The Memorial Book of Jewish Dinov
(Dynów, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Dynow; sefer zikaron le-kedoshei kehilat
Dynow she-nispu ha-shoa ha-natsit

Editors: Yitzhak Kose, Moshe Rinat, Tel Aviv, Dynow Society

Published in Tel Aviv, 1979

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This is a translation of: Sefer Dynow; sefer zikaron le-kedoshei kehilat Dynow she-nispu ha-shoa ha-natsit
(The memorial book of Jewish Dinov),
Editors: Yitzhak Kose, Moshe Rinat, Tel Aviv, Dynow Society, 1979 (H,Y, 324 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Dynow (1979)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Foreword 9
The Book About the Dynów Community Moshe Rinat 11
The Dynow Jews, their Life and Activity
The Shtetl of Dynów and its Jews in the Thirties Abraham Mosinger 21
Our Town Dynow Ovadia Schnek 29
A Crown of Torah and Wisdom
The Rebbe Reb Zvi Elimelech ztz”l of Dynow Rabbi Nathan Ortner 47
The dynasty of the Dynow ADMORs (a drawing) 74
Rabbis and Judges in Dynow Rav Meir Wunder 77
Rabbi Yakov Zvi Yalis z”l author of Melo Haro'im, AB”D of Dynow 90
Our Maskilim [enlightened] Mendel Shiye Yaari 99
A poet, one hundred years old Dov Sadan 102
Some renowned people of Dynow, who have become famous beyond its borders Yitzhak Kassa 106
Zionism and Halutzim [Pioneers]
My meetings with Dynow people Michael Ziv (Wisinger) 111
The history and development of the Hechalutz movement in Dynow Yitzhak Kassa 117
Hechalutz and Gordonia movements Lea Raf 126
The pioneer training Yitzhak Kassa 128
A Bundle of Memories
Stories from old times Rabbi Yaakov Shlomo Friedman 137
Shreds of memories from my birth town Vita Chail, nee Bar 139
Dynow as I knew it Yechezkel Ilan (Manek Baum) 147
My grandfather Yehoshua Segal 151
Memories that began at age 5 Yaakov Berkowicz 156
Longing (poem) Ovadia Schnek 157
Days of Ruin and Wandering
In the days of horror and distress Yitzhak Haber 161
Days of tribulation Lea Wachs–Raf 164
Fear and anxiety Bella Patchek, nee Ringel 166
Flames in Dynow – leaving the town Esther Mahler, nee Kasser 167
Days of the Nazi Rule Sara Lifshitz, nee Krischer 168
Refugees from the surroundings sharing the fate of the Dynow Jews Felicia Passal 169
Testimony of a woman, survivor of the Holocaust Helena Trachtman 170
Testimonies from the days of horror and deportation Sara Lifschitz, nee Krischer, Chanoch Hillman 173
R'Alter Frenkel-Teomim z”l, head of the Jewish Community Yitzhak Kassa 177
R'Menachem Naftali Zvi (Mendzi) Frenkel, leader of religious Zionism in town Israel and Nathan Frenkel 181
Eng. Yakov Weinrauch, may God avenge his blood A. Mosinger 184
A good and wise man (in memory of Nathan Lahav) Rachel Adiv 187
Yosef Proper z”l Yechezkel Ilan-Baum 188
R'Moshe Grinspan z”l Lucia Grispan-Tarman 189
In memory of R'Moshe Laner Zev Laner and Nechama Hirschberg 191
Vita-Varda Baum-Birman 193
David Strauss z”l Israel Strauss 194
In memory of R'Chaim Yosef Teitelbaum z”l Y. Kassa 197
In memory of the Dynow Community Nathan Frenkel 199
Memorial Pages 207
Yiddish Section
To our Landsleit The Book Committee 207
The book of the Dynow Community Moshe Rinat 209
This is the way it was…
Memories from Dynow (excerpts from a poem) Itzik Shiye Kassa 217
Dynow and its Jews in the thirties A. Mossinger 235
Engineers A. Mossinger 246
The Roads of Life and Suffering
The rabbi's blessing Chaim Proper 251
The Shtetl Dynów David Moritz 255
The road of suffering Rivka Klein-Weinik (Equador) 259
On other roads Rav Yakov Shlomo Friedman 264
Bound tightly to Dynow and Jerusalem Frieda Klein-Deller 266
My life and experiences under Nazi rule Yerachmiel Ortner 267
From the distant past David Moritz 269
In various corners Rav Yakov Shlomo Friedman 274
Leib Landau z”l In Pinkas Galicia 276
An eternal candle to the holy memory of Yakov Ares z”l Itzik Shiye Kassa 278
A Dynow Great Talent
Yakov Adler - humorist, writer and poet 281
Poems by Yakov Adler (B. Kovner)
   My home 283
   Longing 284
   Yiddish 285
   Songs 286
   My father's “Kol Nidrei 287
   R'Yoshe melamed 288
   In honor of Rosh Hashana [New-Year's day] 290
   Kol Nidrei 291
   A prayer after Yom Kippur 292
   The gray hair 293
Prose by Yakov Adler
   Days of fasting 290
   My white head 294
The Organization of former Dynow residents in Israel [H] 297
In Memoriam 305


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