Original List of Jews from
Burghaun Killed in Holocaust


50°42' / 09°43'

Compiled by: Hans-Joachim Ruppel from various local records


Project Coordinator and Translator

Eva Florsheim

Our special thanks to Eva Floersheim, who asked Mr. Ruppel to donate his data to
JewishGen, and then created the spreadsheet and wrote the introduction.

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Burghaun is today a small town with about 3800 residents (including surrounding villages-Grossgemeinde Burghaun: 7000). It is situated a little north of Huenfeld, which again is a little north of Fulda in Hessen, Germany. Before World War Two 112 Jews lived in Burghaun, according to Where Once We Walked.

The local historian is Hans-Joachim Ruppel, whom I was fortunate to get to know around 12- 13 years ago. In addition to recording the local history of the Germans who live there today, this dedicated man has with great love recorded the history of the Jews who lived in Burghaun and in the surrounding villages (Rothenkirchen, Steinbach and Langenschwarz) before World War II. Today no Jews live in these villages.

Hans Joachim has shared all his Jewish material with me, xeroxing an incredible number of documents. When I (or others with roots in these areas) have visited Burghaun, he and his wife and daughter have generously helped us. For me he is a true ISH TZADIK – a righteous man.

One of Hans Joachim's projects has been to commemorate the Jews killed in Holocaust who were born or lived in these villages, using different sources:

1) The German Gedenkbuch
2) Information at the local Standesamt in Burghaun
3) Hessisches-Haupt-Staatsarchiv Wiesbaden (Registry of Synagogues)
This list has been donated to JewishGen, Inc. by Mr. Ruppel.

After receiving the list with 72 Holocaust victims from Hans-Joachim, I entered the information on an Excel spreadsheet.

Blessed be the memory of the Jews of Burghaun, Rothenkirchen, Steinbach and Langenschwarz who were killed in Holocaust.

May Their Souls Be Bound Up In the Knot of Life.

Eva Floersheim, Shadmot Dvorah, Israel
June 2001

ADLER   Hermann     Burghaun verschollen
ALEXANDER SPEIER Mera 23.1.1876 Burghaun Jessnitz  
BRAUNSCHWEIGER   Julius 22.8.1895 Burghaun Schlossstrasse 1, Burghaun Auschwitz
BRAUNSCHWEIGER   Daniel 1.7.1862 Steinbach Schlossstrasse 1, Burghaun Theresienstadt
BRAUNSCHWEIGER   Joseph 11.6.1900 Burghaun Schlossstrasse 1, Burghaun  
BRAUNSCHWEIGER BRAUNSCHWEIGER Fanny 11.8.1882 Burghaun Dimbachstrasse 13, Burghaun Auschwitz
BRAUNSCHWEIGER JAKOB Ernestine 7.5.1891 Breitenbach Bahnhofstrasse 12, Burghaun Minsk
BRAUNSCHWEIGER STERN Selma 29.03.1900 Frankershausen Schlossstrasse 1, Burghaun Auschwitz
DREYFUSS SPEIER Hannchen 12.7.1896 Burghaun   Lodz
JAKOB BRAUNSCHWEIGER Jeanette 30.6.1884 Burghaun Breitenbach  
KATZ-KUHN STERN Bertha 20.11.1889 Burghaun Rhina  
KATZ BRAUNSCHWEIGER Regina 21.5.1867 Steinbach Schenklengsfeld  
KLEEBLATT   Bella 29.10.1902 Burghaun Ringstrasse 20, Burghaun Piasci
KLEEBLATT   Martha 4.2.1904 Burghaun Ringstrasse 20, Burghaun Piasci
KLEEBLATT VIKTOR Gietha 18.5.1878 Burghaun Ringstrasse 20, Burghaun / Kempten died 6.10.1940 in Kempten
LEVI   Abraham 20.8.1883 Burghaun Schlossstrasse 4, Burghaun Auschwitz
LEVI GOLDSCHMIDT Jenni 1887 Bischhausen Schlossstrasse 4, Burghaun Auschwitz
LEVI STERN Berta 1860   Burghaun  
NUSSBAUM   Friedel 13.6.1928 Burghaun Ringstrasse 5 verschollen
NUSSBAUM   David 30.10.1890 Burghaun Ringstrasse 5 Riga
NUSSBAUM   Aron 11.12.1863 Rotenkirchen   Theresienstadt
NUSSBAUM   Rosa 26.1.1876 Burghaun Burghaun  
NUSSBAUM KATZ Jenny 25.11.1894 Rhina Ringstrasse 5 Stutthof
PELS BRAUNSCHWEIGER Selma 3.3.1871 Burghaun Marktplatz 4, Emden Minsk
POTGOROWITSCH   Moses 1880   Burghaun  
SANDER STERN Selma 20.12.1894 Rotenkirchen Oberbieber  
SPEIER   Michael 2.8.1863 Burghaun Stadtstrasse 8, Burghaun Theresienstadt
SPEIER   Betty 6.5.1895 Burghaun Stadtstrasse 8, Burghaun  
SPEIER   Martha 4.6.1902 Burghaun Stadtstrasse 8, Burghaun  
SPEIER   Wille 14.8.1880 Burghaun Bahnhofstrasse 24, Burgaun  
STERN   Levi 17.06.1894 Burghaun Schlossstrasse 11, Burghaun Auschwitz
STERN   Mariane 10.05.1933 Fulda Schlossstrasse 11, Burghaun Auschwitz
STERN   Irene 01.11.1934 Fulda Schlossstrasse 11, Burghaun Auschwitz
STERN   Alice 13.12.1935 Fulda Schlossstrasse 11, Burghaun Auschwitz
STERN   Markus 05.02.1892 Burghaun Burgstrasse 7 Auschwitz
STERN   Marga 06.08.1931 Fulda Burgstrasse 7 Auschwitz
STERN   Markus 29.06.1934 Fulda Burgstrasse 7 Auschwitz
STERN   Samuel 29.06.1934 Fulda Burgstrasse 7 Auschwitz
STERN   Nathan 12.03.1892 Burghaun Schlossstrasse 11, Burghaun decleared dead May 1945
STERN   Markus 9.10.1886 Burghaun Oberste Strasse 7 Minsk
STERN   Ferdinand 18.7.1919 Burghaun Ringstrasse 2, Burghaun Sobibor
STERN   Moses 17.12.1881 Burghaun Ringstrasse 2, Burghaun  
STERN BLUMENTHAL Bertha 22.07.1907 Rhina Schlossstrasse 11, Burghaun Sobibor
STERN KAHNLEIN Charlotte 30.5.1867 Oberelsbach Ringstrasse 6, Burghaun / Fulda Theresienstadt
STERN NUSSBAUM Selma 19.9.1895 Burghaun Abterode verschollen
STERN OPPENHEIMER Recha 10.1.1884 Nentershausen Ringstrasse 4, Burghaun Minsk
STERN STERN Rosa 23.11.1881 Burghaun Ringstrasse 2, Burghaun  
STERN STRAUSS Carolina 20.12.1888 Rotenkirchen Oberste Strasse 7 Minsk
STERN STUCKHARDT Jenny 30.09.1899 Burghaun Burgstrasse 7 Auschwitz
STERN WETTERHAHN Ida 24.03.1906 Rhina Schlossstrasse 11, Burghaun Auschwitz
STRAUSS   Marka 29.4.1928 Burghaun Ringstrasse 15, Burghaun verschollen
STRAUSS   Abraham 28.2.1884 Rotenkirchen Ringstrasse 15, Burghaun Auschwitz
STRAUSS   Manfred 5.4.1931 Burghaun Ringstrasse 15, Burghaun Auschwitz
STRAUSS   Nathan 20.10.1878 Rotenkirchen Bahnhofstrasse 5 Dachau
STRAUSS   Julius 4.9.1922 Burghaun Schlossstrasse 9, Burghaun Minsk
STRAUSS   Rosa 9.8.1926 Burghaun Schlossstrasse 9, Burghaun Minsk
STRAUSS   Selig 18.7.1875 Burghaun Ringstrasse 17, Burghaun  
STRAUSS   Markus 7.3.1882 Rotenkirchen Rothenkirchen Nr. 75  
STRAUSS   Frieda 23.6.1925 Burghaun Schlossstrasse 9, Burghaun Minsk
STRAUSS BRAUNSCHWEIGER Adelheid 2.10.1880 Burghaun Bahnhofstrasse 5 Theresienstadt
STRAUSS KATZ Jenny 21.6.1888 Rhina Schlossstrasse 9, Burghaun Minsk
STRAUSS STERN Adelheid 6.9.1896 Burghaun Ringstrasse 15, Burghaun Auschwitz
TOMBOWSKI STERN Berta 1.2.1922 Burghaun Frankfurt am Main Bergen Belsen
TREIDEL OPPENHEIMER Bella 29.10.1896 Burghaun Mayen verschollen
VICTOR   Max 27.12.1884 Burghaun Burghaun Lodz
VICTOR GRUENEBAUM Selma 03.07.1904 Salmuenster Burghaun Lodz
von LEENWEN STERN Bella 3.3.1911 Burghaun Ringstrasse 2, Burghaun Auschwitz
WALLACH   Ruth     Burghaun  
WALLACH STUCKHARDT Johanna 7.7.1895 Burghaun Oberaula Minsk
WINTMUELLER   Nanny 17.4.1888 Langenschwarz    
WOHL WOHL Jeanette 19.3.1876 Wuestenhausen Oberste Strasse 12, Burghaun  

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