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Translated by Irene Newhouse

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418 left Wilhelm Kube bel418as.jpg
418 center Adolf (Karl) Eichmann bel418bs.jpg
418 right Hinrich Lohse bel418cs.jpg
419 top Jewish work column in Mogilev summer 1941 bel419as.jpg
419 bottom Ceremony passing power from the military administration of the Wehrmacht General Walter Braimer (on the right) to the Chief German civilian administrator of Belarus, Wilhem Kube. Minsk 31 August 1941 bel419bs.jpg
420 top Antisemitic propaganda: Jewish-Bolshevik world conspiracy bel420as.jpg
420 bottom “Murderer and Underground conspirator Stalin finished his game” bel420bs.jpg
421 top “Don't leave our work till Communism will be finally defeated” bel421as.jpg
421 bottom Nazi supporters' demonstration in occupied Minsk bel421bs.jpg
422   propaganda poster, no caption. The top reads: “A year ago struggle for your liberation began.” The bottom reads: “Your work is your gratitude.” bel422s.jpg
423 top Jewish Soviet War Prisoners in the Concentration camp “Drozdy” near by Minsk, July 1941 bel423as.jpg
423 bottom Police personnel in Ivye, in the background the broken tank, delivered by hand by the power of 500 Jews from Yuratishki (14 km away) spring 1942 bel423bs.jpg
424   Elderly Jews on their knees.(German trophy photograph) bel424s.jpg
425   Jewish women and children in a ghetto the day before an annihilating Aktion bel425s.jpg
426 top Jewish men (revealing their torsos) awaiting execution. Trophy photograph. bel426as.jpg
426 bottom Elderly Jewish men awaiting execution near Mogilev. Trophy photograph. bel426bs.jpg
427   Victims of Nazi genocide bel427s.jpg
428 top Naliboki Forest. Jewish family group 1942 bel428as.jpg
428 bottom Jewish partisan group of the brigade named after Chkalov, 1943 bel428bs.jpg
429 upper left Lekhiel Okun' and Dora Retskin, 1942 bel429as.jpg
429 upper right Shleimele Shifmanovich from Zheludok bel429bs.jpg
429 bottom Jewish and Belarussian youth with their teachers in the Naliboki Forest school, 1944 bel429cs.jpg
430 top Shalom Zorin, commander of the Jewish partisan detachment no. 106 of the Ivanets Partisan Formation. Photo taken in the 1960s. bel430as.jpg
430 bottom At the First International Congress of partisans and ghetto resistance fighters. bel430bs.jpg
431 top Partisan identification of Moisei (Moshe) Tsimkind from Plissa bel431as.jpg
431 bottom Moshe Tsimkind, Rehovot (Israel) 1999 bel431bs.jpg
432 top First Ambassador from Israel to Belarus Eliahu Valk laying a wreath for the grave of the fighters Jewish Partisan unit No. 106 in Ivenets, 1994 bel432as.jpg
432 bottom Meeting after 50 years. Elka Farfel (on the right, living in Israel) tells her survival story in the Nesvizh Ghetto. Photo in Nesvizh 1999 bel432bs.jpg


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