger
Koppel Offenberger
Leib Offenberger
Moses Offenberger
Obadia Offenberger
Schmuel Offenberger
Wolf Offenberger
Wolf Offenberger
Izig Ohringer
Gerson Oker
Leib Oker
Leiser Ordentlichs
Juda Ordner
Izig Orenstein
Jankel Oringer
Herz Pechert
Markus Pfau
Abraham Pfeffer
Jankel Pfeiffer
Mayer Pflauminger
Nossen Platzker
Gute Prüffer
Simon Predig
Chaim Prehauser
Josel Prehauser
Hersch Prinz
Michel Propstler
Schaje Puchler
Mendel Pulthman
Abraham Ragendorf
Moses Rath
Zallel Rats
Jossel Rauchman
Elias Reis
Schije Reis
Jankel Reismarker
Mortko Reiss
Leib Reither
Yre Reuter
Ruben Richter
Mayer Riegelmann
Hersch Rindner
Leib Rindner
Schmuel Rindner
Wolf Rindner
Fischel Rittersporn
Abe Rosenbaum
Jankel Rosenbaum
Dawid Rosenberg
Aaron Rosenkranz
Boruch Rosenkranz
Feibel Rosenkranz
Hosias Jonas Rosenkranz
Josel Rosenkranz
Jossel Rosenkranz
Lasar Rosenkranz
Leib Rosenkranz
Maier Rosenkranz
Mendel Rosenkranz
Wollf Rosenkranz
Leib Rossler
Izig Rubin
Srul Rubin
Taube Rubin
Salamon Ruppert
Mordko Saiffer
Leib Sander
Mothie Saz
Borouch Schönbrum
Dawid Schaar
Haskel Schaar
Hersch Schaar
Hersch Schaar
Oscher Schaar
Perez Schaar
Dawid Schaffer
Israel Schaffer
Schlome Schaffer
Hersch Schapira
Aaron Schatzberg
Maier Schatzberger
Gerschon Schindler
Hosias Schirm
Berl Schleiffer
Hersch Schmidt
Salamon Schmierer
Chaim Schmitt
Moses Schmukler
Jankel Schnürer
Berl Schneider
Gerschon Schneider
Leiser Schneider
Schapse Schneider
Wolf Schneider
Samuel Schneier
Schlome Schneuer
Baruch Schruber
Jakob Schubert
Monusch Schubert
Leib Schuhner
Hersch Schutz
Moses Schwantheil
Hersch Schwimmer
Nossen Sichig
Jichil Silber
Jzig Silber
Manes Silber
Moses Silber
Nachman Silber
Schlome Silber
Seinwel Silber
Jssak Singer
Chaim Sissler
Wolff Slattner
Hersch Sohar
Jankel Sokeler
Joel Sonnenblum
Hersch Sonnenfeld
Seelig Spierer
Boruch Splitter
Chaim Stürmer
Salamon Staüber
Izig Steigman
Abraham Stein
Schaje Steinbauer
Peisach Stepner
Leib Stern
Srul Stigliz
Schmul Strisling
Nossen Sturmer
Abraham Sucher
Eisig Sucher
Hersch Sucher
Eeisig Suchner
Juda Sussmann
Moses Töpfner
Schmul Tannenbein
Hosias Tauber
Moses Tauber
Srol Tauber
Leib Taubl
Herr Thronberger
Jossel Treiber
Litmann Tuchmacher
Moses Tuchner
Moses Turkner
Izig Walther
Jossel Walther
Berl Wasser
Hersch Wasser
Jankel Wasser
Laiser Wasser
Leib Wasser
Samuel Wasser
Aaron Wechsler
Abel Weidner
Leib Weinberger
Nossen Weinberger
Abraham Weinreb
Hersch Weinreb
Moses Weinreb
Rifke Weischin
Dawid Weiskern
Kalman Weissman
Leib Wieser
Feibisch Willmann
Rosa Wilmann
Wollf Winkler
Izig Winter
Nochem Winter
Dawid Wisinger
Berl Wohl
Littman Wolf
Hersch Wolkenstein
Moses Zangel
Srul Zauber
Jossel Ziegler
Izig Zorn
Izig Zuckerman
Nossen Zuckerman
Wollf Zuckerman
Chaim Zuckermann
Leib Zuckermann

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  1. According to A Dictionary of Jewish Names and their History , by Benzion C. Kaganoff, 1977 Return

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