Busk, In Memory of Our Community

49058' / 24038'

Translation of
Sefer Busk; Le-zekher Ha-kehila She-harva

Edited by: Abraham Shayari

Published in Haifa, 1965: Busker Organization in Israel


Our sincere appreciation to Genia Hollander
for typing up the English text to facilitate its addition to this project


This is a translation from:
Sefer Busk; Le-zekher Ha-kehila She-harva:
Busk, In Memory of Our Community; ed. Abraham Shayari, Haifa, 1965; Busker Organization in Israel.

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Busk

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


A word from the Committee   7-8
A word from the Committee [Y]   9-10
Greetings from “Benei-Brit” in New-York   11-12
Foreword [H]   13-14
Foreword [Y]   15-16
From the Editors [Y]   16
History of Busk   17-80
History of Busk Avraham Shayari  
Zionist Busk    
History of Jewish Busk [Y] Nachman Blumenthal  
Two letters A. Shayari; Prof. Dov Sadan  
In Busk and surroundings [Y] Dov Sadan  
An exchange of letters    
Ma'ase Kdeira S.I. Agnon  
Two Pictures    
Rabbis and Writers   83-130
History of Busk rabbis in recent generations Rav Yakov Yitzhak Weissblum  
The poet of Busk (Koenigsberg) Avraham Shayari  
Voices from the Province [Y] Avraham Karavan  
David Koenigsberg (a wonderful poet) [Y] Mendel Singer  
Elazar Shmuel Barkon Avraham Shayari  
Two Pictures    
Elazar Barkon my friend Shimshon meltzer  
Avraham Zvi Vitlin A. Shayari  
From the pen of Vitlin    
Educational Institutions   133-148
The buds of revival Israel Baruch  
The Hebrew Public School A. Shayari  
With the youth and the Hebrew School in the twenties Israel Igra  
Halutzim (pioneering) movements in town A. Shayari  
Two Pictures    
Miscellaneous   151-183
Select leader of the Busk Community Dr. S. Koten A. Shayari  
Mourning the chosen few Avraham Brother-of-Yakov  
Nachum Holin, may God avenge his blood Avraham Shayari  
A true story [Y] Manes Padwa  
From a meeting with my uncle Aharon Samet Shimon Samet  
How I made Aliya to Eretz Israel in 1939 Meir Dror  
Six Pictures    
The Tarnopoler rabbi R'Yosele in Busk Zvi Horowitz  
Organization of former Busk residents in Israel Yeshayahu Karavan  
Two Pictures    
A public call Committee of former Busk residents  
Four Pictures    
Announcement on the establishment of the Association The Committee  
A Call from the Ladies Auxiliary    
Six Pictures    
Memories from my Father's town Busk [Y] Moshe Siegler  
Former Residents of Busk in New York   187-209
Introduction A. Shayari  
Establishment of Busker Benei Brit in New Yorh A. Friedman  
A Monument to the Holocaust victims    
Busk former residents in America [Y] Asher Padwa  
My activity in America [Y] Shamay Tziffer  
Shamay Tziffer, the man of action A. S.  
Selected Chapters    
Shamay Tziffer, as I know him [Y] Asher Padwa  
To my friends and Landsleit [Y] Shamay Tziffer  
Jubilee of Benei Brit of former residents of Busk A. Shayari  
The Holocaust   213-271
Episodes of the Holocaust - Introduction A. S.  
Beginning and End Avraham Shayari  
The Judenrat in the town Busk Maria Steinberg  
Binyamin Shapira Eyal's grandfather  
My experienes during the Nazi period [Y] Michal Babad  
Our children's last laugh [H and Y] Helen Keiman  
Moshe Zeiden's family Avraham Ben Menachem  
In memory of Shraga Feivish and Pesia Chari Ronen's grandfather  
A memorial to the Holyn Family Naftali Holyn  
The Schwadran Family [Y] Chana Richman-Schwadran  
How could that have been possible? [Y] Nachman Blumenthal  
Until the age of 22 a Christian, now he studies in a Yeshiva [Y] Menashe Ungar  
Busk during the years 1939-1941 Shmuel Tziffer  
My town Busk - poems Zvi Horowitz  
Y I Z K O R   275-284
An Eternal Candle    
Ah Eternal Candle - Elegy    
A memorial monument in New York    
Our beloved martyrs    
Names of the Martyrs (Necrology)   285-293
Articles in English and Polish   297-346
Preface A. Shayari V-VI
A History of the town of Busk A. Shayari VII-XIV
A Short Introduction to the Chapter A.Shayari XV
At the Foot of Sinai, Busk O. Clemenceau XV-XXVI
Dear Sisters, Brothers and American Natives of Busker Parents XXVII-XXVIII
Two letters XXIX-XXXII
Dr. Benjamin Fridman. N.Y. XXXIII-XXXIV
How I Survived Jacob Goldberg XXXIV-XXXVIII
Likwidacja ghetto w Busku Naftali Goldberg XLI-LIV


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