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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

  Tuesday, 11.5.37

My beloved loyal Freida!

It's been a long time since we wrote you a letter, it's just because there's no news here. By the way, we get so involved in our problems, and we don't notice how time passes.

Today a young woman came to visit Fruma Marcus, she's her relative. She came from America (Brooklyn), and she's going back in a month. She lived in Brooklyn for 15 years, and a few months ago she traveled to Israel. She stayed there for a few months and worked in fruit-picking, she has friends there. After that, she came to Lita. Her father lives in Kovna (he isn't very rich). Now, as we say, she is getting married in Kovna to a decent man, and she's giving him a dowry, America, because she's an American citizen and she has the right to do so.

We invited her to visit us, and she did. She promised to give you a verbal greeting. Please write us immediately. We would like to send you something, but we don't know what you need. Leah must have written you from Israel, she is in Israel for more than two weeks, and I wish her a good fortune. She had a very good trip and she's healthy and happy.

Your father,
Thank God all of us are healthy.

Beloved Freidale,

Today, a young woman, who will travel to America in a month or so, came to visit us. You'll probably meet her to receive our greetings. She looks like a friendly person. We really wanted to send you something with her, but we have no idea what to send. Please write us immediately about that.

We received Leah's letter from Haifa. Reizale came to the ship to see her. The joy was great. She writes us that Reizale looks almost the same as she looked in Lita, but she's very brown from the sun. She didn't write more details.

Be well and strong.
Yours, Pessie

My beloved loyal daughter Freida,

We received your letter together with a letter from Leah. It was on May 6th. We were very happy that Leah is staying with Reizale. Out of a lot of joy Reizale didn't write, and Leah wrote a short letter. We're waiting to receive a letter from them in the next few days.

Write us what you need from Lita, and we will send it to you. Ask Mina, Sander, or Fishel if they know the aunts of the girl who is traveling to America. They are from Kovna and they live on the Green Mountain. Also, the children of our cousin, Leah Epstein, are their friends. She didn't find happiness in America, but still, she's traveling back. We have the usual news, thanks God we work hard. We're currently doing renovations, painting the beams in the restaurant. The street was also taken care of, and trees were planted at the curb.

What's new my beloved daughter? How do you feel? Do you have a job right now? How do you spend your time?

You know Freidale what I must write you? I spoke to Fruma Marcus about the money that we owe her. She said that she wants you to give the money to Chaya Reizil Marx, because Rabbi Shmuel wrote something for her children. She says that there's no hurry. We'll write you when we get the money, and you'll send it to her to Baltimore, but don't tell it to anyone.

I hope that you received a letter from the children in Eretz-Yisrael. We didn't receive your packages, you must look for them in the post office and maybe you'll find them. Be well. Write me long letters.

Wishing you,
Your mother

Cordial greeting to your uncle and to our friends


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