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From Home to Home

Translated by Allen Flusberg


From Home to Home[1]

Altstein [Altsztajn], Hershl and family
Altstein, Leib and family
Altstein, Shimon and family
Offenbach, Yaakov and wife, perished
Orbach, Mendel. A grandson was rescued. He lives in America.
Altstein, Yaakov and family. A son lives in Argentina.
Ordau, Esther and children
Eizik, Hersh and family. A daughter lives in Israel.
Eizik, Kasriel. Died in Israel.
Eizik (Eshel), Yehoshua. Died in Israel.
Eisenberg, Nisan Wolf and wife.
Eisenberg, Chaim Leib and family, perished.
Altman and family
Alterowicz, Elya Leib and family. 3 sons in America.
Arnob, Binyamin Aharon
Arfa, Binyamin and family
Arfa, Kalman and family, perished.
Arfa, Shimon.
Blumenthal and family.
Brana, Moshe Mendel and wife.
Brana, Mordechai and family.
Brana, Akiva and family
Berkman, Meir, wife and sons perished. 2 daughters and 1 son live in Israel.
Blechner, Yitzchok and wife
Balaban and family. A son lives in America.
Bielawski, Fishel and family perished. Two daughters live in Israel.
Burtke, Hersh Boruch and family perished. A son was rescued. He lives in Canada.

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Britzman and family.
Budziner, Shimon and family perished.
Budziner, Moshe Chaim and wife. Died in America. 2 sons live in Detroit, America.
Berman, Hersh Ber and family. Oldest daughter Chaya Shifra Bielawski died in Israel.
Goldbrach, Levi Zalman and family.
Gerlitz, Yosef Chaim.
Goldman, Yosef and wife. Their sons Avrohom and Shimon Leib perished. Their daughter Esther died in Israel.
Glitzenstein, Mendel and family.
Gurfinkel, Yisroel and family.
Gold, Zalman and family.
Golomb, Wolf and family
Gonsher, Yechezkel and family perished; a son was rescued. He lives in Israel.
Greber, Michael (the kavran [undertaker or gravedigger]) and his wife.
Greber, Avrohom and family
Gutglas, Menashe and family, perished.
Gutmorgen, Yechiel Meir and wife.
Goldberg Shmuelik, wife and children perished; a son and a daughter live in Israel.
Gorni, Mendel, wife and daughter perished; 2 sons died in America; 1 son, Yaakov, lives in America.
Gotlieb, Avrohom and family. Part of the family perished.
Gonsher, Yosef Binyomin and family
Goldring, Nosson and family
Geller, Shimon and family
Groner, Shimon and family
Dratwa, Yisroel and family
Dobroszklanka, Shmuel and family
Dobrochowski and family.
Dzabete and family.
Dobroszklanka, Zalman and family.
Dobrzinski, Hershl and wife.

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Dragan, Eliyohu and family
Dragan, Moshe and family
Dzaldow, Eliyohu and family perished. A son rescued. He lives in Germany.
Dratwa, Yosef Yitzchok and family
Digala, Leib, the cantor, and family
Dratwa and family, perished. A son and a daughter were rescued. The son lives in Israel, the daughter in America.
Dobrzynski, Itche
Dibow, Yaakov and family
Hertzke, Shlomo and wife
Hertz, Leib and family, the dayan [ritual judge]
Hartbrot, Mordechai and wife
Hartbrot, Hersh, perished in France
Holtz, Mendel and family
Horowitz, Noach and family; the children live in America
Horowitz, Itche Meir and family, perished; a daughter, Rivka, lives in Israel
Hirsh and family
Waldenberg, Yehoshua Meir, wife and children; two sons are alive, one in New York, the other in Canada
Waldenberg, Yehuda Asher and family
Waldenberg, Moshe Leib and family
Weissmel, Mendel and family; two sons died in America, one lives in Chicago
Weissmel, Yosef Eliyohu and family
Weissmel, Yosef Chaim and family, perished
Wuzszus, Moshe and family. A son, Yaakov, lives in Israel.
Wuzszus, Avrohom and family. A daughter rescued. She lives in America.
Wuzszus, Yechiel Meir and family. A son lives in Israel.
Warshawski, Berish and wife Mindel
Wiur, Mordechai and family
Zelkowicz, Azriel and family
Zilberman, Shmuel Yitzchok and family

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Zilberman, Yechezkel and family
Zissholtz, Yechiel and family
Zelig, Shamash and wife
Zaklikowski, Esther Malka
Zaklikowski, Eliezer, perished
Zaklikowski, Leibish and family
Zaklikowski, Berish and family
Zilberstein and family
Zatok and family. The children live in Canada.
Zilberstein and family
Chaskel, Mordechai and family. The sons live in America
Chaleva, Zeinvil Yom Tov and wife
Chaleva, Meir Nata and family
Teitelboim, Meir Henech, wife Chana Malka and family
Turkewicz, Yehuda and family
Tinski, Yaakov and family. A son Tuvya lives in France.
Topol, Zalman and wife
Topol, Henech and family
Topol, Asher and family
Topol, Hersh, Dr., died in France.
Jendzejewicz, Avrohom and family, perished.
Januar, Chaim and family. A daughter in Israel.
Japuncik, Yaakov, the treger [porter], and family
Juricze with her daughters
Jospe—hachazzan [the cantor] in Golub—and his family
Lewinson, Shlomo and family
Lurie, Eliezer and family
Lipka, Wolff and family
Lipka, Avrohom Yitzchok and family. A son Leib lives in Israel.
Lipka, Moshe and family
Lipka, Aharon and family
Laks, Hersh Wolff and wife. A daughter lives in Israel.
Lipshitz, Yechiel Meir and family
Lipshitz, Shimshon and family
Lipshitz, Aharon and family

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Lipshitz, Leib and family
Lipsztat, Leibl and family
Levin, Lemel and family
Lipski, Shlomo Yosef and family
Lenet, Hershel and family
Lichtenfeld, Yitzchok and wife Sarah Vechne
Lipka, Yitzchok and family. A grandson is in Israel.
Lenet, Mendel and family. Two sons were rescued. They live with their families in Israel.
Lord, Yisroel and family. A son, Chaim, lives in Israel.
Lipka, David and family, perished
Lesznik, Yitzchok and family, perished
Lipka, Moshe from France, perished; his wife Bayla and a son live in France.
Lipka, Shimon and family
Landsberg, Manus Melamed and famly
Landsberg, Yosef, the son of Manus Melamed, perished with his entire family—his wife and six children
Lewinson the teacher and family, perished.
Lidzbarski and family
Lipka, Yosef and family
Lipka, Mordechai and family
Layzerowit, Bat–Sheva the daughter, perished; a son lives in America
Levin, Avrohom and family
Levin, Zalusz and family
Miller, Daniel and family
Miller, Chashke and children
Mishke, Shmuel and family
Miller, Chaim Ber and family
Makowski, David and family
Maszkowicz, Hirsh Isaac and family
Miller, Israel and family
Memel, Yehoshua and family
Manke, Nisan Mordechai and family

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Mendelson, Chane the melamed [teacher of small children], and family
Maluchna and family
Memel, Itze and family
Motil and family
Munter, Salamon family
Maszkewicz (Mishigye) and family
Nagurski, Leib and wife; their son died in New York
Neuman, Mendel and family. A son Shlomo died in Israel.
Nusboym, Mendel and family. Their son Hersh was killed in an accident in Chicago.
Nawolski, Binyomin Isser and family
Nawolski, Perel
Nawolski, Yehoshua and family
Sawe, Pinchas and family
Smuzszik, Hersh Leib and family
Skop, Osher and family. A daughter lives in Israel.
Smuzszik, Fishl Boruch and family. A son was rescued and lives in Israel.
Smuzszik, Issachar and family
Sapirstein, Zanvil and family
Salamon, Abba Yosef and family
Salamon, Mordechai and family
Skurnik, Yochanan and family
Suchedol the tailor and family
Sawe, Shimon and family
Sawe, Zalman and family
Engler, Kalman and family, perished
Freilich, Levi Yaakov and family. A daughter lives in Israel, a second daughter in Australia.
Pieniek and family
Freilich, Nachman
Prum, Shmuel and wife. Three sons live in Mexico.
Prum, Mendel and family, all perished.
Fogel, Eliyohu and family. A son lives in America.
Piechatka, Betzalel and family

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Furgacz, Avrohom and family
Furgarcz, Pinchos and family
Pieniek, Tuvya Wolff and wife
Pieniek, David and family
Pilat, Shlomo and family
Platniarz, Asher and family
Platniarz, Yechiel Meir and family; one daughter lives in Israel and the other in New York.
Frenkel, Leib and family
Friedman, Sina and family, perished
Fuks, Wolff and family
Freilich, Zalman Leib and family
Pozmanter, Shlomo and family
Pozmanter, Moshe and family. A daughter lives in America.
Postolski, Yosef and family
Fisher and family
Pincewski, Henech and family
Plansker, Avrohom and wife
Prager, Shaul and family
Prager, Nachum, died in Germany.
Fuleder, Sandel and wife
Friedman, Shmuel Yitzchok and family
Plocker [Plotzker], Aharon and family
Poznonski, Simcha and family
Pszuk, Chana and daughter Dina
Carnabroda [Tzarnabroda], Efraim and wife
Carnabroda, Aharon and family
Carnabroda, Eliyohu and family
Cudkewicz [Tzudkewicz], Avrohom Hersh and family
Tzarna, Chana and family
Tzarna, Yechiel Yosef and family
Tzarna, Ozer and family
Cala [Tzala], Yoel Michel and family. A son lives in America.
Cirklarz [Tzirklazh], Feivel and family
Kadish the teacher, and family

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Kanicer [Kanitzer] and family
Kahn, Ozer and family
Krajanek, Rephael and family
Kahn, Rachel Leah and children
Kristal and family
Kadecki [Kadetzki], Yitzchok and family
Kive, Parnes and family
Kahn, Aharon—cigarette factory in Golub
Kadecki, Yaakov and family
Kadecki, Simcha and family
Kahn, Daniel Itzes and family. 2 sons and a daughter live in America.
Kahn, Yosef and wife
Kszeczanowski, Chaim and family
Kszeczanowski, Aharon and family
Kszeczanowski, Meir and family
Kszeczanowski, Itcze and family
Kahn, Daniel and family
Klein, Leib and family
Kahn, Moshe Yaakov, his wife and three sons
Kristal, Gershon and wife
Kristal, Ber and family
Kristal, Yaakov and family
Kuzak, Shmuel Gavriel and wife
Krajanek, Reuven and family
Krajanek, Yisroel and family
Kutner, Nisan the melamed [teacher of small children] and family
Kufeld, Kalman and family
Kufeld, Mendel and family
Kufeld, Boruch and family, perished
Kufeld, Shimon and family, perished
Kozak, Bunem and family, perished
Krantz, Yitzchok and family
Kahn, Zalman Shaya and wife. Their son Ozer Ber perished in an automobile accident in Israel.

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Keller and family, perished; one son lives in Israel and another in America
Kirstein and family, perished
Kukawka and family, perished
Kahn, Meir and wife, the parents of Mendel and Avrohom Hirsh
Kahn, Yitzchok and family
Kive, M.A. and family
Kufeld, Yaakov Yehoshua and family from Zaremba
Kowalski, Fishl and family, perished; two daughters in Israel
Kaczer, Chaim Yitzchok and family
Karpa, Yisroel Shimon Melamed and family
Karpa, Mendel and family
Karpa, Yosef and family
Rebe, Zelig and family
Ruina, Shmuel Moshe and family
Ruda, Yosef Chaim and family
Rapaport, Wolff and family
Rusak, Yitzchok and wife Sonya
Ruine, Hillel and family
Ragenstein, Lipman and family
Ragenstein, Nicha
Ragenstein, Shaya and family
Rukman and family
Rapaport, Yedidya and wife
Ruina Yosef Chaim and family
Rebe, David and family
Ryz, Kalman and family; two sons—Leib and Yitzchok—recently died in America; two sons—Avrohom Moshe and Yaakov—live in America
Ryz, Yisroel Asher and family
Rosen, Nachum and family. Two daughters live in America. A son Avraham passed away in Israel.
Rapaport, Avrohom Shlomo, his wife and children with their families live in Israel.

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Riesenfeld and family
Rirzow, Chaim and family perished; a daughter lives in Israel
Rosenman and family
Rapocki and family (the son–in–law of the tailor Groner)
Szlachter and family, a son Moshe Szlachter
Shmuel and family—grain merchant of Golub
Shilski and family
Szajnbart, Yisroel Yaakov and family
Szlachter, Moshe Aharon and family
Szlachter, Yosef Mendel and family
Szlachter, Meir and family
Szlachter, Shimon and family
Szlachter, Moshe and family
Szlachter, Leib and family
Szmiga, Moshe Hirsh and wife
Szmiga, Yitzchok Yaakov, perished
Szmiga, David and family
Sova, Zalman and family; a son lives in Israel
Stolzman and family. A son lives in America
Sova, Henich perished
Shurek, Lazel. Two daughters live in America
Szajnbart, Chananya and family, perished
Shlomo, Zalman (Shochet) and family
Szimanski and family
Szajnbart, Yitzchok and family
Sperling, Chaim Yoel and family
Sperling, Moshe and family
Sperling, Binyomin and family
Sperling, Yosef and family
Stencel, Avrohom Chaim and family
Szmiga, Zelig and family
Szlachter, Avrohom Mendel and family

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List of Those Who Passed Away in Chicago

Dratwa, Yitzchok Moshe
Dratwa, Rose
Harris, Bayla
Harris, Sholom
Weissmel, Leib
Weissmel, Yakir
Weissmel, Nisan Mordechai
Weissmel, Asher
Weinshenker, Oscar
Weinshenker, Penny
Waldenberg, Avrohom
Waldenberg, Yosef
Waldenberg, Max
Silberstein, Moshe Hersh
Silberstein, Elke
Silberstein, Meir
Silberstein, Joseph
Jordan, Itzi Meir
Jordan, Chana
Landsberg, Moshe David
Luster, Max
Luks, Avrohom
Luks, Shmuel
Luks, David
Lichtenfeld, Beinish
Lichtenfeld, Chana
Lefkowitz, Ike
Lefkowitz, Feige
Lefkowitz, Freddy
Lefkowitz, Julius
Lipka, Shmuel Yitzchok
Lipka, Taltze
Levinson, Chune
Miller, Shlomo
Laks, Mordechai
Laks, Tzipora
Nusbaum, Avrohom
Nusbaum, Beila
Nusbaum, Hersh
Surgal, Aharon
Surgal, Sheine
Surgal, Avrohom Moshe
Solomon, Avrohom
Solomon, Yetta
Fuks, Wolff
Fuks, Feige
Fogel, Boruch
Fogel, Penny
Fogel, Chaim
Fogel, Asher Leib
Pierce, Deborah
Pierce, Wolff
Fisher, Luzer
Fisher, Feige
Paczecha, Phillip
Kahn, Anshel
Kahn, Bertha
Kahn, Avrohom
Kahn, Ike
Kahn, Manny
Kirshenbaum, Moshe Aharon
Kirshenbaum, Hudes
Kirshbaum, Alye
Kirshbaum, Meir
Klein, Shmuel Zeinwil
Kantor, Avrohom
Kantor, Freida
Kesler, Taltze
Frantz, Efraim
Frantz, Rela
Frantz, Alex
Rapaport, Moshe
Rapaport, Benjamin
Rapaport, Yitzchok
Rapaport, Meir
Rosen, Yehoshua
Rosen, Lipshe
Ruina, Alye
Shlesinger, Avrohom Boruch
Shlesinger, Hinda Rivka
Shlesinger, Chaim Yakir
Shlesinger, Simcha Bunem
Cohen, Hanchye
Freida, Gorny

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List of Those Who Passed Away in Israel

Offenbach, Braina
Offenbach–Vinkor, Shoshana
Isaac, Katriel
Eshel (Isaac), Yehoshua
Bilewski, Chaya Shifra
Berkman, Chana
Berkman, Yaakov
Berman, Mira Plotniarz
Goldberg, Mordechai
Granat, Ephraim Eliezer–Rimon
Granat, Esther–Chana Rimon
Granat, Yosef Tzvi Rimon
Granat, Yechiel Bunem Rimon
Dobrzinski, Asher
Dobroszklanka, Yeshayahu
Dobrechowski, Ham
Dobrechowski, Hans
Hartbrot, Shlomo
Vizelberg, Esther–Goldman
Yalowski, Dov
Yeshiwitz, Dov
Fogel, Nisan
Zudkewitz, Tzadok
Czernobrody, Chana
Czernobrody, M.
Rosen, Chaya
Rosenwaks, Yitzhak
Rosenwaks, Chana
Rosen, Avraham
Rusk—from Kfar Shmaryahu
Ryz, Shmuel Hersh
Shivak, Tova nee Lipka
Sperling, Yehuda
Cohen, Fogel
Cohen, Avraham Hirsh
Cohen, Ozer Bar
Minski, Yehoshua Chaim
Minski, Chaya Leah
Minski, Yechiel Shimon
Chana and Gronem Lichtenstein


List of Those Who Passed Away in England and in Germany

Prager, Nahum, in Germany
Gottlieb, Hirsh Asherk in England
Lichtenfeld , Azriel Alye, in England


Commemoration of Parents and Relatives

As a sacred memorial to our dear parents, sisters, brothers and family:

Platniarz, Yaakov Leib
Platniarz, Aidel
Platniarz, Yeshayahu
Platniarz, Mordechai
Platniarz, Yisrael
Platniarz, Leah

Memorialized by:

Their only son and brother, Hershel Platniarz in Cleveland–Ohio, America


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As a sacred memorial to our parents, sisters, brothers and family:

Platniarz, Tina
Platniarz, Asher
Platniarz, Manya
Platniarz, Hinda Leah
Platniarz, Yechiel Meir
Platniarz, Yisrael
Silberstein Platniarz, Michle
Silberstein Platniarz, Eliezer
Silberstein Platniarz, Malka
Silberstein Platniarz, Chana
Silberstein Platniarz, Libe
Silberstein Platniarz, Shimon

Memorialized by:

Their children, Sidney and Michle Platner and children, Chicago:
Sam and Betty Platner and children, New York.
Beatrice and Leo Platner and children, New York.
Genya and Yisrael Platner and children, Israel.
Charna and Mur Platner and children, New York.


As a memorial to our dear, beloved parents, sisters,
brothers and relatives who perished in the Holocaust:

Dratwa, Lipman and wife Shoshana—our parents
Dratwa, Avrohom
Dratwa, Leah
Dratwa Hersh Yaakov
Dratwa, Feige
Dratwa, Miriam—(siblings)
Dratwa, Yosef Yitzchok (uncles)

Memorialized by:

Dratwa, Yosef and family (Israel)


As an everlasting memorial to our dear parents, siblings and their families

Alexander, Meir Mendel. Died in 1925 in New York.
Alexander, Rivka. Died in 1953 in New York.
Son: Hersh Eliezer. Died in 1962 in New York.
Daughter–in–law: Feige, died in 1968 in New York.

Memorialized by:

Shlomo Alexander and family, Alex Alexander and family,
Moshe Henech Alexander and family, and our sister Bina and family.

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As an everlasting memorial to our dear parents and grandparents:

Yerachmiel and Rosa Katcher
Abraham Shlomo and Nitzi Katcher
Yehoshua and Molly Katcher
Shmuel Gedalia and Rita Katcher
Abba Libowitch and Esther Chana, nee Katcher.


As a memorial to our parents and sister:

Daniel Kahn–Itches and his wife Feige Leah;
daughter: Rosa Frenkel–Kahn.

Memorialized by:

Tzipora and Nathan Warszoi; Judith Orbach–Kahn; Leo Kahn, his wife and children; Oscar Kahn, his wife and children.


In memory of our parents, sisters, and relatives together with their families:

Sova, Zalman and Bilhah
Sova, Bendet and family
Sova, Pinchas, Michal and their children
Sova, Yitzhak Yaakov and his family
Choronazitz[2], Amram and his wife Devorah, nee Sova, and their children
Lichterz and his wife Bracha, nee Sova, and their children
Tzernobroda, Eliyahu, his wife Feige, and children (brother–in–law)
Beldiger, Avraham, his wife Sarah Rivka (uncle)
Beldiger, Aharon, Yaakov, Yosef and their families (cousins)
Kaczor, Lipman and his wife Elka (uncle and aunt)
Lifschitz, Aharon, Arye, Rachel Leah, and Chana—cousins

Memorialized by:

Sova, David and his wife Chana and their children (Israel)


To the memory of my departed parents, as well
as my sisters and brothers who perished in the Holocaust:

Azriel and Rivka Dobroszklanka
Leib Dobroszklanka
Zalman and Malka Dobroszklanka
Toibe Dobroszklanka
Feivil Dobroszklanka
Yetta Gutglas, her husband and their children

Memorialized by:

Sheindel Rapaport, Avraham Dor–Dobroszklanka, Tzesha Berger–Dobroszklanka, of Israel.
Bella Bresler– Dobroszklanka, of France.

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As an everlasting memorial to our parents, brothers and sisters and their families,
the virtuous martyrs who died and perished in the Holocaust. Their burial place is unknown:

Our parents: Zalman Rosenwaks (Zalman Hassid) and his wife Tzipora, who died in Dobrzyn.
The brother: Avraham Yaakov and his wife Chana and their son Chaim, his wife and their children.
Our sister: Miriam Rosenwaks–Arnow, her husband Binyamin Aharon, who perished together with their children: Yisrael Hersh, Yaakov Yehoshua, Meir Neta, Yechiel, Tzerka.
Our brother: Yitzhak Rosenwaks and his wife Chana, who died in Israel.

Memorialized by:

Feige Rosenwaks–Maimon and her husband Yechezkel
Zahava Peres–Rosenwaks and their children, Yehuda and Chava Rosenwaks and their children
Michale Herzog–Rosenwaks, her husband and children
Yehudit Golan–Rosenwaks, her husband and children
David Shoshani–Rosenwaks and his family
Rivka Gavrieli–Rosenwaks and her family


In memory of my parents and sisters:

Avraham Rothman and his wife Adele
Moshe Rothman and his wife Gendl
Avraham Rothman and their children: Frimet, Yosef and Rita.

Memorialized by:

Tuvya Rothman of Rehovot, Israel.


In memory of my parents, brothers, sisters and relatives
who passed away and perished in the Holocaust:

Zaklikowski, Meir and his wife Esther Malka—our parents who passed away.
Zaklikowski, Hersh and his wife Ita, nee Zik, who came from Lipno, and their children:
Yosef Meir; Yaakov…missing
Esther, nee Sentor, the wife of Yaakov…perished
Bunem and his wife Hila, nee Tzlekownik…perished
Yeshayahu and his wife Itka, nee Korewa, who came from Rypin, and their child Moshe…perished
Shlomo and his daughters: Reizl, Marta, and Ilonka…perished
Leib, the son of Meir and Esther Malka, and his wife Mindl, nee Warshawski…passed away
And their sons: Bunem and Eliezer…passed away

[Page 458]

Sheinberg, Mindel, nee Zaklikowski, her husband Meir and their three daughters.

Memorialized by:

Menahem Zaklikowski and his wife Chaya, nee Lofta, Tel Aviv; Chana Dimant, nee Zaklikowski and her husband, Jerusalem.

Szmiga,[3] Moshe Hirsh and his wife Yente…passed away
Szmiga, Yitzhak Yaakov and his wife Feige…perished
Their son David and his wife Leah, nee Szimanski and their children, Yisrael and Moshe Hirsh…perished
Hartbrot, Hirsh and his wife Rozha, nee Szmiga…passed away
Holtz, Mendl and his wife Sara Devora…perished
Bertza Holtz and his wife and their two children…perished
Shlomo Holtz and his wife Nechama, nee Eisenberg, and their two children…perished
Aharon Holtz and his wife Eva, nee Motil, and their two children…perished
Yisrael, Rachel, Feige and Luba, the son and daughters of Mendel and Sara Devora Holtz

Memorialized by:
Yechiel and Golda Lofta, nee Szmiga, of Argentina.


In memory of our parents, brothers
and sisters who perished in the Holocaust:

Shmuel and Masha Goldberg—parents
Lipa Friedman and his wife Bella, nee Goldberg—my sister and brother–in–law and their children
Chaya and Munik Yosef Chmielnicki and his wife Sara, nee Goldberg—my sister and my brother–in–law, and their children: Rachel and Avraham; Yaakov Moshe, Yosef Gershon—my brothers—and my sister Rachel.
Feige Toibe Goldberg, my wife's mother
Yoachim Goldberg, Feige Toibe's son
Yosef Postolski, my uncle, and his children: Avraham Natan, Gershon, Feige, Leibl
Hersh Natan Bergman, my uncle, and his wife Rivka and their children: Shmuel, Luba and their children
Yoel Braun and his children: Chana Sara, Motl, Yosef Gershon
And our brother Mordechai Goldberg, who died in Israel in 1937

Memorialized by:

Yehoshua Goldberg and his wife Liza; Leizer Postolski and his wife Beracha, nee Goldberg


As an everlasting memorial to my relatives who perished in the Holocaust in Poland:

Rebe, Isser, his wife and two children
Rebe, Anshil, his wife and one child
Rebe, Avraham, his wife and one child

[Page 459]

Rebe, Frimet, with her husband D. Rothman and two children
Rebe, Gucze, with her husband A. Goldbojm and one child
Yaakov and Liba Ofenbach
Avraham and Michle Nroine[4]
Chana Puleder

Memorialized by:

Esther Rebe Groner of Chicago, America


As a memorial to our dear parents and siblings:

Yosef Alterowicz (father)
Tzerl Alterowicz (mother)
Yitzhak Leib Alterowicz (brother)
Beila Alterowicz–Rosenberg (sister)
Moshe Rosenberg (brother–in–law)
Nicha Alterowicz–Margolis (sister)
Avrohom Margolis (brother–in–law)
Avrohom Alterowicz (brother)
and all the others of the family


Names of members that are no more with us. May they rest in peace![5]
New York
  1. Harry Alexander
  2. Sol Bartkey–Brooks
  3. Julius Brown
  4. Al. Davidson
  5. Joe Flamenbaum
  6. Jack Freilich
  7. Gerstein
  8. Milton Goldfeder
  9. Greenberg
  10. Irving Gursky
  11. Charles Katcher
  12. Morris Katcher
  13. Klapman
  14. Aharon Lefkowitz
  15. Sam Leshnick
  16. Max Leshnick
  17. Newman
  18. Dr. Luis Posmer
  19. Plucki
  20. Rosenzweig
  21. Ruina
  22. Joe Rosenbaum
  23. Ben Zacklow
  24. Irving Shoenbart
  25. Ben Gutglas
  26. Goldfeder
  27. Leo Rogenstein
  28. Ros Frenkel (Cohen)
  29. Irving Cohen
  30. Nachum Flato
  31. Morris Katcher
  32. Chana Chaya Katcher

Translator's Footnotes

  1. From My Town: In Memory of the Communities Dobrzyn–Gollob, edited by M. Harpaz, (published by the Dobrzyn–Golub Society, Israel, 1969), pp. 443–459. Note that the beginnings of sections are denoted by large asterisks (*). Return
  2. Possibly a printing error of “Hurynowicz” Return
  3. A new section appears to begin on this line, although there is no asterisk to indicate it Return
  4. Possibly a misprint of “Groine”. Return
  5. There was no need to translate this section, which was printed in English on p. 459. It has been reproduced here for completeness. Return


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