In Memory of the Life
and Destruction of
the Jewish Community of Goniadz
(Goniądz, Poland)

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Translation of
Zekher le-hayeha ve-hurbanah shel k.k. Goniadz

Edited by Nehama Artziel

Published in Ramat Gan, 1965



Project Coordinator

Suzanne Scheraga



Selwyn Rose


Zekher le-hayeha ve-hurbanah shel k.k. Goniadz
(In memory of the life and destruction of the Jewish community of Goniadz),
Editor:Nehama Artziel, Ramat Gan, “Atid” School, 1965 (57 pages H).

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The “Atid” State school,
Derech Ha-Negev Street, Ramat-Gan
The Council for ex-Goniadz Residents

This booklet has been prepared by G. Artziel (neé Halperin) and the pupils of the school
in memory of the life and destruction of the Holy Community of Goniadz

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This booklet is published by the “Atid” State school, Ramat-Gan and the Organization of Goniadz Jews in Israel, whose members are: Fischl Yitzhaki, Sarah Barkai, Nahum Yaffe, Reuven Ferber, Elimelech Scheinenson
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1. Commemoration – what is it?
2. The Memorial Scroll
A. We learn about Goniadz
  Foreword: We leave Goniadz at daybreak Mrs. Artziel
1. The Dream of Zion and Zionism in Goniadz Elhanan Herzog
2. The “He-Halutz” in Goniadz Dafna Vardi
3. The Hebrew School in Goniadz Yitzhak Perlmutter
4. Culture and Languages in Goniadz Elhanan Herzog
  Culture in the Town Hanna Forschpan
5. The Work of the KKL in Goniadz Dorit Pollak
6. The Synagogue and the House of Study Elhanan Hertzog and Mr. Kalman
7. Characters and Personalities in Goniadz Asher Brindberg
  Images and Personalities Vickie Shaff
8. Business and Sustenance in Goniadz Hanna Forschpan
9. The Goniadz Fire Brigade Moshe Bachrach
  The Fire–Fighters of Goniadz Rahel Gecht
10. About the face and scenery of Goniadz Rahel Gecht
B. We Memorialize Goniadz
1. Our Encounter with the People of Goniadz at a “Yahdav” Meeting Vickie Shaff
  My impressions of the meeting with the people from Goniadz Elhanan Herzog
  A Meeting with the People of Goniadz Rahel Gecht
  Thank You to the People of Goniadz for granting us this Mitzvah Vickie Shaff
2. The Address of Mr. Aloni, representing “Yad Va–Shem”  
  Description of the meeting Erev–Shabbat “Z'chor” Vickie Shaff
  The Encounter Between the People of the Town on Erev Shabbat Parshat “Z'chor” Asher Brinberg
  The Second Meeting with the People of Goniadz Ya'ir Goldberg Class
3. Three morning assemblies: Goniadz Vickie Shaff
  Morning Attendance of “Yahdav” Ya'ir Goldberg
  The Second Assembly of “Yahdav” Ya'ir Goldberg
  The Third Assembly of “Yahdav” Ya'ir Goldberg
  Impressions from the Conclusions on Goniadz at Morning Assemblies Elhanan Herzog
4. Heroes and Martyrs' Day Dafna Vardi
5. A Story from the Diaspora Mr. Arieh Katz
6. Once Upon a Time There Was a Town Mr. Tuvia Ivri
7. The Memorialisers visit “Yad Va-Shem” in Jerusalem
  The Visit to “Yad Va–Shem” Vickie Shaff
  Memorialisers' Congress Yitzhak Perlmutter
8. We create a “Goniadz corner” in our school  
  To Remember and Not to Forget Uzi Jabli
  A Description of the “Goniadz Corner” Vickie Shaff
  The Corner Esther David
  Goniadz “Thereby hangs a tale” Esther David
9. “Yahdav” transfers the project to Class 7 for ever  
C. What is the Legacy of Goniadz
1. How do I, as a “Sabra”, see the town. Vickie Shaff, Elhanan Herzog
2. What did we learn to value and to esteem in Goniadz? Renee Jabli
3. Thanks to the People of Goniadz Who Granted Us this Mitzvah* Vickie Shaff
4. Thank You to the People of Goniadz who granted us this Mitzvah Rachel Gecht
D. Memorial Day for the residents of Goniadz and the memorializing pupils
1. The invitation to the Memorial Day  
2. The Program: Memorial to Goniadz  
3. City personalities who took part in the Dedication: Mr. Yitzhaki, Chairman; Mrs. Sara Barkai; Mr. Yosef Halpern; Mr. Ivri; Mrs. Nehama Artziel.  
4. To Remember and Not To Forget… Mrs. Barkai
5. The Pupils: Conclusion of our Perpetuation project Elhanan Herzog


Editorial note:

* The original entries in the Table of Contents were incorrect and have been adjusted here.


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