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Combined Family Branches
(On the Friedman, Charit and Chatzkel Families)

Translated by Judy Grossman

Abie (Abba) Friedman:

Great-grandfather Chaim-Avigdor Friedman lived in Grodno. When the Grodno landowner moved his Jewish tenant farmers from Grodno to his estates in Abel (Obeliai), Chaim-Avigdor also moved with them.

Chaim-Avigdor married his first wife Sarah-Beile (a widow with two children: Abba –Abtchik and Berl-Bertchik[1] from her first husband Friedman? Shapiro?) and they had two children: Yehuda and Moshe.

Being a widower Chaim-Avigdor Friedman married his second wife, Henne-Zelde, who was a widow with five children (from her first husband Moshe Katz [son of Yitzchak]): Chaya-Mine, Sore-Beile, Shmuel-Chatzkel[2], Mendel [who changed his family name to Kaffenhaus] and Yaacov [who changed his family name to Charit – the first letters of “Chatan Rabbi Yitzchak Tabatchnik” (son-in-law of Rabbi Yitzchak Tabatchnik)]. Yaacov was known by the name Yaacov Charit-Katz.

Moshe Friedman (son of Chaim-Avigdor and Sarah-Beile) and his wife Sarah lived in Libava (Liepaja, Latvia). They had three children: Rachel-Rochl, Rivka and Sonia.

Bertchik (step-son of Chaim-Avigdor Friedman) and his wife Chaya-Mine [Katz] (step-daughter of Chaim-Avigdor Friedman) lived in Abel and they had six children:

Sarah-Beile (who married her cousin Zalmen Charit, the son of Yaacov Charit-Katz);

Shlomo (who married Tzipe Fleisch);

Chaim-Avigdor (who married Sarah Rabinowitz);

Zusl (he and his wife had three children: Anne, Lenart and Victor);

Roza (married Naftali Finkelstein and had two children);


Musel [Friedman] and her first husband, Kalman-Avraham Zeidlin (from Druye), had four children: Micha, Aharon, Freidl and Hanna.

Musel's second husband was her cousin, the widower Chatzkel Charit-Katz (son of Yaacov Charit-Katz).

They lived in Podzelva (Zelva), and they had two children: Menachem-Mendke and Yaacov.

Chatzkel Charit-Katz had six children with his first wife Rivka Baruch: Sonia, Leah, Moshe, Raphael, Yehuda and Yitzchak.

Sore-Beile, the daughter of Henne-Zelde [Katz], married Chanoch-Henech Chatzkel. They lived in Dusiat and had five children:

Moshe (who married Chasya Margalit, from Shadove [Seduva]);

Riva-Leah (who married Meir Charit, the son of Yaacov Charit-Katz);

Chaya-Tzipe (who married Emanuel Slep);

Rachel-Rochl (who married Eliyahu Orlin);

Freidl (who married Yosef Levitt).

Yehuda Friedman (the son of Sarah-Beile and Chaim-Avigdor), was married twice. With his first wife Musha, he had one daughter, Chaya (who married Gordon).

His second wife was Chaya-Musel Rabinowitz, and they had ten children:

Yitzchak-Avraham, Seryl, Feige, Lipa-Leibke (Lipman), Sarah-Sonia, Hanna-Nyura, Reizl-Roza, Batya-Bathka, Zalmen-Zamke, and Zelda-Zoyka.


Death Certificate
Sarah-Beile Charit, daughter of Bertchik Friedman and Chaya-Mina (nee Katz)


Sarah-Beile was married to her cousin Zalmen Charit, the son of Yaacov Charit-Katz.

She died on 11th Tevet 5682 (1922), at age of 56, in Abel (Obelai)

(YIVO, Obelai Records, No. 3678)


The family branches interweave again and again:

Yehuda Friedman's son, Zalmen-Zamke, married Rivka Orlin (the granddaughter of Sore-Beile Chatzkel [Katz]).

Yehuda Friedman's daughter, Reizl-Roza, married Yitzchak Charit-Katz, the son of Zalmen Charit (son of Yaacov Charit-Katz).

Yehuda Friedman's daughter, Sarah-Sonia married Avraham Charit (Yitzchak Charit-Katz's brother).

Abba (Abie) Friedman, the son of Tzipe and Shlomo Friedman (son of Bertchik and Chaya-Mine [Katz]) married his relative Lily Orlin, the daughter of Teibl [Berman] and Zalmen-Moshe Orlin (grandson of Sore-Beile Chatzkel [Katz]).

Sheine-Freidl (Sonia) Orlin, Zalmen-Moshe's sister, married Yona Berman, the brother of her sister-in-law Teibl Orlin [Berman].

Meir Charit (son of Yaacov Charit-Katz) and Riva-Leah [Chatzkel] had four children: Elka, Zelda, Ida-Itale, and Yaacov-Yankale, the only survivor.


Yaacov, son of Meir Charit and his cousin Sonia,
daughter of Chatzkel Charit-Katz
(son of Yaacov Charit-Katz)


Yaacov Charit: In the photo I am wearing my student's suit that my dear aunt, Rivka Levin, daughter of Yaacov Charit-Katz, made for me. Her daughter Hanka (Gerstein) is in Israel.


The families attended the housewarming in Podzelva (Zelva):

On the right, from top to bottom, R-L: Shtokol Tzvi (Hirshl-Leib), Aberman Dov.
Baron Shimon, Wolfson Shifra and Avraham, Shtokol Zelda, Baron Yaacov – holding
Berale Charit. Charit Rechl, Borgon Malka and Levik, Charit Menachem (in the middle).

On the left, from top to bottom: Roitenberg Shmuel, Wolfson Moshe and Chaya, Zarembe Reizl,
Weiner Dov (Berale), Zarembe Mira (in white dress), Meilis Rashel, Roitenberg Rivka,
Meilis Menucha, Baron Henia, Zarembe Ali, Rabinowitz Ali, Levin Toibe (Yonina),
above her the Rabbi's wife; Levin Sara-Lea (light dress), Charit Musel (dark dress).

In the front, the children, L-R: Zarembe Yosef, Wolfson Zlatka, Roitenberg, Charit Bat-Sheva,
Roitenberg Luba. Above them, the girls Zarembe and Roitenberg Etka (extreme right).

Of them all, only Menahem Charit (Afula) and Mira Zarembe (Jerusalem) survived.
The rest perished in the Holocaust, in Podzelva

Many of the family members perished in the Holocaust. Only a few immigrated to Eretz Yisrael.


  1. Abtchik was known by the name Abba-Abtchik Shapiro; and his brother Bertchik was known by the name Berl-Bertchik Friedman. Return

  2. Shmuel-Chatzkel Katz (son of Moshe Katz and Henne-Zelde) was a widower of his two wives: (1) Rivka Davidov and (2) Sarah Baskin.

    Michael-Moshe Katz, son of Yehuda Katz and grandson of Shmuel-Chatzkel Katz and Rivka [Davidov], lives in Belgium. Return


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