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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

Estimated date - 24 April, 1938  

My beloved Freida and Avraham,

I've just finished writing a letter to the girls in Israel and thought to myself that we also owe you a letter, and as you can see, we're unable to repay the debts of letters.

What's new with you? How was your Passover? I was in Kovna for the last days of the holiday of Passover and had a pretty good time. I drove away some of the bleakness of the small town from my head. I visited the theatre, cinema, lectures, and also went to visit relatives.

Freida! I visited Avraham Katz. They really greeted me very well and were happy to see me. I also met Chaya there, and they were very interested to know about you and Avraham. I told them about you in accurate details. Chaya inquired about you and your husband more than the others. Chaya says that she would never get married because she absolutely can't adapt herself to other people. In regard to David [David Avraham – Shlomo's brother], she says that he feels pretty good, of course, his health depends on the times, sometimes better and sometimes worse, but for his years, it's still not too bad.

Chaya asked me to ask you to write them. I promised her that I would give you her request. Freida, write them a letter if you have the time. Chaya asked me to travel to Yanova with them, and I postponed my trip for another time.

I got a present from Katz, an umbrella. It would be useful for me. It seems that Katz is doing a pretty good business. You probably remember how he used to say - “A business has to knock,” and apparently, it knocks very well and functions properly. Katz told me that the World's Fair will take place New York in 1939, and many will be able to travel. By the way, I knew the news without him, after all, we read some sort of a newspaper and we know what happens in the world. Katz says that he'll travel to the exhibition with his umbrellas. I suggested to him that I'll go as a saleswoman, but he isn't interested. He says that I should travel as a tourist because I have a sister and a brother-in-law in America. So, what do you say about to that? But, there is still a little time to think about it.

We don't have any news, it's still cool and we continue to heat the stoves. Mother is already planning to plow the garden and plant potatoes, but the potatoes can still be in danger and freeze. The berries are blooming and growing from day to day. We prepared the flower garden as well, and it's already very beautiful around the house.

Moshe probably wrote you when he was here for Passover. Moshe looks good. He'll come home soon for a vacation.

When are you going to be let out of school? And where are you going to spend your free time? After all, you need to relax a little and gather new strength for the new school year.

Well, I have to finish because there's nothing to write about.

Be healthy and strong, and write long letters.


Yes Freida, you asked for the rabbi's address, and this is the address:

Poztova 7

Rabbi J. Rubinstein


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