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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

Dotnuva 25 Sep 1936
My dear Freidale!

It is very difficult for me to start writing. My heart is aching, my head is spinning. Who could have thought that our beloved aunt is no longer among the living, it is hard to believe that such a person has been taken from us forever. My lovely Freidale, I understand what you went through. You were left alone and lonely in the big city. Take good care of yourself, eat and sleep, but don't cry because nothing is going to help. I am very worried about your health.

How do you feel after the great tragedy? Comfort our old uncle in his grief - our difficult grief. I read your letter and cried a lot over it. Freidale write us about the disaster in details. What did our aunt say before she died? What did the doctors find after her death? Was it a strong heart attack without a spark, write us about everything because we want to know, maybe it will ease the pain. We know very well what our aunt was for us. She helped us a lot and wanted to do more. I think that our uncle also knows how much our aunt loved you, and he will keep her will and command and make sure that you don't miss anything.

Write us, is our uncle is going to the factory? Who is taking care of the house? I guess that you lost weight over time. Freidale take care of yourself, stop mourning because we can't go against the law of nature. So is life. Mother doesn't know about the tragedy. Don't write her yet. Would it help if she knew? Mother is feeling good. She is sleeping better than before. We bought very good pears and mother and father are eating them. We also have good apples (this year the fruit is very cheap).Mother will also write you, I don't know if I should add her letter or not. Freidale, I am asking you to be strong, take care of our uncle, eat and take walks ,but don't cry so much because it's bad for your health

I thought about writing a lot but the pen doesn't let me. It is hard to write because it weighs on the heart. We received a postcard from Shoshannale. The situation in Israel is getting better. Leah and Moshe don't know anything yet. Freidale, write us immediately but only the truth. How do you feel? Maybe you need to see a doctor. How do you sleep at night? Is Sofia staying with you? I kiss you many times. I'm upset that none of us is there with you. We need to have hope and we shouldn't despair, maybe one day all of us will live together. Your sister who is worried about your health.




I think you can show the letter that I'm writing to you to Rabbi Margalit, to our relatives, and to Mr. Yosef Pichol your uncle's partner, so it will be easier for you to talk to them. Write me if you think that your uncle should bring his foster child Sap to his home or not, and what will happen to the money that your aunt, May she rest in peace, had in the bank under her name. Will it be given to the states or to your uncle?

Your father.

Your mother still doesn't know about the tragedy that happened to us. Therefore, if you want to write something that your mother shouldn't know, send it to Rabbi Koshelevski's address and write the sign D.S. on it. Don't write to R. S. Markus, he is seriously ill and for that reason he isn't at home.


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