Devenishki Book; Memorial Book
(Dieveniškės, Lithuania)

54°12' / 25°37'

Translation of
Sefer Divenishok; yad vashem le-ayara yehudit

Edited by: David Shtokfish, Divenishok Societies in Israel and the US, 1977

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Our sincere appreciation to David Shtokfish, editor of the Devenishki book,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Sefer Divenishok; yad vashem le-ayara yehudit (Devenishki book; memorial book),
Editors: David Shtokfish, Israel, Divenishok Societies in Israel and the United States, 1977 (H,Y, 536 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Divenishok

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Hebrew translated by Sara Mages

Yiddish translated by Yocheved Klausner


Book images
The Jewish Town (Introduction to the Devenishki book) Shmuel Sharon 5
The Jewish Town (Introduction to the Devenishki book) [Y] Shmuel Sharon 8
A. The Development of the Town   15
Devenishki - From The Founding Binyamin Dubinski 17
Those days are saved in my memory Yakov Bloch 28
Under Confinement With Russians, Poles, and Germans Eliohu Wiener 36
My Town and My Family Orit Kaplan 41
Varte Meir Yosef Itzkovitz 45
Divenishok: A Charming Town Dr. Menachem Weisenfeld 47
I Treated Devenishok and Its People With Fondness Shlomo Levine 50
I Bonded With Devenishok Frume Kaplan 52
The social and political life Sheraga Blacher 55
Institutions and Organizations in Divenishok Avraham Abir (Rudnik) 62
Maccabi HaTzair[1] Natan Kaplan 70
My Path to Betar[2] Meir Yosef Itzkovitsh 72
Zionist and Cultural activities Avraham Aloni 81
The Hebrew school in Devenishok Shmuel Dubkin 85
Memories of the “Chalutz” Society[3] Shalom Rosenblum 87
The Revival Period in Divenishok Dov Ben Shalom (Popisko) 90
HeHalutz[3] organization in our town Eliyahu Nataneli (Itzkovitz) 92
Trivia from our town Moshe Mintz 97
The Torah Reading Was Stopped Eliahu Itskovtish (Itzkovitz) 100
In the service of the Jewish homeland Natan Ben Mordechai and Hasia Kaplan 101
Memories from two World Wars Arye Olkenitzki 105
The youth was imbued with Zionist consciousness Ester Gordon 107
The theater in our town Binyamin Dubinski 108
Revolutionary activity against the Czar D. Binyamin 111
With love and nostalgia Chaya Garbi (Chaya Broines) 115
The mitzvah of “Linat Zedek”[4] Miriam Herman 118
From Devenishki to Eretz-Yisrael Henya Harari 119
How I arrived to Israel Dvora Rachli 121
My contribution to the building of the country Elimelech Rudnik 123
B. The Holocaust and Fighting 127
We will not forget you! Yakov Bloch 129
Gloom fell on the town Teiva Griner 131
In the ghettos and in the forests with the partisans Tzvi Novoplinski 136
In the claws of the Nazi animal Kalman Kretchmer 162
I fought the Germens with the partisans Lusia Rubin 165
In the battle against the Nazi enemy Zelig Rugul 169
A partisan's story Eliyahu Blacher 175
Under the German occupation Sara Hinda Movshovich 186
The forest was our home…. Sholem Bronshtaynn 190
I was left lonely and isolated Shulamit Fox 194
From a partisan's squadron– to a Palmach[5] brigade Michael Dubinski 200
I'm the only one left from my family Yeshayahu Wolfowitz 215
Where are all of them? Where?.... Tzvi (Hirshel) Kryzovski 217
During the days of suffering and hardship Tzvi Ahuvy 219
The Amputee of Divenishok Meir Yosef Itzkowitz 225
Our loved ones did not go like sheep to the slaughter Meir Ben Natan (Itzkovitz) 228
The story of an 11 year old boy Pinchas Lipkunski 240
I got to see the picture of the people I love Nili Itzkovitz 246
C. Images   249
My father the Great Rabbi R' Yosef Rudnik, May the memory of the righteous be of a blessing Avraham Abir (Rudnik) 251
In memory of the Genius Rabbi Yosef Rudnik, May the memory of the righteous be of a blessing Sheraga Blacher 259
Rabbi Yisrael Movshovitsh Yosef Movshovitsh 259
My Father's House Shmuel Sharon 262
Ben–Zion Schneider Avraham Aloni 266
The Zionist Activist Yudel Satkolshtsik Avraham Aloni 266
Eulogy for my father Of blessed memory Meir Yosef Itzkovitz 267
About my father and my family Shulamit Fox 271
Dov Zandman (“Memorial” Book) 272
Dov of Blessed Memory Rivke Zandman 273
Reb Moshe Ben Zion Chasman   274
The Daughters Tell About Their Father Sarah Itskovitsh and Grunye Bronshtayn 276
HaRav Ben–Zion Khasman Eliahu Netaneli (Itskovitsh) 278
Sarah Disha Horvits: A Righteous Woman Henye Harari 278
Hirshl Krizovski Shlomo Gordon 279
Tzvi (Hirshl) Krizovski Khaye Rivke and Menukha Krizovski 280
My father Moshe – engaged in public needs Eliyahu Blacher 282
My father and my grandfather loved to work in the land Yosef Kaplan 283
In memory of my father Leyb Dubin, May He Rest in Peace Rachel Zuvitshki (Dubin) 284
Mordechai Blyakher ז”ל Moshe Mintz 285
My family Kheyne Sutskever 286
On Those Who Escaped to Soviet Russia Rivke Krizovski 287
In Memory of Our Mother Shoshana (Reyzl) Ben–Dov Amnon and Yaffa 287
About A Jewish Family Dina Lebizuvski 288
R' Leyb Aharon Engle זצ”ל Eliyahu Netaneli (Itskovitsh) 288
Eliahu Chaim Shkolnik Eliyahu Nataneli (Itzkovitz) 290
One of the Ancient Families Esther Ala (Blyakher) 290
My Husband Yosef Levine: A Multifaceted Man Yehudit Levin 291
Tsvi Rogol Shulamit Fuchs (Rogol) 292
About My Parents and Grandfather Shlomo Gordon 293
Yehuda Satkoltshtsik ז”ל Shlomo Aviel 296
My Father Provided Much Aid to Jews Yehuda Katz 296
Our Mother Zipporah (Rashke) of the Levine Family Shoshana Yudenfreund 297
In memory of Yita Blacher Of blessed memory Eliyahu Nataneli (Itzkovitz) and Bella Ashman (Itzkovitz) 299
About My Husband and Our Family Ida Kaplan 300
In memory of my parents, brother, sister and family Bella Ashman 300
A granddaughter and daughters are telling Sara Hinda Movshovich 305
My mother immigrated to Israel in 1922 Sara Kaplan 305
A Family of Blacksmiths Zalmen Bronshtayn 306
A typical Jewish home Zipora Yudenfreind (Levin) 308
Lines to the image of my friend Avraham Kretzmer Avraham Aloni 308
Chane Hanan Ushiski 309
About the Family of Tsvi Schmidt (Hershl the Stableman) Zalmen Dan Kushtulski 311
Our mother Chine daughter of Avraham Eliezer and Miriam Levin Eliyahu Nataneli 311
They Were So Binyamin Dubinski 312
My grandfather R' Yitzchak (Itshe) Binyamin Rudnik, (Of Blessed Memory) Yakov Blokh 349
The “Tel-Hainik” M.Y. Itzkovitz Chaim Lazar 350
Yiddish Section
1. The Town and its Development
Dieveniskes [Divenishok] - The History of a Town Binyamin Dubinski 363
The Shtetele Divenishok Meir Yoshke Nathan's (Itzkowitz) 378
A Jewish Life that is No More… Motke (Moshe Leyzer's) Kartshmer 394
Social and Political Life Shraga Blyakher 401
Zionist and Cultural Activity Avraham Aloni 410
How I Remember You, Divenishok... Khanan Levkovitsh 417
Those Days Are Well Remembered Yakov Bloch 419
On Communal Life Lolik Sutskever 429
The “Bees” and “Wielbig” Organizations [6] Khaye-Rivke Krizovski 437
The Torah Reading was Stopped … Eliahu Itskovitsh (Netaneli) 439
Jewish “Parnoses” [Livelihoods] in Divenishok   440
2. Destruction and Bravery   443
All That Remains is a Name Solomon Levine 447
The Murder of the Divenishok Jews in Voronova   447
The One-Handed Man from Divenishok Meir Yosef Itzkowitz 450
A Dream … Meir Yosef Itzkowitz 454
3. Figures   457
The Rabbi and Great Scholar Yosef Rudnik, may his memory be for a blessing   459
Baron Aaron-Leyb   459
Reb Moshe Ben-Zion Hasman, may his memory be for a blessing   460
Krizovski, Aaron Yakov–– of blessed memory   463
Two poems by Aaron Yakov Krizovski   463
The Poet Aaron Krizovski Menukha Peykova (Krizovski) 464
Our Poet A. Y. Krizovski Binyamin Dubinski 465
Shtetelech (Poem) Shloyme Kazjimirovski 468
One Cannot Forget Them Sore-Teybke & Nahum Levine 468
My Shtetl, Home, and Family Moshe & Perke Levine-Kartshmer 469
In Memory of My Father, My Mother, and My Family Sore-Toyve Gershovitsh-Levi 470
In Memory of My Father Sore Shklar 471
Horav Khaim Yehudah Horvits Z”L Nisan Gordon 472
4. Landsmanshaftn   477
Our Landsmanshaft in Israel Khaya Garbe 479
American Relief Creates the gmiles khesed Fund[7] Fund in Israel Tsvi Ahuvi (Lib) 481
An Appeal From Former Divenishok Residents in the Land of Israel to their Townspeople in America[8] (A Document) 483
Landsman in Israel Tells About the Landsmanshaft in America Yakov Bloch 485
The 70th Anniversary of the Divenishok Relief in America Binyamin Dubinski 503
Report from the Divenishok Ladies Auxiliary Nellie Brown 509
Organization of Former Divenishok Residents in Israel Tsvi Ahuvi (Lib) 512
List of martyrs   519

  1. “Maccabi Tzair” – Junior (young) Maccabi – a youth sport movement that was formed in Germany in 1926, besides the adult Maccabi movement. Return
  2. “Beitar” - the initials of Brit Yosef Trumpeldor- The Covenant of Joseph Trumpeldor, the educational youth movement of the Revisionist Zionist Organization. Return
  3. “HeHalutz” – [The Pioneer] was an association of Jewish youth whose aim was to train its members to settle in the land of Israel. Return
  4. Linat Zedek - “paupers' hostel” - a society that provided overnight lodgings for poor travelers. Return
  5. Palmach – Hebrew acronym for Plugot Machatz - strike force. Return
  6. Bien was a youth organization, communist oriented, formally acting as a Scouts movement. Wielbig was the parallel adults organization. Return
  7. ”Gmilut Chesed” = Loans without interest. Return
  8. Appeal from the Former Divenishok Residents in Israel to the Divenishok Residents in America. Return

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