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Die Juden und Judengemeinde Bohmens
in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart

Prepared by Vera Finberg

This book is the companion to the 1929 volume that Hugo Gold wrote on the Moravian communities, “Die Juden and Judengemeinde Mahrens in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart.” The 1934 book contains pre-Holocaust compilations on Jewish communities in Bohemia and Moravia and their history. Some genealogical data appear, and the compilation includes names of Jews living in certain towns often in the 1700 or 1800's. Pogroms may be mentioned but usually there is not a list of victims.

The compilation has been prepared with the town names in the original German and modern Czech, the pages covering that town, the language of the article (an important feature), and names and illustrations, if they appear in the text.

An attempt was made to indicate the number of pages of text, so that a genealogist wanting a translation of a town's essay, can estimate the cost of such an endeavor. An estimate of whether names were included in the text and the type of illustrations are also presented.

Gemeinde Czech Name Page in book Language Text Pages Genealogical data Illustrations
Adlerkosteletz Kostelec nad Orlici p1-2 C 1 from late 1880s People (6)
Altlangendorf Dlouha Ves p 260 (see Bergreichenstein) (photos only)     no Synagogue
Altsattel Stare Sedlo see Mirowice p 403 C&G 2 minimal Buildings, People (2)
Altstadt bei Neubistritz Stare Mesto p.3 G 2 1832 circumcision book Cemetery, Synagogue, Allina
Altzedlisch Chodova Plana see Kuttenplan p 335 G 7 Names  
Amonsgrun Uboci see Konigswart p 321 G 0.33 Family names given  
Amschelberg Kosova Hora p 6 C - G para 6 Detailed 1780 onwards People (16), Synagogue
Arnitzgrun Arnoltov see Falkenau p 135-139 G 5 Fairly detailed People (10)
Aurinowes Uhrineves p.11-12 C 1.5 Sparse People (4), Syn
Auscha Ustek p13-18 G 6 Detailed with references People (9)
Aussig a. d. E. Usti nad Labem p19-22 G 4 Detailed People (22), Syn, Cem
Auwal Uvaly see Pristoupim p.518 C 0.5 Very sparse People (5)
Bechin Bechyne p23-25 C 2.5 Very detailed early records People (2)
Beneschau Benesov p26-27 C 1 1836 names People (10), Syn, town
Beraun Beroun p29-30 C 2 Some People (6), Town
Bernarditz Bernartice p31-33 C 2.5 Some 1848/1860 names Nil
Bestin Bestin see Beraun p 29 C ? Few Synagogue
Bielenz Bilence see Eidlitz p132 G 0.5 1767data nil
Bilin Belina p34-37 G 2.5 Detailed People (7), Syn
Bischofteinitz Horsovsky Tyn p38-39 G 1.3 Few nil
Blatna Blatna p40-41 C 1.5 Many People (3)
Blowitz Blovice p42-43 C abt 1 Few names People (4), Syn,
Bodenbach Podmokly see Tetschen p 675-677 G 3 ManyNames 1863- People (4), Syn
Bohdanec Bohdanec see Pardubitz p 465-471 C ?   nil
Bohm. Aicha Cesky Dub see Turnau p 679 C ?   nil
Bohm. Brod Cesky Brod see Pristoupim p518 C 0.5 Few People (7), Syn
Bohm. Budweis Ceske Budejovice p44-47 G 4 1482 names Synagogue
Bohm. Kamnitz Ceska Kamenice see Bodenbach p675 G 3   People (10), Syn
Bohm. Krumau Cesky Krumlov p49-50 G 1   People (10), Syn
Bohm. Leipa Ceska Lipa p51-55 G 4.5 many names 1724 - People (6), Syn
Brandeis a. d. E. Brandys nad Labem p56-58 G 2 Few Names People (6), Syn
Brennporitschen Spalene Porici p59-62 G 3 Many names 1700- People (2), Syn, cemetry
Breznitz Breznice [Lokschan] p.63-69 G 7   People (4), Syn, Cem
Brux Most p70-77 G 7   People (18), Syn,
Budin Budyne p78-90 C 10.3 Names 1600-1800s Synagogue
Bukowitz Bucovice see Bilin p34-37 G 2.5 Salus family and others People (7), Syn
Caslau Caslav p92 (photos only)       People (2), Synagogue
Celyn Celina p100-107 (with Dobris) C 8 Names People (16), Syn
Chiesch Chyse p 91-92 G 1.2    
Chlistau Chlistov p266 (photos only)       People (6), Syn
Chlumec a. d. C. Chlumec nad Cidlinou p93-95 C 2.3 Sparse  
Chocen Chocen 1-2 (with Kostelec n/O C 1 Few Names People (6), Syn
Chodau Chodov p135-139 (with Falkenau) G 4 Names People (10)
Chotieschau Chotimer p608-610 (with Staab) G 2 Few Names People (3), Syn
Chrast Chrast p96-97 C 1.5 Sparse People (4), Synagogue
Chrudim Chrudim p174 (photos only)        
Cimelitz Cimelice p403-404 (with Mirowitz) G/C 1 Few names People (2), School
Cista Cista p689 with Wallisgrun) G 0.5 Few names People (1), Syn
Cizkowitz Cizkovice p386 (with Lobositz) G      
Ckyn Ckyne p692 (with Winterberg)        
Czernowitz Cernovice p98-99 C 2 Names  
Dalimeritz Dalimerice (Turnov) p679-683 (with Turnau) C 4 Names People (4), Syn
Darmschlag Darmysl p113-114 (with Darmschlag) G 2 Many names  
Daschitz Dasice p465-471 (with Pardubitz) C 6 Names People (8)
Daudleb a. d. A. Doudleby nad Orlici p1-2 (with Adlerkosteletz) C 1 Few names People (6), Syn
Davle Davle p313 C 0.15    
Deschenitz Desenice p420-436 (with Neuern) G 16 Many Names People (16)
Deutschbrod Havlickuv Brod p414 C 0.33 some Names People (1)
Deutsch-Gabel Jablonne p566-568 G 1    
Deutschrust Podboransk? Rohozec p502-503 G 1    
Diwischau Divisov p26 (with Beneschau) C 1 Some Names People (10), syn
Dobra Velka Dobra p685-686 (inc Unhost, Houstoun)        
Dobris Dobris p100-107 C 7.5 Many names Syn, People (16)
Dobruska Dobruska p108-112 C 4.1 Sparse  
Dolitschen Telice p113-114 G 2 Many names  
Drewikau Drevikov p173 C 0.15    
Drosau Strazov p115-118 C 4 Many names People (4)
Dub Dub p703-704 C 0.1    
Durrmaul Drmoul p119-120 G   Few Syn, People (4), cemetery
Dux Duchcov p646- 674 (with Teplitz) G 25 Many Names People (38), Syn, Cemetery
Eger Cheb p121-129 G 9 Many names Syn, People (12)
Eidlitz Udlice p130-133 G 3 Names Syn, People (4)
Elbekosteletz Kostelec nad Labem p56-58        
Elbogen Loket see Falkenau        
Falkenau Sokolov p135-139 G 4 Some names Syn, People (10)
Flohau Blsany p140 (photos only) G 0.15 Few People (3)
Franzensbad Frantiskovy Lazne p141-142 G 2 Few Syn, People (5)
Frauenberg Hluboka nad Vltavou p143 C 0.25 Few  
Friedland Frydlant p565 G 3.5 Few  
Gablonz a. d. N. Jablonec nad Nisou p145-148 G 4 Many names Syn,People (10)
Geiersberg Rokytnice v Orlickych Horach p570-571 (with Roknitiz) G      
Glosau Dlazov p149-151 C 3 Names Syn, People (5)
Goltsch-Jenikau Golcuv Jenikov p152-167 C (12)&G (4) 15 Many names Syn, People (13)
Gorkau Jirkov p131 (see Eidlitz)        
Graslitz Kraslice p168-169 G 2   People (2)
Grossbock Velka Bukovina 260,310 (photos only)        
Habern Habry p143 G 0.33 Few People (4)
Hareth Horany see Brux p71 G 0.5 1823-1842 names  
Heinrichsgrun Jindrichovice p168 (see Graslitz)        
Herman-Mestetz Hermanuv Mestec p170-173 G 4 Names People (16)
Hlinsko Hlinsko p170 (see Herman-Mestetz)        
Hochlibin Vysoka Libyne p689 (inc Walligsrun) C 0.33   People (1)
Hohenmauth Vysoke Myto p394-395 (see Luze)        
Horazdowitz Horazdovice p175-181 C 3.5 Names  
Horelitz Horelice p685-686 (inc Unhost, Houstoun) C 2 Few Names People (4), Syn
Horepnik Horepnik p476 G 0.2    
Horice Horice p182-192 C 11 Names People (10)
Horowitz Horovice p29 (see Beraun)        
Horschenz Horenice p131 (see Eidlitz)        
Hostitz Hostice p704 C 0.1 Few names  
Hostomitz Hostomice p29 (see Beraun)        
Hostoun Houstoun p685-686 (inc Unhost, Houstoun) C 2 Few names People (4), Syn
Hriskov Hriskov p144 C 0.5 Few People (3)
Humpolec Humpolec p193-196 C 4 Names People (10)
Janowitz a. d. A. Janovice nad Uhlavou p391-393 C 2 Few names  
Jechnitz Jesenice p197 G 1   People (6)
Jesin Jesin p198 C 0.5    
Jicin Jicin p199-203 C 5 Few People (7), Syn
Jungbunzlau Mlada Boleslav p204-211 (C); 212-221 (G) C/G 19 Many names People (10), Syn
Jungwoschitz Mlada Vozice p222 (photos only)        
Kaaden Kadan p223-239 G 17 Some names People (12), Syn
Kacov Kacov p267        
Kalladay Kolodeje nad Luznici p240-245 (with Moldauthein) C 6 Names People (4), Syn
Kamenitz a. d. L. Kamenice nad Lipou p246-247 C 2 Names People (4)
Kaplitz Kaplice p577        
Kardas-Recitz Kardasova Recice p248-254 C 7 Names People (10), Syn
Karlsbad Karlovy Vary p255-259 G 3 (text), 2 (Photo) Few names People (8), Syn
Kassejowitz Kasejovice p261-264 C 3.1 Names Synagogues
Katzengrun Kacerov p318 (see Konigsberg        
Kdyne Kdyne p437 C 9.5 Names People (5), Syn
Kirchenbirk Kostelni Briza p318 (see Konigsberg        
Kladno Kladno p264 (photos only)        
Kladrau Kladruby p399 (see Mies)        
Klattau Klatovy p265 (photos only)       People (14)
Kleinschutteber Mala Sitbor (photos only)        
Kleinzbeschitz Zbesicky p31 (see Zbeschitz)        
Klucenitz Klucenice p322 C 0.25    
Koblitz Choblice p13 (see Auscha)        
Kohljanowitz Uhlirske Janovice p267-273 C 7 many names People (7), Syn
Kolin Kolin p277-298 C 21 many names People (11)
Kolinetz Kolinec p515 (see Prestitz)        
Kollautschen Kolovec p274-276 C 3 Names  
Kolosoruk p72 (see Brux) see Brux p72 G 0.5 Some names & history  
Komotau Chomutov p299-304 G 5 Names People (13)
Koniggratz Hradec Kralove p305-309 C 5 names People (8)
Koniginhof a. d. E. Dvur Kralove nad Labem p310 (photos only)        
Konigsaal Zbraslav p311-313 C 2.25 Few Names People (10)
Konigsberg a. d. E. Kynsperk n./O. p314-318 G 5 Names People (3)
Konigsstadtl Mestec Kralove p319 C 0.33 Few names  
Konigswart Lazne Kynzvart p320-321 G 2   People (2), Syn
Kopidlno Kopidlno p341 (see Nimburg)        
Koschetitz Kosetice p341 G 0.1    
Kosolup Kozolupy p684 (see Tuschkau)        
Kostenblatt Kostomlaty p34 (see Bilin)        
Kowanitz Kovanice p463 (see Nimburg)        
Kralup a. d. M. Kralupy nad Vltavou p323-324 C 1   People (7)
Kremusch Kremyz p34 (see Bilin)        
Krinec Krinec p463 (see Nimburg)        
Kriwsoudow Krivsoudov p687 (see Unterkralowitz)        
Kunratitz Kunratice p325-326 C 1.25 Few Names  
Kurschin Koren p690        
Kuttenberg Kutna Hora p327-334 C 7 Names People (5), Syn
Kuttenplan Chodova Plana p335-341 G 5.5 Few names People (6), Syn
Kvetus Kvetus p517 (Prcitz)        
Langendorflas Dlouhy Ujezd p641-642 G 0.5 Few names  
Laun Louny p348 -361 C 13 names People (12), Syn
Lautschim Loucim p437 (see Neugedin)        
Ledau Letov p502 (see Podersam)        
Ledec Ledec nad Sazavou p362 (photos only)        
Leitmeritz Litomerice p363-368 G 5.5 Some Names People (4), Syn
Leitomischl Litomysl p369 (photos only)       People (6), Syn
Libin Libyne p370-371 G 1.2   People (2),Syn
Libochowitz Libochovice p372-377 C 5.5 Names People (10)
Lichtenstadt Hroznetin p378-380 G 2.5 Names People (3)
Liebenau Hodkovice p568        
Liebeschitz Libesovice p579 (see Saaz)        
Liebotschan Libocany p580 (see Saaz)        
Lischnitz Lisnice see Brux p 71 G 0.25 No names -briefest data  
Lissa Lysa nad Labem p414 (see Neu-Benatek)        
Litten Liten p29 (see Beraun)        
Lobositz a. d. E. Lovosice p383-387 G 4 Names  
Lokschan   p63 (see Breznitz)        
Lubenz Lubenec p370 (see Libin)        
Luck Luka p388 G 1 Names People (2), Syn
Luditz Zlutice p389-390 G 0.5 Names People (4), Synagogue
Luze Luze p394-395 C 0.5   People (6), Syn
Luzan Luzany p515 (see Prestitz)        
Maleschau Malesov p327 (see Kuttenberg)        
Malin Malin p327        
Malinetz Malinec p515 (see Prestitz)        
Marienbad Marianske Lazne p396-397 G 1 Some Names People (2)
Maschau Mastov p398 G 0.25 Few Names People (2)
Melnik Melnik (photos only)        
Merklin Merklin p515 (see Prestitz)        
Metzling Meclov p575 (see Ronsberg)        
Miechelob Mecholupy see Saaz, p584 G 0.1    
Mies Stribro p399-400 G 1 Few names People (7)
Mileschau Milesov p386 (see Lobositz)        
Mirotitz Mirotice p403-404 C 0.5    
Mirowitz Mirovice p403 G 0.5    
Miskowitz Myslkovice p598 (see Sobieslau) (photos only)        
Minischek   p100 (see Dobris)        
Moldauthein Tyn nad Vltavou p240-245 C 6 Names  
Muhlhausen Milevsko p408 (photos only)       People (9), Syn
Munchengratz Mnichovo Hradiste p409-411 C 2.5 Some Names People (4)
Muttersdorf Mutenin p405 - 407 G 2 Few names People (1), Syn
Nachod Nachod p412-413 G 1.5 Some names People (4)
Nadejkau Nadejkov p517 (Prcitz)        
Natscheradetz Naceradec p699 (see Wlaschim)        
Nedraschitz Nedrazice p401 G 0.33 Few Names  
Nepomuk Nepomuk p515 (see Prestitz)        
Neu-Benatek Benatky nad Jizerou p415 C 0.15    
Neubistritz Nova Bystrice p4-5 G 1    
Neu-Bydschow Novy Bydzov p416-419 C 2.5 Few Names people (6), synagogue, cemetery
Neu-Cerekwe Nova Cerekev p600 G 0.33   People (2), cemetery
Neudek Nejdek p380-382 G 2 Few names  
Neuern Nyrsko p420-436 G 16 Many names People (10), synagogue
Neugedein Kdyne p437-446 C 9.5 Many names People (5), synagogue
Neuhaus Jindrichuv Hradec p447-451 G 4 Few names People (10), synagogue
Neuknin Novy Knin p100 (see Dobris)        
Neumark Vseruby p452-456 C 5 Names Synagogue
Neu-Otting Nova Vcelnice p247 C 0.05    
Neustadtl a. Klinger Straz p457-460 G 3.5 Few names People (6), Synagogue
Neustraschitz Nove Straseci p461 (photos only)       People (8)
Neu-Zedlisch Nove Sedliste p638-641 G 2 very Few names Synagogue
Neweklau* Neveklov p462 (photos only)       People (7), Synagogue
Nezdaschow Neznasov p240        
Nimburg Nymburk p463-464 C 1 Names People (2), Synagogue
Ober-Cerekwe Horni Cerekev p600        
Opocno Opocno p105        
Oscherlin Oselin p401-402 G 0.15 Few names  
Pardubitz Pardubice p465-471 C 5.75 Some Names People (8)
Patzau Pacov p472-476 C 4.5 Some Names People (3), Synagogue
Pauten Poutnov (photos oply)        
Pawlow Pavlov p503 G 0.1    
Pernartitz Bernartice p460 G 0.15 Names  
Petersburg Petrohrad p197 (Jechnitz)        
Petrowitz Petrovice u. S. p477 C 0.5 Few names People (4), Synagogue
Petschau Becov nad Teplou (photos only)        
Pfraumberg Primda p457 (see Neustadtl a Kl)        
Pilgram Pelhrimov p478 (photos only)       People (10), Synagogue
Pilsen Plzen p479-488 G 7.5 Names People (10), Synagogue,Cemetery
Pischely Pysely p23 (see Bechin)        
Pisek Pisek p489-501 C 11 Names People (7), Synagogue
Pitkowitz Pitkovice p11 (see Aurinowes)        
Piwana Pnovany p400-401 G 0.5    
Plan Plana p335 (see Kuttenplan)        
Pocinovice Pocinovice p446 (see Neugedin)        
Podersam Podborany p502-503 G 1.25 Few Names People (6)
Podebrad Podebrady p504-507 C 3.67 Names People (3)
Polna Polna p508-511 C 3 Names people (6, Synagogue, Ghetto
Postelberg Postoloprty p513-514 G 2 Names People (4)
Pouchov Pouchov p305 (see Koniggratz)        
Praskoles Praskolesy p29 (see Beraun)        
Prawonin Pravonin p687 (see Unterkralowitz)        
Prcitz Prcice p517 C 0.5 Few names People (7)
Prestawlk Prestavlky p515 (see Prestitz)        
Prestitz Prestice p515-516 C 1   People (3)
Pribram Pribram p519 (photos only)       People (8), Synagogue
Pristoupim Pristoupim p518 C 0.33 Names People (5)
Prostibor Prostibor p113 (see Dolitschen)        
Protiwin Protivin p512 C 1 Names  
Purschau Porejov p641 G 0.33 Few names Synagogue
Putzeried Pocinovice p437 (see Neugedin)        
Putzlitz Puclice p38 (see Bischofteinitz)        
Raby Rabi p179 C 0.33 Names  
Radenin Radenin (photos only)        
Rakolus-Rajowa   p608 (see Staab)        
Rakonitz Rakovnik p520-521 (photos only)       People (12), Synagogue, etc
Rattay Rataje nad Sazavou p267 (see Kohljanowitz)        
Raubowitz Hroubovice p170 (see Herman-Mestetz)        
Raudnitz a. d. E. Roudnice nad Labem p522-528 C 4.5 Some Names People (18), Synagogue,
Reichenau Rychnov nad Kneznou p528 C 0.33 Few Names People (6)
Reichenberg Liberec p529-569 G 38 Names People (13), Synagogue
Rokitnitz Rokytnice v Orlickych Horach p570-571 G 1.5 Names People (2), Synagogue
Rokitzan Rokycany p572-574 C 2.5 Few Names People (7)
Ronsperg Pobezovice p575-576 G 1 Few Names People (6)
Rosenberg Rozmberk nad Vltavou p577 G 1   People (2)
Rothkosteletz Libeznice (photos only)        
Rotschow Rocov p348 (see Laun)        
Rudig Vroutek p502 (see Podersam)        
Rumburg Rumburk p578 G 0.75 Few Names People (3)
Saaz Zatec p579-584 G 4 Names People (16), Synagogue
Schlan Slany p585-586 C 1 Few Names People (10), synagogue
Schonbach Kraslice p168 (see Graslitz)        
Schonbrunn Studanka p642 G 0.15 Few names  
Schonlind Krasna Lipa p135 (see Falkenau)        
Schonwald Lesna p642-643 G 0.5 Few names People (1), Synagogue
Schossenreith Castkov p642        
Schuttenhofen Susice p587-593 C 6.5 Names  
Schwarzkosteletz Kostelec nad Cernymi Lesy p518,678 (see Pristoupim)        
Schweissing Svojsin p400 G 0.5    
Schwihau Svihov p342-347 G 5 Names  
Selcan Sedlcany p6        
Seltsch Zelec see Saaz p 584 G 0.01    
Semil Semily p679 (see Turnau)        
Senftenberg Zamberk p594-597 G 3 Names People (6), Synagogue
Skalka Pobrezi p305 (see Koniggratz)        
Slatina Slatina p178 (see Horazdowitz) C 0.5    
Sobieslau Sobeslav p598 (photos only)       People (6), Synagogue
Soborten Sobedruhy p601-607 G 6 Names People (16), Synagogue
St. Joachimsthal (Hroznetin) Jachymov p382 G 0.1 Names  
Staab Stod p608-610 G 2.25 Few names People (3), Synagogue
Stankau Stankov p599 G 0.33 Names People (1)
Steingrub Lomnicka p168 (see Graslitz)        
Stenovice Stenovice p611-612 C 0.75   People (3), Synagogue
Stiedra Stedra p338 (see Luditz)        
Stienowitz Stenovice p611-612        
Strakonitz Strakonice p613-615 C 2 Few Names People (8), Synagogue
Strezmir Strezimir p517 (Prcitz)        
Svetla Svetla nad Sazavou p616-620 C 4.5 Many names People (10)
Tabor Tabor p621-629 C 7.15 Names People (16)
Tachau Tachov p631-637-645 (includes nearby towns) G 6 Names People (15), Synagogues
Teplitz Teplice p646-674 G 25 Many Names People (38), Synagogue, Cemetery
Tereschau Teresov p572 (see Rokitzan)        
Tetin Tetin see Beraun p30 C 1para Very sparse  
Tetschen a. d. E. Decin p 675-677 (inc Bodenbach) G 3 Many names after 1863 People (10), Syn
Theusing Touzim (photos only)       People (7), Syn
Tissa Tisnova p642 G 0.33 Few names  
Triblitz Trebivlice p383 (see Lobositz)        
Tscheraditz Ceradice p 584 C 0.5 Names  
Tucap Tucapy p600 G 0.25    
Turnau Turnov p679-683 C 4 Names People (4), Syn, Cem
Tuschkau-Kosolup Kozolupy p684 G 0.5 Few Names People (4), Cem
Tutschap Tucapy p260        
Unhost Unhost p685-686 (inc Horelitz,Hostoun) C 2 Few Names People (4), Syn
Unterkralowitz Dolni Kralovice p687-689 C 2   People (3)
Unterlukawitz Dolni Lukavice p515 (see Prestitz)        
Vlasim Vlasim p699-700 C 0.5 Names People (8)
Wallischbirken Vlachovo Brezi p703 C 0.25 Few Names  
Wallisgrun Kuzova p689 (inc Hochlibin) C 0.75 Few names  
Wamburg Vamberk p1 (see Adlerkosteletz)        
Warnsdorf Varnsdorf p578 (see Rumburg)        
Weissensulz Bela nad Radbuzou p405 (see Muttersdorf)        
Weitentrebetitsch Siroke Trebcice p502 (see Podersam)        
Welhartitz Velhartice p587 (see Shuttenhofen)        
Welwarn* Velvary p690 (photos only)       People (6), Syn
Weselicko Veselicko see Bernaditz p31 C 0.35 sparse  
Weseritz Bezdruzice (photos only)        
Wilkischen Vlkys p401 G 0.33 Few names  
Windig-Jenikau Vetrny Jenikov p196 G 0.25    
Winterberg Vimperk p691-697 G 5 Many names People (7)
Wittingau Trebon p698 C 0.33 Names People (4), Syn
Wlaschim Vlasim p699        
Wodnian Vodnany p699 C 0.15    
Wolin Volyne p701-704 (inc Vlachovo Brezi, Dub, Hostice) C 4 Names People (4), Syn, Cem
Wossek Osek (Rokycany) p572 (see Rokitzan)        
Wottitz Votice p705-728 C 20 Many Names People (22), Syn
Zaluzan Zaluzany p403 (see Mirowitz)        
Zasmuk Zasmuky p277 (see Kolin)        
Zbeschitz Zbesicky see Bernarditz p 32 C 0.75 1820/1860 names Nil
Zbraslawitz Zbraslavice p334 (see Kuttenberg)        
Zlonin Zlonin p56 (see Elbekosteletz)        
Zlonitz Zlonice p585 (see Schlan)        
Zruc a. d. S. Zruc nad Sazavou p687 (see Unterkralowitz)        


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