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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)




Translated by Sara Mages

Dotnuva 22 November, 1939

To Freida and Avraham lots of blessings!

Today we received your letter, it brings us great pleasure and we thank God that all is well with you.

We almost forgot Moshe's wedding. They still work in Raseiniai even though they receive a very small salary because, in a rude expression, the high school is standing on “chicken legs.” They are looking for a second job, but who knows if they will be able to get it. Hebrew teachers, who also understand Lithuanian, are needed in the Vilna district, but right now it's not easy to settle there because of the difficult situation.

We receive frequent letters from our relatives in Vilna, and we also sent them two food packages in the mail. We've already received an answer about the packages from Laibe Gutterman and Motel Bued. Uncle Nathan feels pretty good. Father will visit them when the situation improves there. Here everything is the same.

We were very happy with the news that you are preparing documents for us even though the American consulate doesn't give visas right now. They only give visas to those who have immigration visas from before.

Right now the trade dwindled on all sides, but we still travel a bit. The three Lithuanian ships - Kovna, Panevëþys and Lida - sunk when they brought goods from England. At the moment we have a shortage of kerosene. We don't get it for money, it is arranged with cards. Each family gets one and a half liter per month, and it's also difficult to get that.

It's good that we have a small barrel of ? from before. A lamp of 15 is a great luxury here, but we've gotten used to that too. Thank God all of us are fine. Mother, father and Miriam are sending their regards.


Unfortunately, my letter fell on the floor and got a little dirty, forgive me.

Hello my dear!

How are you my dear? Freida, why do you write so little about yourself? You work, so how do you also manage the housework? For example, did you already get furniture, clothing, etc. for yourself? After all, it's very important. I think that you, Freida, already understand how to manage.

Our Miriam [Miriam Elkind, Moshe's wife] thinks that you manage very well. When I meet her I ask all the details about you. Miriam says that there was probably great love between you and me. Apparently, it is so. [A note from Danny - Miriam Elkind visited Freida and Avraham in New-York in July 1938 before she and Moshe decided to get married. They probably got married in October 1939].

Well, enough, Pessie is hurrying to the post office. Indeed, it is not early. We have no news, everyone is healthy. There was already some noise and chaos and the public is waiting for the “friends” [A note from Danny - probably the Jewish resistance organization], because of the recent terrible anti-Semitic feelings. As you know, the hooligans want to take advantage of the situation. Recently I got to see how they taunt and humiliate Jews in the streets of Kovna. What can we do, we, thank God, are already used to it.

Well my dear, be healthy and strong,


Eta Cohen is sending you a warm greeting


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