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Translated by William Leibner

Edited by Phyllis Kramer

The following is a list of all the Dynower Jews that perished in the shoa that are published in this Yizkor book. May their names be inscribed to eternity.

The sheet is divided into six columns: Last name, First name, gender, spouse, children that the family had, and what happened.

The item marked shot 1939, refers to the Jews that were taken on the second day of Rosh Hashana and killed.


Last name First name Gender Spouse Disposition Comment
ADAM Chaim m   shoa & wife, children
ASHER Reuven m   shoa & wife, children
ASHKENAZI Wolf m   shoa & wife, children
ASHKENAZI Yeshayahu m   shoa & wife, father
BACHNER Wolf m Machle shoa & wife
BACHNER David m   shoa  
BECKER Mordechai m   shoa  
BERENSTEIN Shmuel m   shoa  
BERGER Aaron m   shoa & wife, children
BOIM Moishe m   shoa  
BOIM Leibish m   shot 1939  
BRAND Mordechai m      
BRANENGRABER   m   shot 1939  
DOMB Yaacov m   shoa & wife, children
DOMB Yossef m   shoa  
DOMB Yona m   shoa  
EINBINDER Itchele m   shoa  
EINZIDLER Israel Moshe m   shoa  
EINZIDLER Aaron m   shoa  
EINZIDLER Mendel m   shoa  
FELDSTEIN Moshe Eliezer m   shoa  
FELDSTEIN Fishel m   shoa  
FELDSTEIN Mendel m   shoa & daughter
FINK Alter Chaim m   shoa & wife
FINK Awraham m   shoa  
FISH Mendel m   shot 1939  
FISH Naphtali m   shot 1939  
FISH Reisel f   shoa  
FISH Pesseh m   shoa  
FISH Itche m   shoa  
FISH Itte f   shoa  
FLEKEL Mendel m   shoa & wife, daughters
FLEKEL Shimon m   shoa  
FLEKIL Yrmiyahu m   shoa  
FLEKIL Iche meir m   shoa & wife, children
FRANK Chaim m      
FRANK Lewi m   shoa & wife, children
FRENKEL Shlome Zalman m     saved scrolls
FRENKEL Itzhak m   shoa  
FRENKEL Mechale f Itzhak shoa  
FRENKEL Mendel m   shoa & wife, children
FUSS Mordechai m   shoa  
GIMPEL Moshe m   shot 1939  
GIMPEL Baruch m   shot 1939  
GLASER   f   shot  
GLASER Melech m   shot  
GOLDSCHMIDT Rachel f      
GOLDSCHMIDT Yossef m   shoa & wife, children
GRINBOIM Issachar m      
GRINBOIM Isaak m   shot 1939  
GRINBOIM Eisik m   shoa & wife, children
GRINES Aaron m   shoa  
GRINES Itzhak m   shot 1939  
GROSS Pinchas m      
GROSSMAN Leibish m   shot 1939  
GROSSMAN Hene f   shoa  
GROSSMAN Moshe m   shoa & wife, children
GROSSMAN Yossef Mendel m Malke shoa  
GROSSMAN Malke f Yossef Mendel shoa  
GUTMAN Yaacov Hershel m      
HABER Elisha m Reisel shoa  
HABER Reisel f Elisha shoa  
HABER Pinchas m   shoa & wife
HALMAN David m   shot 1939  
HOIWEN Shaime f   shoa & children
IDLER Meir m     saved scrolls
INTRATER   m   shoa & wife, children
INTRATER Menia m   shoa & wife, children
INTRATER Pinchas m   shoa & wife, children
ISRAEL   m   shot 1939  
ISRAEL Yehial m   shoa & wife, children
JAHRE Itche m   shoa  
JAHRE Leibish m   shoa  
JAHRE Israel m Hama shot  
JAHRE Hama m Israel shoa & daughter
JAHRE Moshe m   shoa  
JAHRE Meir m   shoa  
JEGGER Moshe David m   shoa, killed by Poles  
KALECH Zishe m Rachel shoa  
KALECH Rachel f Zishe shoa  
KALECH Moshe Ber m   shoa  
KALECH Eliahu m   shoa  
KALECH Haya f   shoa  
KARAFIOL Yaakov m   shoa & wife
KARAFIOL Abba m   shoa  
KARP Eisik m   shoa & wife, children
KASSER Sarah f   shoa  
KEHR Israel m   shot 1939  
KEHR Nachman m   shoa & wife, children
KEONIG Chaim m   shot 1939  
KEONIG Lipa m   shot 1939  
KERR Israel m   shot  
KRANTZ Mindel f   shoa  
LAMPEL Meir m   shot 1939  
LANDAU Ephraim m   shoa & wife, daughter
LANER Moshe m   shoa  
LANER Shmuel m   shoa & wife, child
LAPTCHER Mendel m   shoa & wife, children
LAUFER Berl m   shoa & wife
LEBERFELD Ephraim m   shoa & wife, children
LEIBELE   m   shot 1939  
LEIFER Wolf m   shoa & wife, children
LEIFER Israel m   shoa  
LEIFER Hersch m   shoa  
LEIFER Yehoshua m   shoa & daughter
LEMPEL Chaim Simha m   shoa & wife, children
LEON Pinchas m Hawa shoa  
LEON Hawa f Pinchas shoa  
LISHNER Shlomo Leib m   shoa & wife, children
LOMBERG   m   shot 1939  
MAGRAM Chaim m   shot 1939  
MALAN Yossef m   shoa & wife, children
MANESBAUM David ber m   shot 1939  
METZ Baruch m   shoa  
METZ Yaakov m   killed  
MILSTEIN   f Yaakov shoa  
MILSTEIN Beril m   shoa & daughter
MILSTEIN Mindel m   shoa & children
MILSTEIN Hawa m   shoa  
MORITZ David m      
MULDORF Meir m   shoa  
NAIES Israe m   shoa & wife, children
NEGER Mendel m Breindel shoa  
NEGER Breindel f Mendel shoa  
NEGER Taube m   shoa  
NEGER Moshe m   shoa & wife
NEGER Haike m   shoa  
NEGER Shia m   shoa  
NEGER Awraham m   shoa  
NEGER Mania f   shoa  
NEGER Sarah f   shoa  
PARITZ Hersch m   shot 1939  
REDIMER Hershel m   shot  
REICH   m   shoa & family
REICHMAN Dawid m   shot 1939  
REIF Shlomo m   shoa  
REIF Gittel f   shoa  
REIN Shlomo m   shot 1939  
REIN Yaakov m      
REIN Lemel m      
REUVEN Asher m      
RICHTER Itche m   shoa & wife, son
RIMER Melech m   shot 1939 & wife, children
RIMER Eliazer m   shoa  
RIMER Beile f   shoa  
RINGEL Moshe m   shot 1939  
RINGEL Zishe m   shoa & children
RISS Isaac m   shot 1939  
ROGEL Yossef m   shot 1939  
ROSENBERG Fertche f   shoa  
ROSENBERG Yehoshua m   shot 1939  
ROSENBERG Yeshayahu m   shot 1939  
ROSENBERG Shimon m   shot 1939  
ROSENBERG Sender m   shot 1939  
ROSENBERG Itzhak m   shot 1939  
ROSENBERG Shmuel m   shoa  
ROSENBERG Hanah f   shoa  
ROSENBERG Dawid m   shoa  
ROSENBOIM Dudel m   shoa  
ROSENBOIM Yossef m   shoa  
ROSENBOIM Leib m   shoa  
ROTA Benyamin m   shot 1939  
ROTA Betzalel m   shot 1939  
ROTA Menashe m   shot 1939 & wife, children
ROTA Zeiwel m   shoa  
ROTH Menashe m   shot & wife
ROTH Leibtche m      
RUBINFELD Heshe m   shoa & wife
SAK Asher m   shoa & wife, children
SCHAFFER Yeshayahu m   shoa & wife, children
SHAPIRO   f   shoa  
SHAPIRO Mendel m   shoa & wife, children
SHAPIRO Eliazer m   shoa & wife, children
SCHECTER Pinhas m   shot, 1939  
SCHECTER Mordechai m      
SCHENKER Nachman m   shoa & wife, daughter
SCHEPS Yossel m      
SCHNITZLER Yudel m   shot 1939  
SCHOCHAT Yeshayahu m   shoa & wife, daughter
SCHOCHAT Gershon m   shoa & wife, children
SCHOCHAT Hersch m   shoa & wife, children
SCHPATZ Yossef m   shot 1939  
SCHPERLING Wolf m   shoa & daughter, & husband
SCHRIER Tziwia f   shoa & grandson
SCHTARTZ Hersh m   shot 1939  
SCHTELTZER Awraham m   shoa & wife
SCHTELTZER Yona m   shoa  
SCHTELTZER Berl m   shoa  
SCHTELTZER Mania f   shoa  
SCHTELTZER Hawa f   shoa  
SEGAL Hersh m   shoa & daughters
SHAMOUSH Leibele m   shot  
SHAYOWITCH Mordechai m   shoa & wife, daughter
SHENBACH Feivel m   shot 1939  
SHMUEL   m   shot 1939  
SHOR Awraham m   shoa & wife, children
SHOR   f   killed  
SHPALTER Dawid m   shoa & wife, 2 daughters
SHPALTER Dawid m   shoa  
SHPATZ Serka f Dawid shoa  
SHPATZ Naphtali m   shoa  
SHPATZ Shia m   shoa  
SHPATZ Israel m   shoa  
STEIN Riwkah f Israel shoa  
STEIN Moshe m   shoa & wife, children
STEIN Israel m   shoa & wife, children
STEIN Yaakov m   shoa & wife, children
TAG Itzig m   shoa & wife
TAG Shlomo Leib m   shoa  
TAG Pinhas m   shoa  
TAG   f   shoa  
TARNER Dawid m   shoa & wife, daughters
TEPPER Manes m   shot 1939  
TEWEL Pinhas m Reisel shot 1939  
TEWEL Reisel f   shoa & 2 daughters
TEWEL Zalman m   shoa  
TEWEL Hersh m   shoa  
THALER Rachel f   shoa  
THALER Pinhas m   shoa  
TREGER Leibish m   shot 1939  
TZEIGER Hersh Itche m   shot 1939  
TZUGHAFT Melech m   shoa & wife, children
TZUGHAFT   m   shoa family
TZUKER Shmuel m Sarah shoa  
TZUKER Sarah f   shoa  
TZUKER Meir m   shoa  
TZUKER Yossef m   shoa  
TZUKER Naphtali m Mindel shoa  
TZUKER Mindel f Naphtali shoa  
TZUKER Meir m   shoa  
TZUKER Sarah f   shoa  
WAGNER Israel m Dina shot 1939  
WAGNER Dina f Israel shoa & children
WALNER Dawid Yehiel m   shoa & wife, children
WARHAFTIG Shmuel m   shoa  
WARHAFTIG Daughter m   shoa & husband
WASSERMAN Israel m   shot 1939  
WEINING Hersh m   shoa & wife, son
WEINING Manek m   shoa  
WEINREICH   m   shoa & wife, daughter
WIFLICH Leib m   shoa & wife, children
WIFLICH Yossef m   shoa  
WIFLICH Shamai m   shoa  
WILK Yehoshua m   shot 1939  
WILK Yaakov m   shoa  
WILK Yossef m   shoa  
YATCHE   m      
ZAPHAN Wolf m   shot 1939  
ZILBER Mordechai m   shoa & wife
ZILBER Gania f   shoa  
ZILBERMAN Eli m   shot  
ZILBERMAN Eliahu m   shoa  
ZOPAN Awraham m   shoa & wife, children

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