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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)


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Translated by Sara Mages

Edited by Yocheved Klausner

  9 January, 1936
Hello my dear Freidale,

It has been two weeks since I wrote you, but it seems that more time had passed. I miss talking to you. We received your letters this Friday and last Friday, from the ship and from your place. I'm fortunate to be the first to read them. Your letters bring a lot of happiness to our home. Without exaggeration, I read your first letter ten times since it was necessary to translate and explain the Hebrew to mother and aunt. We received your letter on Friday evening, and as you know, on Friday evening the hours are so long, the longest in the world. All of us stood by the stove and I said that I will go to the post office. Everyone was laughing at me, but I was not lazy and went. It was very difficult to walk because it was dark, dim, rainy, and a cold wind blew from the side of the Vylia River. When I came to the post office they asked me if the wind did not stop me, I told them that the wind carried me over. How great was my happiness (after this difficult walk) when Benwicz gave me a letter and I immediately recognized your handwriting. I read a little at the post office and later ran home with all the energy that I had in my body. I was not able to walk on the sidewalk because it was dark, so I walked in the middle of the street. I ran to the house shouting, there is a letter! But they did not want to believe me. It took ten days for this letter to arrive and it takes 15 days for your letters to arrive from New-York.

I sent Leah your first letter and also a letter from Shoshanna that we received on Thursday. Shoshanna wrote about the picture that we sent her and she says that we look good, except you. The whole letter is written about me, saying that I'm very stupid. Today I'm also writing a letter to Moshe and sending him your last letter. We found the gift that you sent us inside the letter. Thank you. How are you and how do you feel in your new place? Why are you writing that after only two days with our aunt you're already thinking about an occupation, meaning to get a job. For sure you didn't have enough time to rest. Write us about everything in detail, and we will also answer every week. How is the weather in America?

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Now it is necessary to write you of what is happening at home despite the fact that there is nothing new. On Thursday I was in Keidan to try on my coat. I now have only one occupation, as uncle Jashes says, to travel every week to that place. I bought myself three pieces of leather for a collar. Next Monday it will be ready. I will travel to Kovna for Hanukah and then I will write you about everything. Well, let's move on. Mother is making Leah a scarf from home made yak wool, it is almost ready. It will be very good for her. Even without the sleeves the coat fits me very well. I will repair the red dress and then I will be all dolled up. Miriam did not travel to Keidan. We received letters from our friends. Our aunt is getting ready to travel to Janova. She is sending you her regards. She is ordering me to ask you a lot of questions but I am lazy and tell her that you will write her. Write me about everything in Hebrew so the letters won't be censored. I am finishing because it is already nine and mother and Miriam also need to write. Greetings to aunt and uncle and the rest of the family.

I kiss you a thousand kisses.
You sister who loves you very much, Pessie


With God's help

Hello my darling Freidale!

Mother and Pessie already wrote you a letter yesterday but since they were not fast enough they missed the mail, so I will also write a few words. I have nothing to write about but it is necessary to write. Zelda went to Kovna [Kaunas] today, she is getting ready for her journey. She is traveling as a tourist. She needs to deposit 10 Pounds at the Consulate, and after that she will need money for a visa. But now there is another problem, it is forbidden to withdraw money, so she is having a few difficulties. But this is nothing since she has someone to rely on. Eili is very interested in her and helping her with everything.

She is going to leave anyway, so this is a small problem for her. She will find a good home. It looks like Eili is living very well and Zelda will certainly get a good job. She has a lot of protekzia [favoritism], you know the meaning of protekzia. If Reizale had protekzia she also would not have to work in a job not to her liking. But still, we should be happy that she left because over there it is possible to hope for a future, here, we don't have a chance.

I am going to cut my writing short so I won't miss the mail. There is nothing new at home, and if we were healthy we would have nothing to be angry about. I always told Pessie that she can't leave her rheumatism untreated. We were always negligent at that, we didn't look, this is the worst and now we need to see what we can do. Be healthy and strong, Yours Miriam.

(On the side of the page) Our aunt left today.
(In the margin) Freida, send us a picture if you have one and write in details about everything.


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