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Family Name Given Name Remarks


Labin Leib the son-in-law of Reb Naftalchi
  Rikel Horowitz his wife
  Moshe their son
Laob Moshe  
  Chana his wife
  Shmuel their son
  Yehoshua their son
  Chava their daughter
Laob   family from the old city
Lauterstein Yehoshua  
  Beila his wife
  Avraham their son
  Yocheved their daughter
Langer Baruch  
  Esther (nee Kanner) his wife
  Tzipora their daughter
  Gizla their daughter
Lauterhaus Beila (nee Precker) his wife
Lauterhaus Avraham the son of Moshe and his family
Landau Gershon and his family
Last Shmuel  
  Shimon his son
Laufbahn Elyakim (Getzel)  
  Rachel his wife
  Pinchas, Dr. their son
  Israel their son
Laufbahn Mordechai Yoel and his wife
  Yehuda their son
  Lea their daughter
  Yehudit their daughter
Lustman Tzipora the daughter of Moshe Asher Padauer
Lustgarten Yehoshua  
  Dvora his wife
  Beila their daughter
  Nachum their son
  Itta their daughter
  Sala their daughter
Libenheimer Leib  
  Idzshe his wife
  Sidshe their daughter and her family
  Paula their daughter and her family
  Chaika their daughter and her family
  Gusta their daughter and her husband
  Shifra their daughter
  Aaron their son
  Roza his wife

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Licht Nachman his wife
  Chava their daughter
  Esther their daughter
  Hinda their daughter
  Baruch their son
Lichter Berl  
Lichter Rivka  
Lilienfeld Rachel  
  Eizik her son
  Israel Mendel her son
  Asher her son
  Shifra her daughter
  Aaron her son
Lishe Meshulam (Zishe)  
  Yocheved his wife
  Yeshaya David their son and his family
  Yaakov their son
  Shmuel Nachum their son
  Mina their daughter
  Duba their daughter
  Chaya their daughter
Lishe Malka her husband and their children
Lishe Dreizel  
Lishe Wolf  
  Feiga his wife
  Serl their daughter
  Liba their daughter
  Dache their daughter
  Rachel their daughter
  Shalom their son
  Israel their son
Lishe Reizel (nee Diller)  
  Yocheved her daughter
  Shalom her son
  Shaul Eliezer her son
Lishner Yitzchak  
  Itta (nee Kanner) his wife
Lederberg Maan and his family
Lezer Pinchas  
  Tzila (nee Kehat) his wife
  Yechiel their son
Lempel Shlomo  
  Feiga his daughter
Lefler Hinda  
Lefler Chaim  


Mahler Chaim the watchmaker
  Rivka his wife
Mahler Rachel married name Auerbuch  
  Chaim Auerbuch her husband
  Fela Auerbuch their daughter
Mahler Esther the daughter of Chaim
Mahler Yehuda the son of Chaim
Mahler Dina the daughter of Chaim
Mahler Malka  
  Hersh her son
Mahler Shmuel her son
Mahler Salka her daughter
Mahler Avraham his wife and their children
Mahler Avraham and his family
Mahler Chaim  
Mahler Reuven the son of Chaim
  Rozsha his wife
  Hinda their daughter
  Chaika their daughter
  Dushka their daughter
  David Dr. their son
  Chanina the son of Chaim
  Tiltshe his wife
  Chaya their daughter
  Sala their daughter
  Chava their daughter
  Rachel their daughter
Mahler Israel Dr. the son of Chaim
  Hinda (nee Rosenberg) his wife
Mazel Wolf his wife and their children
Mazel Israel and his wife
Meir David and his wife, his brothers
Manderer Mendel  
  Henia (nee Farster) his wife
  Henek their son
  Avraham their son
Mantel Zisman  
Millet Avraham Dr.  
  Gusta his wife
  Zigmond their son
  Leon their son
Miller Pesach and his wife and children
Mintz Michael  
  Beila his wife
  Fela their daughter
  Ronia their daughter
  Shmuel their son
Metzger Moshe  
  Malka his wife
Metzger Feivel the son of Moshe
Metzger Yitzchak and his wife


Natt Michel  
Natt Pinia  
Natt Bashe her husband Eliahu
  Lea their daughter
Natt Reizsha Baruch her husband
  Yehuda Leib her son
Natt Nachman  
  Regina his wife
Nusbaum Yitzchak  
  Mala his wife
  Wolf his son
  Sheindel their daughter
Neimark Shlomo  
  Taube his wife
Neishtat Alter  
  Bluma his wife
  Nachum their son and his family
  Yitzchak their son and his family
Nichthauser Krola  
Nichthauser Kuba  

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Salomon Leibish  
  Zelda (nee Eyal) his wife
Salomon Moshe  
  Bina his wife
  Yaakov Yehoshua their son
  Chava Mattel their daughter
  Yitzchak their son
  Miriam their daughter
Salpeter Paula (nee Bornstein)  
  Ziga her son
  Samuel Yechezkel
Samselik Hodes (nee Shneps)  
  Lea her daughter
Sandhaus Israel Dr.  
Sandhaus Recha (nee Grünspan) his wife
  Ruth their daughter
  Fredek their son
Sandhaus Chanoch  
  Minda his wife
  Shmuel their son
Sapir Yehoshua  
  Roza his wife
  Aaron and his wife
Socher (Rosenberg) Yehoshua  
  Gittel his wife
  Yaakov their son
  Israel their son
Sroka Zalman  
Sroka Esther his wife


Ebert Shmuel  
  Berta his wife
Etinger Rabbi Yitzchak  
Elster Leib  
  Itta his wife
  Shimon their son
  Sala their daughter
  Elster Bluma and her family
Elster Alter  
  Rachel his wife
Elster Akiva Leib  
  Esther his wife and their children
Elster Shalom and his wife and children
Elster Michael  
  Feiga (nee Green) his wife
Elster Avraham  
Epstein Israel Meir the son-in-law of Nathan Taub
  Chana his wife
Epstein Israel  
  Adla his wife
  Yitzchak their son
  Lusha their daughter
  Avraham their son
Erlich Yosef the son-in-law of Leib Leiner
  Basha his wife and their children


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