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Translated by Moshe Kutten

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Eternal memorial to Brody’s martyrs in Holon cemetery b
The Great Old Synagogue 16
The entrance to the New Synagogue
In the background part of the Old Synagogue
Cantor Prayer Lectern (Amud) near the Torah Ark of the Old Synagogue 63
The Torah Ark in the New Synagogue
Torah Shield (Tas)
The entrance to the Old Synagogue
Torah Crown (Keter Torah) 64
Candlesticks and a goblet
A Hanukkah Menorah
A Hanukkah Menorah
Farewell banquet of the Keren Kayemet LeIsrael (JNF) activists on the occasion of Aliya of Naftali Lerner-Naor 127
A group of “Akhva” and “Hanoar Hazioni”
Group of members of “Zionists Socialist” in the Diaspora” 128
A group of members of the Central Aid Organization of the Jews in Germany – “Ezra”.
A group of graduates of “Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair” youth movement in Brody – (a) 132
A group of graduates of “Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair” youth movement in Brody - (b)
A group of graduates of “Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair” youth movement in Brody (1935) – (a) 133
A group of members of “Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair” in Brody (1933) – (b)
Members of the branch of “Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair” youth movement (1929) 134
A group of graduates of “Ha’Shomer Hatzir” youth movement in Brody (1930)
The Tarbut School: A Hebrew evening class 139
A Hebrew class, Course A of the Tarbut school
The Drama Group of the Jewish youth in Brody. In the center – Mirka Lillian 140
The Jewish Elementary School
Fourth grade students of the Jewish Elementary School (1928) 141
The Jewish Elementary School in Brody: At the summer camp (1933)
The Jewish Elementary School: fourth grade’s boys, 1930 142
The Jewish Elementary School: seventh grade girls.
The Women Organization in Brody – the leadership. 151
Copies of two postcards 156-157
Brody’s Ghetto, corner of Shpitalna Street 168
A group of members of the Socialist Zionist workers – “Hitakhdut” [“Union”] 289
Members of the popular group “Akhva” [“Brotherhood”]
Members of the group “Ha’Khalutz” [“the Pioneer”] in Brody 290
Members of the group: “Ha’Khalutz” [“the Pioneer”] in Brody
Members of “Gordonia” in Brody 291
A group of the youth movement “Bnei Akiva”
Members of the popular group “Akhva” [“Brotherhood”] (1938) 302
Members of the popular group “Akhva” [“Brotherhood”] (1934)
The branch of the popular group “Akhva” [“Brotherhood” (1938) 303
Group of members of “Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair” [Young Guard”]
A group of members of “Ha’Khalutz” [“the Pioneer”] Brody’s company, Kibbutz Klosva 304
A group of members of the academic Zionist movement “Akhva” [“Brotherhood”]
Tombstones from the old cemetery in Brody 338
The grave of R’ Dudaleh in the new cemetery in Brody
Ukrainians who saved Brody’s Jews with people they saved 377
Memorial plaque for Brody martyrs in the Holocaust Museum Cellar 378
After the Holocaust in Germany – a group of Brody’s Holocaust survivors, on their way to the memorial ceremony in Munich 427
Brody survivors meeting in “Yad Vashem”, Jerusalem 428
Brody survivors meeting on Mount Carmel, Haifa
Memorial for Brody community in the “Martyrs Forest” in the Jerusalem corridor 429
The memorial forest for Brody community

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