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Dear                                                 ,

JewishGen, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to researching, preserving, and making available over the Internet the vanished cultural heritage left by our ancestors and family in Europe. We are writing to ask permission to publish a translation of   {insert name of book}   and to make it available to English-speaking readers via the Internet and/or to distribute it in another manner consistent with this goal. We are not asking to sell copies of the book, either in translation or in its original form, for any profit. We only want to make it possible for Jews who cannot read the language(s) needed to read your book, to share in its important memories of our Jewish past.

We believe that our intentions are consistent with what yours must have been when your organization published the book; i.e., to keep alive the memories of our perished communities. Unfortunately, for millions of Jews today, your memories, and those of your landsmen, are unavailable due to the language gap. Please help us to share your history.

We promise to publish a notice at the top of the translation that all rights are reserved by the copyright holder. Should anyone ever contact us to request any usage of the material other than for private (non-commercial) use in compliance with applicable copyright law, we would refer the request directly to you. We are only asking for permission to make the translations available for use by JewishGen, Inc. or its designee, specifically including making the translation available on the JewishGen Web site at no charge. Should you or someone you know have access to the Internet, you may wish to visit our site at <> to see exactly what we’re doing.

I would appreciate your mailing two copies of this permission form with original signatures to me at the above address. I thank you in advance for your consideration.


JewishGen Yizkor Book Project Manager Lance Ackerfeld  


The undersigned grants permission to JewishGen, Inc. or its designees for the usage described above. The undersigned certifies that he/she is authorized to grant such permission.

Signed: _______________________________________________ Date: _________________________________

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