In the Diaspora and in the Homeland
(Glinyany, Ukraine)

49°49' / 24°31'

Translation of
Ba-golah uva-moledet

Written by: Asher Korech (Buchbinder)

Published in Jerusalem: Hotsa'at Gazit, 1941



Project Coordinator

Joseph Hirschfield


Our sincere appreciation to Noam Gavriely, grandson of Asher Korech,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of Ba-golah uva-moledet (In the Diaspora and in the Homeland),
Written by Asher Korech (Buchbinder), Published in Jerusalem: Hotsa'at Gazit, 1941

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1 My family 9
2 Dad and Mom 13
3 Child in the “Cheder” 17
4 Bar Mitzva 22
5 Windows were opened in the “house of study” 25
6 R' Yehoshua Baseches and R' Hillel Finelish 28
7 The big fire 34
8 R' Mordecai ben Yehezkiel Halperin 36
9 The beginning of the Enlightenment in our town: R' Moshe Leib Lanos, R' Leib Wolf, R' Moshe Stam, R' Yankele Chaya Ester's, R' Yosef Hurwitz, R' Aharon Rubintzhal 44
10 Memorial stones: 1. The river Wislanka, 2. T' Baruch “the Tall”, R' Manis Lieberman, For the sake of Mitzva we turn to the Land of Israel, The Land of Israel in Galina before Zionism 55
11 My Dear Fellow Efraim… the beginning of the evolution of Zionism in our town, Dr. Avraham Korkis, the Day of the Hebrews 81
12 R' Shlomo Unger 90
13 In the age of military duty and marriage 96
14 On the field of the Zionist labor: “a new spirit the skies are higher”…, Aaron's sacrifice, You shall not preach, National home on foreign soil, Remember this to Jacob, Our Hebrew school 105
15 Rabbi Meir Shapira z”l: His appointment as our town's chief rabbi, His educational and communal activities 119
16 In the field of books and writers: Trade and publishers, Y.H. Brenner, Prof. Dr. L. Kellner, R' Eliezer Meir Lifshitz 129
17 Chaos comes to the world: The start of the world war, The Russian military invasion 134
18 Under Russian occupation: Mom and Dad z”l pass away, The Russian military runs away 140
19 Following the Austrian “redemption”: The arrival of the Austrian military, Public work, The plague 147
20 Orphanage work: Founding the orphanage, the military draft and the passing of my brother Tzvi z”l 150
21 Public works during the war: Internal improvements in the orphanage “Huftman von Kepnik” in Galina, Help for the refugees, Jewish soldiers and the poor, The orphanage moves to Bilitz, Seder for the soldiers 155
22 In the Italian frontier: I was drafted to military service, to the Italian front 171
23 I leave the military: I was released from military service 175
24 Under Ukrainian burden: End of the world war, The Ukrainian government, The Polish-Ukrainian war 182
25 The Polish redemption and its troubles: The pleasures of commerce, The persecutions of the Zionists 187
26 My path to the Land of Israel has opened: Dr. Yaakov Ton in Lvov, The committee for land sales in the Land of Israel, I was invited to come to Eretz Israel 194
27 To the Land of the Patriarchs: Preparations for the trip, From Lvov to Glatz, on the ship, I am up on the soil of Eretz Israel 197
28 I will settle here…: In the quarantine, In Tel-Aviv, Arranging a store for the laboratory in Jerusalem 202
29 In Jerusalem: I work, an old friend, I buy an old house, I renovate the old house 206
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