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Appendix A

Number of Victims

I decided to deal with the individual resettlement transports, Jewish communities and geographical detail separately. This gave me a certain freedom when dealing with matters I considered of background interest to the destruction of these communities, prior to, and subsequent deportations to Belzec.

To achieve some consistency when referring to a particular ghetto or town, I used the conclusions (where applicable) and spelling shown by Martin Gilbert as my final reference. The resettlement numbers referred to cannot be relied upon due to inadequate evidential material. The scholars differ when assessing numbers of Jews deported, but in general they basically agree and I have used a certain amount of common sense when recording these variances.

There may be an overlap where one month merges into the next when figures vary from the source material. I have taken this into account in the final analysis of the document. A final complication when tracing individual transports to their ultimate end, was the fact that the transit ghettos, Izbica, Piaski and, and Krasnik, were some of the central collection points before the onward journey, thus eradicating any positive embarkation conclusion. Beyond these transit camps in the Lublin region, major towns such as Kolomyja, Stanislawow etc. would be the central collecting point from surrounding districts. The lack of information regarding smaller town communities, is mainly due to the Nazi policy of removing populations of less than 500 to the nearest town.

My calculations and conclusions, which can never be definitive, are based on a collective of previously researched information, the established bedrock of analysis over a number of years. Each contributor has approached this task independently on the basis of the information available. By drawing together known sources, cross referencing and analysis, I concur in the main conclusions and findings with a few minor re-assessments. In addition, I have added other sources gathered from elsewhere, primarily on the resettlement transports and other activities to the Belzec extermination camp between 17 March, 1942, when the first rail transports commenced - and the last transports into the camp in December, 1942.


Main sources:

Arad, Yitzhak, “Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka”: The Operation Reinhardt Death Camps (Bloomington: Indiana University Press 1987).

Tatiana Berenstein (Berensztyn, Brustin-Berenstein).

TB - Eksterminacja Zydow w Galicji 1941-1943: Biuletyn Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego, No. 3/1952, 21/ 1957, 3,/1953, 59/1966, 61/1967 (Tables 1-11). Statistical tables of the ghettoization, deportation and destruction in 139 Jewish communities in Galicia between 1941-1943.

Martyrologia, opor I zaglada ludnosci zydowskiej, in Biuletyn Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego, No. 21, pp 56-83, Warsaw, 1957 (10 statistical tables listing the size, deportation and destruction of Jewish communities in the Lublin District between 1939 - 1944).

Deportacje I Zaglada Skupisk Zydowskich w Dystrycie Warszawskim“ in Biuletyn Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego, No. 3, Warsaw 1952 (11 statistical tables of the ghettoization, deportation and destruction of Jews in the Warsaw Region).

Thomas (Tovi) Blatt, “Sobibor, The Forgotten Revolt”, Warsaw, 1998.

Martin Gilbert, The Dent Atlas of the Holocaust”, 2nd edition (London: Dent 1993), maps 1-316 -

Pinkas Hakehillot, “Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities, Poland” (Eastern and West Galicia):Vol. 2 and 3, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 1980 and 1984.

Franciszek Piper, “Auschwitz”, Oswiecim (Poland) 1996.

Yad Vashem Archive (1-0/32) documentation. A compilation of reports by the Jewish Committee, recording evidence taken from survivors of the towns and villages in Galicia, and miscellaneous files and reports.

Draft Report (comments welcome - Dr Robin O'Neil
Hebrew and Jewish Department
University College London
16 December 1999

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