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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)


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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Kovno 25 February 1936
Dear Freida, Shalom,

I am often asked “What is Shulamit writing, when did you receive a letter?”

I am embarrassed to answer “she does not write” – on the other hand we really do want to know how everything is. Thank God, Saturday I received a letter, thank you so much. The world is like a turning wheel – a year ago we sat together, we talked and went for pleasant walks together, we thought about making Aliya and living together in Eretz Israel ….. today who can have hope of even seeing you? But the stars do move in circles, so we must hope that at some point we will meet.

Who knows what a new day will bring? I am just upset that you write so little about yourself, what is going on and what you are doing. What is your work? You promised to send pictures, I am sure you took pictures of yourself.

You asked me to write about myself. The situation is changing daily and there is really nothing new to write about. In fact it is changing for the worse, and concerning our movement we cannot be optimistic at all. The reason is an economic one, but also the diminishing number of members that join our movement. Two weeks ago we had a council meeting, but there are very few people who can give us advice.

I was one of the delegates, and the main decisions were: Aliya will be allowed only after two years of (agricultural) training; the money competition will cease. Five persons were approved for Aliya, and two more will probably be approved. The five are: Yonina Schowitz, Chaia Orlyanski, Sheina Kikuyin, Kibertzki and Elboim. We have formed a “threesome” lately, I, Teiba'le and Rocha'le Kowalski. We slept in the same bed and we had time to talk about all matters concerning the “kibbutz” and we managed to fill-in each other on the news. But this threesome will have to part soon. I am glad that Teiba'le is going on aliya to Eretz Israel, I hope she will find happiness there. Next time I will give you the details.

Now I would like to thank you very much, especially in the name of Mother and sister, for the effort you made to find my aunt. I hope that you will see her soon and I trust you will know what to say to her. Maybe this will be a comfort for my poor mother, whose troubles come mostly….. from me.

I am now working at my third job in a short time. I had a job for one month in a factory and I earned 50 Lit. Then I was three weeks without work, after that I got a temporary job at Olimpertz in Kontura and now I am back to my old job on the third floor an I am attaching tags to shirts and pants… you can understand that there is no fulfillment in this job, nor do I enjoy the life after work – but I hope the situation will soon change. If I will succeed and go on aliya I will be glad; if not, I shall be forever unhappy…. This is how I see things now.

I gave your regards to Dvora Segal, she thanks you. I enclose in this letter a photo of my niece, I am sure you want to see her.

I delivered the letter to Lea the day I received it and I think you can write to the same address.

I am closing this letter with a request – please write in detail all about yourself. Also, please send a picture/pictures.

Ethe'le, Teiba'le and the other friends send you regards. Teiba'le will write to you directly.

Best regards and shalom,

Yours, Dvora

P.S. When you visit my aunt please show her the photos of myself and of Dina'le. Thank you in advance for that visit.


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