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Early Families

Translated by Jerrold Landau

Donated by Brooke Schreier Ganz

“Are remembered and performed, family by family” (Esther)

Meir Shteimetz (the first) and his sons: Shlomo (Reb Shlomo Fried was named for him). The sons of Shlomo: Baruch, Yisrael, Mendel. The sons of Yisrael are Meir and Shaul Leib. The daughter of Shlomo: Sara. Her husband: Mendel (his brother is Meir Steimetz, one of the sons of Mordechai). Sara and Mendel had a son and a daughter. The name of the son is Yisrael Steimetz (he was the owner of Beit HaAmerikanka); the name of the daughter was Rivka (she was the maternal grandmother of Reb Shlomo Eke–Chava's). This Reb Shlomo was the grandfather of Yitzchak Walter the shoemaker (who was the shamash [beadle] in the Upper Synagogue). The second son was Reb Henech Walter the tree cutter. Their father was Yehuda Moshe Walter, the grandfather of Reb Meir the shochet. Meir had a daughter Hencha, who was the mother of Yehuda Moshe. The third brother was Reb Hirsch Walter the teacher, the husband of Ruth Risa.

Yaakov Steimetz – his property was in “Vâlcăneşti” near şaeşul. His sons: Lozer, Berl and daughter Eidel, a woman of valor and the wife of Reb Yosef Mordechai Wertzberger. The rest of his sons–in–law: Pinchas Rubin, Moshe Bitizer (the father of Yosef Fried). Meir Steimetz' son was Yisrael. The sons of Yisrael and Charna Michal and sons–in–law: Chuna, Leizer, and Moshe Wertzberger. Wolf Neulender (the son of Chaim Raziel) of Unter Vador [Între Păduri]. His sons were Yoel and Raziel. Yudel[1] was murdered in the middle of the day and in the middle of the village because he declared that the fields were his, and disputants arose who settled the accounts through murder. The school on the Rabbi's Street was owned by Lozer Steimetz (and later his daughter Freidel). It had belonged to his relative Wolf of Mosief, and when he disbursed his property, Lozer bought it from him. The Frieds originated in Prague (Nachum Hirsch, his sons Yosel and his son Shlomo, from whom the Frieds of Maramurses stemmed).

Avigdor Polak from the station was the son of Yankel the Babe's [Grandmother's]. Moshe Fruchter, the owner of the orchard next to the station, had two sons–in–law: Fishel Kasirer and Meir Kreindler. Chuna Leizer and Eliahu were brothers, the sons of Nachum, a scholar and communal trustee. Leibush Rosenberg owned the licensed liquor monopoly. His sons were Yaakov and Chaim Beer of Sibiu. His son–in–law was Yosel Fried Wertzberger. The residents of another neighborhood: Yisrael Ber (his wife Yehudit) Meisels, Yaakov Leib (killed in an accident) whose son Leizer the hospital orderly died of grief a half a year after his father. Naftali Greenspan. Gedalia Kahana and his son Shalom the Pulkes, the son of Shalom Gedalia, and Yosef Mordechai (the son–in–law of Chaim Evenstein). Yokel Fisch and Reb Ben–Zion were brothers. The son of Ben–Zion was Aharon (Avraham Hirsch Roth was his son–in–law in Zash”el). The son–in–law of Ben–Zion was Nathan Eliahu Leibovich (his wife Felicia was a righteous, pious woman).

Those who lived in the Fintina[2]: Leib Beir the son–in–law of Ezra of Borşa (his wife was Chaya). His son was Yosef Meir Ganz (his wife Reizel was the daughter of Nachum Leib – both of them died at an old age in Tzfat). Reb Yisrael Appel, his sons Elimelech the bath attendant (a scholar and God–fearing man. His wife was Keila and his son was Shimon). Yosel (his wife Gittel was the founder of the first girl's cheder in Borşa). Yitzchak Fishel inherited his father's home in Repedea, about two kilometers east of Borşa. Their daughters were Rivka the wife of Reb Leib Fogel, and Reizel the wife of Raziel Neulander. Someone named Avraham Yosef Eidelstein came from outside: His son Shalom was a great scholar, and also no less a gourmand: Once, they prepared mamaliga[3] in two pots, and it was not enough for him. Mordechai was his second son. His sons–in–law were Leizer the shochet and Zalman the cooper.

Yankel the son of Avraham Yosef Yoel was the father of Mendel Yoel's the chief of the undertakers – and the last… Avraham Yosef, his sons were Chaim of Moisief, Herschel of Bitchkov, and Juda Meir; his daughters were: Bluma Chantsha, the wife of Moshe Ganz (Wolf Moshe's was named for him. He was the son–in–law from Zor, who married his daughter Batya, the mother or Rivka, the sister through the father of Coha”sh [?]); Chaya Feiga, the wife of Naftali Mendel the shochet [slaughterer]. The sons of Moshe Ganz were Anshel, Mordechai, Chaskel, and Avraham Yosef. His daughters were Batya and Devora. Shmuel Leizers' sons were: Moshe (Pogachev) – he discovered the wells in the estates of his father and sold them to Juda Meir (according to one version). According to another version, the father of Chaya Zisel discovered the “sour wells” and sold them to Yida Meir for a pittance. Yankel Leizers and Shlomo Leizers. Tuvia Juda his son–in–law and Shlomo his son. Shlomo Leib Ber Stein, Hirsch Leib Ber's (the father–in–law of Moshe Mendel), Juda Leib Stein (the father–in–law of Avraham Tzvi Rate), Gedalia (his sons were Chazkel, Mordechai and Yosel). Hershel the melamed [teacher] was the son–in–law of Yoel. Israel Apter was the son–in–law of Azriel Chaim Hirsch. Moshe Shmuel Ekes was the son of Azriel. His sons were: Velvel, Yankel (the husband of Esther Gitel) and Azriel.

The family of Shmuel Eke's (named for his wife Eke). His son Azriel had a son Chaim who made aliya to Israel. Yaakov his son was a farmer in his heart and dreamed of setting up Kfar Borsa [Borsa village] in Israel – in the place that today is Kfar Baruch[4]. When his aspiration was thwarted, he moved to Sde Yaakov and settled on the land as a member of the Irgun. Yaakov was one of the organizers and members of Mizrachi in Borşa. At memorial gatherings, he never ceased to urge the natives of Borşa that, if they want to perpetuate the memory of their village, they should establish a Moshav called Borsa.

His brother Chaim Hirsch Lannes (the name of his wife) had two sons Velvel and Azriel who made aliya to Israel. Azriel left Israel thinking that his Israeli money would make him wealthier than the Fruchters who were his former employers.

The wife of Shmuel Ponatchev was the sister of Shmuel Eke's.

Reb Yaakov Uri was known as a scholar. There is ambiguity in the spelling of his name, of which there are three versions in the scripture: Uri – the name of the father of Betzalel; Iri – a son of Binyamin listed in the Book of Chronicles; an Ira – a priest of David and two of his mighty men. However, the first version is the primary one because many great men of Israel are called by that name, such as Reb Uri of Strelisk[5].

The family of Yosel Genad: Shlomo Hirsch, a young man, talented in the field of inventions. Moshe Leib, Yente, Gitel Freida, Alterl his brother, the shoemaker; his wife Zlata (the daughter in Israel remembers only the names of the three of the ten –– David Yitzchak, Moshe Leib, and Leizer Yaakov –– from childhood stories). Their third brother was Yaakov the teacher. Zlata had a sister named Rachel (her husband was Anshili). Hirshel the cooper was a step–brother of Zlata.

Leizer Stein – his sons: Yaakov Ite's (the name of his wife), Shlomo Leizer's (his sons were Shlomo and Idel). Their sister was Chaia Zisel (Hirsch deim langen's [the son of the tall one].

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The family of Yaakov Steimetz (was killed in an accident when his carriage turned over). His sons: Luzer with his wife Heidl and his son Katriel and his daughters Chaia Sara (wife of the Rav R'Dudl) and Freidl, wife of Beril, who was a smart man and had a sharp mind, but in business he was not successful. Yakov's second son was Beril with his daughter Eidl, wife of R'Yosef Werzberger. Their sons were Yakov, Hirshel, Yechiel. He was a simple man, would read every day the entire Book of Psalms, tried to become a merchant but barely succeeded in the lumber trade.

Mates (Matityahu) Polack and his wife Gitza. Their children: Sara Risa, Reiza, Moshe and Leib.

Shlomo Adler – his wife Shprintza, his son Zeidl and his sister Minga (perished in the Holocaust).

The family of R'Avraham Chaim Steimetz. His son was Reb Gedalia the shochet. His daughters were: Miriam the wife of Yosel Weisberg, Charna the wife of Shaul Leib Polack, whose son was Pinchas and daughter was the wife of Litman Bertler of Vişeu. His son was Pinchas from his wife Chaya Devora. The daughters of Gedalia were Freidel the wife of Yisrael Appel the shochet of Zanta, Rachil (Rachel – mother of Koha”sh), who was the wife of Wolf Stein. (The sons of Wolf and Rachil were Gedalyahu and Efraim Fishel. Their daughters were Shprintza, Chaya Dvora, and Chana and Sara. The twin daughters who were born in the latter years died while still in their cradle. Wolf had another older daughter from his first wife Rivka.) The daughters of Gedalia from his second wife Bluma, the sister of the first wife, were: Reitza Tauba, Sasa, Chaya Devora, Feiga, Chana, and Meita. Their brother was Avraham Chaim the shochet. Reb Efraim Fishel Ganz of Untervischau and his wife Shprintza Rachil the daughter of Aizik Hirsch had three daughters; Chaya Dvora, Bluma, and Breindel. The two first ones married Gedalia the vshochet one after the other, and the third one married Reb Yosel Meir Wertzberger, the rabbi of Untervischau [Vişeu de Jos]. Their two sons were Yontil Ganz the book merchant, and Nachum Leib Ganz of Beregszas the lumber merchant (their sons immigrated to Mexico and became very wealthy). Reb Wolf Stein's parents were Yehuda and Charna. His brother was Reb Mendel of Sighet and his sister was Devora the wife of Reb Shamua the teacher from Vişeu.

The family of Wolf in Vişeu: Reb Shaul Leib Steimetz and Reb Moshe Stein (nicknamed “Kapoir”. They and their families were of the important people of the city). The in–laws Avraham Chaim and Efraim Fishel made aliya to the Land of Israel and purchased a common house for themselves in Tzfat. Miriam, the wife of Yosef Weisberg and the daughter of Avraham Chaim had a son, Reb Pinchas Weisberg the head of the community of Borşa in his time. The grandson of Reb Pinchas was Reb Meir Magid, a scholar and a Hassid of Visznitz. His sons–in–law were Rabbi Bari, and Aharon the son of the rabbi of Borşa. Their daughter was Chaya Rivka, and her husband Feivel. She bore the burden of the family during her long years of widowhood.

There was a family that produced a teacher, a rabbinical judge, a shochet, a rabbi, and a head of the community. The rabbinical judge was Rabbi Yitzchak who came via Poland (to where he had come from Germany). At the time of the dispute with Rabbi Waldman, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Visznitz appointed him as a rabbinical judge (previously he had served as a teacher of children – according to the testimony of the rabbi of Bergszasz). He arrived in Borşa via the Handal. His second wife was the sister of the wealthy Reb Efraim Fishel Ganz of Untervischau. One of the sons of the rabbinical judge was Reb Yosef Meir – that is the Reb Yosel Meir who married Breindel the daughter of Efraim Fishel (the sister of Bluma, the mother of the rebbetzin Meita Wertheimer). When he moved to Untervischau, he was “coronated” there as the rebbe, and he became known as the Rebbe of Untervischau. He generously sustained his family through his large store.

Translator's Footnotes

  1. There may be a typo in the original text here between the names Yoel and Yudel. Return
  2. There are towns in Romania called Fintina. With the definite article in front, it may be an area of the city. Return
  3. A Romanian cornmeal porridge. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C4%83m%C4%83lig%C4%83 Return
  4. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kfar_Baruch Return
  5. See http://rabbishimon.com/tzadikim/showz.php?p=strelisk.htm Return


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