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[Pages 105-110]

The Struggle for Education in Our Town[1]

By Y. Wrzos

Translated by Allen Flusberg

Note by translator: in the original, this article appears to be a translation,
into Hebrew, of the Yiddish article appearing on pp. 300-304.
The following photographs appear within the pages of the Hebrew translation:

[Page 106]

Representatives of the town preparing for the Polish senate elections
In center: Bolislav Warszawski and Henech Pinczewski[2]


[Page 109]

Dobrzyn Land-of-Israel Office

Standing, from right: Aharon Zudkiewic, Menashe Dobraszklanka, Shlomo Holtz
Seated: Aharon Holtz, Lemel Rujna, Yaakov Yechiel Bielowski, Mendel Prum, Nissan Fogel, Mordechai Goldberg[3]


Young members of the Maccabee movement[4] in the town[5]


[Page 110]

A group of Poalei Tsion[6] members
(with a photograph of Borochov[7] at the center)[8]


Translator's Footnotes

  1. From My Town: In Memory of the Communities Dobrzyn-Gollob, edited by M. Harpaz, (published by the Dobrzyn-Golub Society, Israel, 1969), pp. 105-110. Return
  2. From p. 106 of reference cited in Footnote 1. The Polish caption reads: “Participants in a senate election. Dobrzyn on the Drwęc, 25 August 1935.” Return
  3. From p. 109 of reference cited in Footnote 1 Return
  4. Maccabee was a Zionist sports organization Return
  5. From p. 109 of reference cited in Footnote 1 Return
  6. Poalei Tsion (Hebrew) = Workers of Zion, a Zionist Marxist-socialist organization and party (Labor Zionists). See the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poale_Zion. Return
  7. Dov Ber Borochov (1881-1917) was a Marxist Zionist. He was a founder and leader of the Poalei Tsion Labor Zionist movement. See the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ber_Borochov Return
  8. From p. 110 of reference cited in Footnote 1 Return


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