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Memorial book of Chortkov

List of Pictures

Map surrounding the city 10
Map of the center of Chortkov 11
Rabbi Meir Ha-Levi Steinberg 23
The first page of the register of the “Peule Tzedik” society 23
A section of the “Document of Privileges” granted to the Jews of Chortkov 32
A section of the “Document of Privileges” granted to the Jews of Chortkov 33
An ancient tombstone 34
View of the city at the end of the 19th century 34
A very old house in the “Vingnanka” quarter 35
A view of the city center before the First World War 37
General view of the “Vignanka” quarter 38
Historic certificated of the “Peule Tzedic” registry 39
City fortress 40
One of the old buildings in Chortkov 41
Old house in Chortkov, House of the barrel maker 42
The tombstone of Rabbi Reb Herschel 43
The tombstone over the grave of Rabbi Reb Herscheli 44
Study house of reb Hersheli 44
An old silver torah shield from the year 5570 (1810) 46
The great synagogue 47
Study house of the “Osei Chesed” society 49
House of Study of the Rebbe 56
A portion of the artistically carved ceiling of the house of study of the Rebbe 57
“The holy arc” of the Rebbe's house of study 59
Our admired teacher Reb David Moshe Friedman of Chortkov 63
Reb Israel Friedman of Chortkov 64
Reb Shlominue Friedman as a youth 66
“Jew with Torah” painting by Monah Katz 68
The old bridge 70
The new synagogue “Yad Harutzim” 73
Proclamation about the building of the study house of Rabbi Israel Meir Shapira 75
Craftsmen - At the laying of the cornerstone of the “Yad Harutzim” 77
Seal of the organization “Yad Harutzim” 79
Synagogue of Rabbi Israel Meir Shapira 80
Two concrete beams remain from the synagogue “Yad Harutzim” 81
The tombstone on the grave of Rabbi Israel Meir Sharpira 82
Dr. Aharon Kone-Schechter 83
The clock tower on the old “bazaar” 84
The theater building of the Polish “Sokol” society 85
Old wooden church connected to a legend of the expulsion of the Jews in the years 408 and 409 85
City council building 85
Pictures of the way of life in the synagogue by Meir Katz 86
The southern road of the market 87
The west side of the market with the “Brystol” Building 89
A stamped document of the Zionist Party 91
Chalutzim departure meeting at the end of the twenties 92
The action committee of the “Zionist Youth” in the winter of 5679 (1919) 94
The “Shomer “group form the year 1919 96
The “Shomer” in the year 1919: Dr. Simka Finkelman with the girls guidance group 97
“Ha Shomer ha Tzair” in the Thirties 99
Ha Shomer in the year 1920 100
Heads of the “Ha Shomer ha Tzair” groups in 1919 101
“Ha Shomer ha Tzair” 1926 outing 102
Stamp of “Ha Shomer ha Tzair “ 103
Jewish farmer around Chortkov 104
The “He Chalutz “group headed by Tzvi Madonk 105
The carpenter Ben Tzvi Waldman with Chalutz workmen in the yard of the carpentry shop 107
Departing group of the Zionist Youth movement of Chortkov 109
Stamp of the “Agudat Yisrael” Party 111
“Agudat Yisrael” youth 111
Young people's group of the Zionist Workers for the year 1922 114
Two stamps of the Zionist Workers 115
Member list and stamp of the “Hitachdut” (Union) party 116
“Ha Maochedet” (United) Party for the year 1934 117
Greetings from the President Yitchak Ben Tzvi 118
Meeting of the members of the “Poel Tzion” (Zionist Workers) with President Yitzchak Ben-Tzvi, 1929 119
Stamp of the “Freiheit” organization 120
The “Freiheit” group, 1929 121
The “Freiheit” and “Chalutz” groups 121
“Gordonia” Fitness Group of Chortkov 122
“Gordonia” Women's Group 122
Stamp of the Zionist Revisionist Pact 123
“Betar” cell for the year 1939 with Commander Asher Halad (Meizelman) 123
Dedication of Bet “Hatzahar” of Chortkov 124
The laying of the cornerstone of the new “Bet Ha'Am “ 124
“Agudat Israel Daughters” 1932 125
Group of community activists in public 125
“Bet Ha Am” wing of the Hebrew Library 128
Membership Meeting of the I. L. Peretz Association with writer Yoel Mastboim (in the center) 130
Committee of the I. L. Peretz Organization 131
A membership card and a stamp of the I. L. Peretz organization 132
The members journal of the Chortkov Music-Drama Club named after Ansky 136
Membership card of the “Hashmonai” sports club 141
Sports club “Hashmonai” Soccer section 141
The teacher Froust and the graduate group of the Hebrew School 142
Class “Zion” of the Hebrew School 143
Meeting of the cultural community activists with the Hebrew writer Alishva 144
Report card of the Hebrew school with the signature of the principal Proust and the teacher Arenstein 145
Stamp of “Tarbut” organization for the dissemination of the Hebrew language 146
Teachers of the “Bet Yaakov” School for the year 1930 147
Grade “Dalet” (4) of “Bet Yaakov” School 148
Girls of “Bet Yaakov “, a great majority killed in the holocaust 148
The Chazan Monish, his wife and grandson Eliyahu 149
Picture of Tzvi Orenstein 154
The committee and community activists of the Orphanage with the pupil group 156
Stamp of the orphanage 157
Managers of the charity (“Gimalut Chasidim“) fund 158
Two rows of tombstones that survived in the cemetery from the days of the War 160
An artistic tombstone from the year 1753 161
Tombstone on a grave of three Jews killed in the pogrom of 1648 161
An artistic tombstone from the year 1759 162
A tombstone from the year 1744 163
A tombstone from the year 1762 163
Structure of the ornamented letters on an old tombstone 164
A tombstone of a Rabbi from the year 1756 in the form of a medallion 164
Two tombstones that have survived in the old cemetery 165
The ruins of the “Ohel” of the “Admorim” 165
An empty field from the old cemetery without tombstone 165
A view of the old cemetery (the destruction in the distance) 165
Food served in a old persons residence 166
The busy cultural group at work preserving on old tombstone 167
Study instructions of “Chevrat Mishniyut” 172
Announcement from the “Shomer Shabbat” organization 173
Stamp of the merchants association 174
A Chortkover robe twister and his helper 175
“Aharele” – typical water carrier 176
Members of the clerk association and commercial works in 1937 179
The eastern road of the market place 180
The zionist youth organization “Gordonia” of Chortkov 185
Jewish villagers in the vicinity of Chortkov 186
Stamp of the rescue committee for betterment of Russian refugees 191
Israel Hoyzer 192
The tombstone on the grave of “the Shotek” 200
The first intelectuals in Chortkov 203
“Chalutz” group of Chortkov on their way to Israel 207
Hebrew Kindergarden of the Hebrew School in the thirties 215
A group of second year female Jewish students from the Chortkov “Gymnasia” before the Holocaust 217
Chalutzim “Chotveh Eitzim” (the Wood Cutter Pioneers) of Chortkov 218
Woman's Chalutz (pioneer) group of Chortkov at the time when they worked to pack eggs for export 218
The “Freiheit” (freedom) organization of Chortkov host Kibutz “Dror” in 1928 219
Kindergarten in Chortkov in the year 1935 220
Sections of trade publications of Czortkiver Jews (photo by Tzvi Cohen) 225
The German-Jewish writer native of Chortkov, Karl Emil Franzos 227
Rabbi of the City, Reb Yitzchak Landau 230
Picture of Reb Yehoshaia Frominger 231
Picture of Yoskah Goldberg 233
Picture of Yitzchak Shapira 238
Picture of David Frenkel 244
Confirmation certificate with the signatue of Kupferman, stamp of the Jewish National Fund Committee 244
Picture of Abush Trayster 244
Dr. Yishayahu Meir Ben (son of) Yakov Rappaport 246
Reb Eliezer (ritual slaughterer and examiner) 248
Reb Mordechai (ritual slaughterer and examiner) 249
Nachum Warman z”l 255
Tzvi Waldman 256
Shlomo Zohar 256
Dov Zaydenberg 257
Michael Trayster 258
Kamiel Lichtenholtz 259
Menachem Fogel 259
The Ghetto by Czortkever artist Levitzski 264
The road leading to the bathhouse in the period of the German conquest 267
The camp in Swiedowa 268
One of the blocks in the work camp in Swiedowa 268
A work camp in Yaglenitza 268
Deborah Dohal 271
The last letter of Deborah Dohal from camp Muchawka 271
One of the last letters to arrive in Israel from the Ghetto sent by Leib Meir Schaechter 272
A work certificate published by the Nazis for distribution amongst the Jews 273
Convention departing Chortkov in Wroclaw, Poland in 1949 277
A document of the soviet committee confirming that in a mass grave were found 120 people murdered by the Nazis 279
View of an open grave with 120 souls 280
Commendation certificate, which was given to Kurt Kelner, the murderer of the Jews of Chortkov, for his contribution to the extermination of the Jews 280
Rehabilitation of a brother grave of a few hundred Chortkover souls 290
An armband for doctors in the Ghetto 292
Mass grave flooded from the rain 294
“From characters of the Holocaust “, painting by Monah Katz 305
Transfer of bodies to the Israel grave after the liberation 306
Document stamped by the Judenrat of Chortkov 308
Document from the Gestapo with a permit for an “essential” Jew 309
Burned leftover cloths found near a grave 310
Yitzchak Sternshus 311
A memorial board on one of the mass graves of the “Action” of 14 of Alul 5702 (August 27th, 1942) 312
Mass grave on the way to Yaglienitza 314
A mass grave that was discovered through signs of a sinkage in the ground 314
Memorial plack set up over a grave of Chortkover residents killed by the Nazis 314
The plaza of the market center where the first “Action” took place in the ghetto 317
Zosia Nadler-Żmijewska 331
The “Delet-Ha Am” quarter that was used during the Nazi period as part of the Ghetto 331
Bet “Talmud Torah” – the lone surviving building from the ghetto 332
Surviving tombstones in the cemetery in Stari-Chortkov 332
Public faucet in Chortkov near the city hall 333
The drawing circle under the leadership of Yeshayahu Blonder at the swimming beach 333
Self-portrait of the artist, Shaye Blonder 334
Henyek Nusbaum 336
Mundek Nusbaum 337
Chana Greenspan 338
The last purim celebration of Chortkover children in the year 1939 by the “Jewish Intelligentsia club “ 343
The “Aron Kodesh” and table from the Chortkover Rebbe's court 345
Detail of the “Aron Kodesh“ 345
On the bank of the river Seret 346
Mrs. Uhryńska who gave refuge to two young women at her house during the Holocaust 347
Mrs. Anna Akseńczuk who gave refuge to 3 Jews 348
The Kotowicz family who during the Holocaust sheltered ten Jews in a bunker in their appartment 349
Nachmia Trayster 350
Abush Biterman 352
Aba Hafler 353
Simcha Nusbaum 354
A portion of the letter of Beinish Finkelman from the Majdanek Concentration Camp 354
Shyke Hus 355
Announcement of the valiant death of Shyke Hus at a suburb of Berlin 356
A portion of the last letter and a Picture of Zeev (Willie) Shapira 357
Ms. Rivka Yahav (Feingold) volunteer in the British Army 358
Ms. Shachar volunteer in the British army 358
Yisrael Dubovi fought in the ranks of the French army 358
Leon Batitzki 358
Yosef Schultz fought in the ranks of the Red Army 359
Natan Rutenshtreich, fought in the ranks of the Red Army, lives at this time in Western Europe 359
The platform of honorees at the meeting of former residents of Chortkov 360
At one of the conventions of the Chortkov émigrés 361
Reception at the home of Mr. I. Dobovi for guests from America 362
A group of illegal immigrants, former residents of Chortkov, in Italy on their way to Israel 362
Reception in Haifa for visitors from America by Chortkover landsman 362
Honoree platform at a memorial service 363
Chortkover landsleit in Israel at the annual memorial service “El Male Rachamim “ 364
Meeting of the former residents of Chortkov in the United States 369
Sol Shteckel 370
At the planting ceremony in the Martyrs Forest 371
Ceremony for the planting of a grove in the sacred forest for Chortkover martyrs 390
Memorial monument set up by the D. M. Friedman Society of New York 2e
Seal of the Jewish Community Council of Chortkov 9e
Authority of the Jewish Communty of Chortkov 10e
Seal of the Touring and Sightseeing Association of Chortkov 11e
A group of Halutzim in Chortkov in the early 20's engaged in learning carpentry in preparation to go to Eretz-Israel 12e
“Hitachduth” group at the gate of the destroyed palace of the Rabbi of Chortkov 13e

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