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Additions to Holocaust Necrology
Extracted from Articles in Yizkor Book

Prepared by Allen Flusberg

Sex Marital
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family members
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ALTYNA Bina F 213
ARFA Kalman M and family Administrator of Poalei-Tzion organization. See Note 1. 264-269; 443
ARNOW Miriam (nee Rosenwaks) F married Zalman ("Zalman Hassid") Binyamin Aharon 6 children 58; 457
ARNOW Binyamin Aharon M married Miriam (nee Rosenwaks) 457
ARNOW Yisrael Hersh M Binyamin Aharon 457
ARNOW Yaakov Yehoshua M Binyamin Aharon 457
ARNOW Meir Neta M Binyamin Aharon 457
ARNOW Yechiel M Binyamin Aharon 457
ARNOW Tzerka F Binyamin Aharon 457
BELDIGER Avraham M married Sarah Rivka 456
BELDIGER Sarah Rivka F married Avraham 456
BELDIGER Aharon M and family 456
BELDIGER Yaakov M and family 456
BELDIGER Yosef M and family 456
BERGMAN Hersh Natan M married Rivka 458
BERGMAN Rivka F married Hersh Natan 458
BERGMAN Shmuel M married Hersh Natan and children 458
BERGMAN Luba F married Hersh Natan and children nee Bergman 458
BERMAN Hersh Ber M taught classes in Large Ger Shtiebl 285-291
BLAUZEG M Dentist. See Note 1. 244
BRAUN Yoel M married 458
BRAUN Chana Sara F Yoel 458
BRAUN Motl M Yoel 458
BRAUN Yosef Gershon M Yoel 458
CHMIELNICKI Yosef M married Sara (nee Goldberg) 458
CHMIELNICKI Sara (nee Goldberg) F married Shmuel Yosef 458
CHMIELNICKI Rachel F Yosef 458
CHMIELNICKI Avraham M Yosef 458
COHEN M married Deported from Warsaw Ghetto to a death camp. 318
COHEN F married Deported from Warsaw Ghetto to a death camp. 318
COHEN Ita F Deported from Warsaw Ghetto to a death camp. 318
DEGALA? M married p. 73 states cantor of town executed ~Sep 1939 near Golub fortress; pp. 118, 432 indicate town cantor was named Degala. But See Note 3. 73; 118; 432
DOBROSZKLANKA Zalman M married Azriel Malka 456
DOBROSZKLANKA Malka F married Zalman 456
DOBROSZKLANKA Toibe F Azriel 456
DOBROSZKLANKA Feivil M Azriel 456
DRATWA Yaakov Henich M "baal koreh" (=Torah reader) in Large Ger Shtiebl 285-291
DRATWA Lipman M married Shoshana 455
DRATWA Shoshana F married Lipman 455
DRATWA Avrohom M Lipman 455
DRATWA Leah F Lipman 455
DRATWA Hersh Yaakov M 455
DRATWA Feige F Lipman 455
DRATWA Miriam F Lipman 455
DRATWA Yosef Yitzchok M 455
DZIALDOW M See Note 1. 264-269
DZIALDOW F See Note 2. 264-269
DZIALDOW F child of woman named Dzialdow. See Note 2. 264-269
ENGLER Nachman M soldier in Polish army; shot by the Germans as a Jewish POW, ~1939 359
FLUSBERG Mordechai Elya (Elly, Eliahu) M married Esther Leah (nee Lesznik) Photograph: p. 139. Tasked with calling men up to Torah in Large Ger Shtiebl. 59 years old, "an ill, broken-down man". See Note 1. 264-269; 137-138, 288.
FLUSBERG David M Mordechai Elya Photograph: p. 139. See Note 1. 137-138
FRAJLICH Esther F 213
FRENKIEL M executed ~Sep 1939 near Golub fortress 73, 264-269
FRIEDMAN Lipa M married Bella (nee Goldberg) and children 458
FRIEDMAN Bella F married Shmuel Lipa and children 458
FRIEDMAN Chaya F Lipa 458
FRIEDMAN Munik M Lipa 458
GANSIOR Yosef Binyomin M Age 60. See Note 1. 264-269
GOLDBERG Yosef Gershon M Shmuel shot dead by Germans in Warsaw when he could not fit into a truck headed for Auschwitz 161-163; 458
GOLDBERG Yaakov Moshe M Shmuel executed by hanging after he was caught trying to escape from a death camp 161-163; 458
GOLDBERG Shmuel ("Shmulik") M Masha 444, 458
GOLDBERG Masha F married Shmuel 444, 458
GOLDBERG Rachel F Shmuel 458
GOLDBERG Feige Toibe F 458
GOLDBERG Yoachim M son of Feige Toibe 458
GOLDBOYM Gutshe (nee Rebe) F married A. Golboym 1 child 459
GOLDBOYM A. M married Gutshe 1 child 459
GOLDBROCH Hillel Ovadya M gabbai (sexton) of Large Ger Shtiebl 285-291
GROINE Avraham M married Michle 459
GROINE Michle F married Avraham 459
GRONER Tultza F 213
GROSMAN Sara F 213
GURFINKEL Chana (nee Flusberg) F Mendel 213
GURFINKEL Mendel M Chana a shochet (ritual slaughterer). See Note 1. 138, 213, 264-269
GURFINKEL Avrohom M See Note 1. 264-269
GUTGLAS Yetta (nee Dobroszklanka) F married Azriel and children 456
GUTGLAS Azriel M married Yetta and children 456
GUTMORGEN Yechiel Meir M Pasya chairman, Agudas Yisroel 285-291
GUTMORGEN Pasya F Yechiel Meir headed Bais Yaakov girls' school 285-291, 214
HOLTZ Mendl M married Sara Devora 458
HOLTZ Sara Devora F married Mendl 458
HOLTZ Bertz M married wife and 2 children 458
HOLTZ Shlomo M married Nechama (nee Eisenberg) 2 children 458
HOLTZ Nechama (nee Eisenberg) F married Shlomo 2 children 458
HOLTZ Aharon M married Eva (nee Motil) 2 children 458
HOLTZ Eva (nee Motil) F married Aharon 2 children 458
HOLTZ Yisrael M Mendl 458
HOLTZ Rachel F Mendl 458
HOLTZ Feige F Mendl 458
HOLTZ Luba F Mendl 458
HOROWICZ Elyakim (Itshe) Meir M married Bayla Frumit (nee Flusberg) 213; 445
HOROWICZ Bayla Frumit (nee Flusberg) F married Elyakim Meir 213, 443
HOROWICZ Yaakov M Elyakim Meir 213
HOROWICZ Avraham Yosef M Elyakim Meir 213
HOROWICZ Hinda F Elyakim Meir 213
HOROWICZ Baruch Mendel M Elyakim Meir 213
HOROWICZ Sheina F Elyakim Meir 213
HURYNOWICZ Amram M married Devorah (nee Sova) and cihldren 456
HURYNOWICZ Devorah F married Amram and children 456
KACZOR Lipman M married Elka 456
KADECKI Chana F 213
KATCHER Zalman Boruch M married Tsirl 5 children 329
KATCHER Tsirl F married Zalman Boruch 5 children 329
KATCHER Avrohom Yisroel M married Miriam 5 children 329
KATCHER Miriam F married Avrohom Yisroel 5 children 329
KATCHER Zisl F 329
KOHN Oizer M Age 64. See Note 1. 264-269
KOHN Mendel M Court alderman, parnas (chief administrative officer) of community 285-291
KUFLER Yaakov Yehoshua M gabbai (sexton), Aleksander Shtiebl 285-291
LANDSBERG Yosef M married Manos wife and 6 children Photo, p. 36 447
LEWIN Lemel M See Note 2. 264-269
LICHTERZ M married Bracha (nee Sova) and children 456
LICHTERZ Bracha (nee Sova) F married and children 456
LIFSCHITZ Aharon M 456
LIFSCHITZ Rachel Leah F 456
LIPKA Ruchtza F killed in Minsk Mazowiecki ghetto, 1942 150-160
LIPSKI Shlomo Yosef M See Note 2.
LIPSZTADT Leibl M 285-291
MAKOWSKI Avraham M executed ~Sep 1939 near Golub fortress 73
MILLER Yisroel M led "musaf" prayer service in Large Ger Shtiebl. (May be identical to Yisrael Muller, see Note 1.) 285-291
MILLER Leib M Became political officer in Soviet Polish army. Taken prisoner by Germans in battle in forests of Bydgoszcz, 1944, and executed when he was found to be a Jew. 385
MINIVSKI Sarah Leah F trainee in the Shomer Hatzair 209
MINIVSKI Esther Devora F trainee in the Shomer Hatzair 209
MINIVSKI Fraydl F married husband, 2 little children nee Minivski 209
MULLER Yisrael M See Note 1. (Distinct from man with same name, see Note 1.) 264-269
MULLER Yisroel M wife and 10 children See Note 2. (Distinct from man with same name, see Note 1. 264-269
NUSSBAUM Yitzchak M Last seen Nov, 1944, on train leaving Auschwitz for Germany at Gliwice (near Auschwitz) 376
OFENBACH Yaakov M married Liebe 459
OFENBACH Liebe F married Yaakov 459
PIECHOTKE Yisroel Meir M 285-291
PIENIEK Sali M married murdered by SS men Dec 24 1942 in Minsk Mazowiecki ghetto 150-160
PIENIEK Ruth F Sali young girl, murdered by SS men Dec 24 1942 in Minsk Mazowiecki ghetto 150-160
PIENIEK F married Sali perished in Treblinka 150-160
PIENIEK F nee Pieniek; sister of Sali. Perished in Treblinka 150-160
PIENIEK Franya F shot dead by Germans after digging her own grave in Minsk Mazowiecki ghetto, 1942 150-160
POSTOLSKI Yosef M married 458
POSTOLSKI Avraham Natan M Yosef 458
POSTOLSKI Gershon M Yosef 458
POSTOLSKI Feige F Yosef 458
POSTOLSKI Leibl M Yosef 458
POZMANTER Malka F m Moishe 2 daughters murdered with her murdered in 1942 in Treblinka English 11
POZMANTER Moishe M m Malka 2 sons murdered with him See Note 1., based on pp. 264-269. English p. 11: "assembled and shot" 264-269; English 11
PRAGER Shoul M 285-291
PULEDER Chana F 459
REBE Isser M married wife and 2 children 458
REBE Anshil M married wife and 1 child 458
REBE Avraham M married wife and 1 child 458
RIESENFELD Adolf Abraham M married Johanna Photograph: p. 194. Pharmacist of Golub and Zionist leader. First town victim of Germans, taken away by Germans Sep 1939 145-148; 193-200; 452
RIESENFELD Johanna F married Adolf Abraham 193-200; 452
ROINE Shmuel Moshe M mohel (performed circumcisions) 285-291
ROSEN Nachum M married and family 451
ROSENWAKS Avraham Yaakov M married Zalman ("Zalman Hassid") Chana 7 children taken away by Germans, ~Sep, 1939 457; 58; 145-148
ROSENWAKS Chaim M married Avraham Yaakov wife and children 457
ROTHMAN Frimet (nee Rebe) F married D. Rothman 2 children 459
ROTHMAN D. M married Frimet (nee Rebe) 2 children 459
RUDA Yosef Chaim M married Rivka Photograph: p. 172. Escaped from Dobrzyn to the countryside in 1939. Died of illness while hiding out in a farmer's house. 171-173
RUDA Rivka F Yosef Chaim After husband's death reached Warsaw, where she testified about her experiences. 171-173, 451
RUDA Esther Yehudit (Yudka) F Yosef Chaim 171-173
RUDA Pinchas M Yosef Chaim was living in Kutno before war broke out 171-173
RUDA Perl Leah F Yosef Chaim was living in Vienna before war broke out. Caught after Germans took Vienna and sent to a concentration camp, where she perished. 171
RYZ F married 2 sons and 5 daughters mother of essay author Yitzhak Ryz (pp. 140-144) 140-144
SANGER Nentshe F married Mendl Kohn Nathan Sanger 285-291
SANGER Yitzhak Dov M Nathan Sanger 285-291
SANGER Meir M Nathan Sanger 285-291
SAPERSZTAJN Mendl M See Note 2. 264-269
SHAFRAN Avrohom M married Perl, nee Katcher 5 children 329
SHAFRAN Perl F married Katcher Avrohom 5 children 329
SHAMASH Itzik M See Note 1. 264-269
SHEINBERG Mindl (nee Zaklikowski) F married Meir 3 daughters 458
SHPERLING Moshe M married Feige 73
SHPERLING Feige M married Zudkewicz Moshe 73
SHPERLING Reizel F Moshe 73
SHPERLING Tzipora F Moshe 73
SOCHACZEWSKI Nesanel M a shochet (ritual slaughterer), originated in Czechoczinek 285-291
SOLOMON Mordechai M Chairman of Social Institutions of town. See Note 1.
SOVA Zalman M married Bilhah 456
SOVA Bilhah F married Zalman 456
SOVA Bendet M and family 456
SOVA Pinchas M married Michal and children 456
SOVA Michal F married Pinchas and children 456
SOVA Yitzhak Yaakov M and family 456
STOLTZMAN Avrohom M married Rochel 380
STOLTZMAN Rochel (nee Tzala) F married Avrohom 380
SZLECKA Henye F 213
SZMIGA Yitzchok Yaakov M married Feige taken away by SS men, autumn of 1939, and apparently executed. Photo with wife and grandchild on p. 316. 264-269; 458
SZMIGA Feige F married Yitzhak Yaakov 458
SZMIGA David M married Yitzhak Yaakov Leah (nee Szimanski) 458
SZMIGA Yisrael M David 458
SZMIGA Moshe Hirsh M David 458
SZTETYN M See Note 1. 264-269
TEITELBOIM Meir Henich M married Chana Malka taught classes in Large Ger Shtiebl 285-291, 446
TINSKI Leon M soldier in Soviet army; disappeared at end of war 381
TZALA Shloime M shot by SS officer on a street of Bydgoszcz 362
TZALA Shoul M 380
TZALA Avigdor M 380
TZALA ? Mechel M uncle of essay author Alya Tzala (p. 354). Perished in Treblinka. 366
TZERNOBRODA Eliyahu M married Feige and children 456
VINKOR F several sisters of Shoshana Offenbach (nee Vinkor) 224-226
WALDENBERG Yehoshua M head of Jewish community of Dobrzyn 285-291
YANUAR M Chayim First son of Chayim Yanuar. See Note 1. 264-269
YANUAR M Chayim 2nd son of Chayim Yanuar. See Note 1. 264-269
YANUAR Chayim M 285-291
ZAKLIKOWSKI Eliezer M See Note 1. 264-269; 446
ZAKLIKOWSKI Hersh M married Meir Ita (nee Zik; originatd in Lipno) 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Ita (nee Zik; originatd in Lipno) F married Hersh 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Yosef Meir M Hersh "missing" 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Yaakov M married Hersh Esther (nee Sentor) "missing" 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Esther (nee Sentor) F married Yaakov 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Bunem M married Hersh Hila (nee Tzlekownik) 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Hila (nee Tzlekownik) F married Bunem 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Yeshayahu M married Hersh Itka (nee Korewa; originated in Rypin) 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Moshe M Yeshayahu 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Shlomo M married Hersh 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Reizl F Shlomo 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Marta F Shlomo 457
ZAKLIKOWSKI Ilonka F Shlomo 457
ZISSHOLTZ Yechiel M Municipal councilman. See Note 1. 264-269
ZUDKEVICZ M See Note 1. 264-269
ZUDKEVITZ Avraham M married Fled to Warsaw, where he died of a stroke in 1942 230
ZUDKEVITZ F married Avraham 2 sons, 2 daughters all perished in Treblinka 230
ZYLBERBERG M A chazzan (cantor). See Note 1. Also Note 3. 264-269


  1. One of 230 men taken out of synagogues by Germans on 1st day of Rosh Hashana (Sep 14, 1939), loaded into trucks and taken away, initially to Bydgoszcz (pp. 244, 138). Possibly executed in forest near Inowroclaw, 40km south of Bydgoszcz (p. 364).
  2. Among 35 most distinguished families of Dobrzyn (~100 people) taken away by Germans on Nov 6, 1939 in transport of 3 trucks (men, women, children), driven away in unknown direction; no one knows what became of them (p. 244).
  3. The “cantor of the town” could have meant Degala, but alternatively it could have referred to Zylberberg.

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