The Tree and the Roots;
The History of T.L (Zofyuvka and Ignatovka)

(Zofyuvka, Ukraine)   (Ignatovka, Ukraine)
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Translation of
Ha-ilan ve-shoreshav; sefer korot T”L Zofyuvka-Ignatowka

Editor: Y. Vainer,

Published in Givatayim 1988


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This is a translation of: Ha-ilan ve-shoreshav; sefer korot T”L Zofyuvka-Ignatovka
(The tree and the roots; the history of T.L* (Zofyuvka and Ignatovka)),
Editor: Y. Vainer,, Published: Givatayim 1988 (H,Y, E 572 pages)

* Previously known as Trochenbrod and Lozisht

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Zofiowka

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


An eternal candle Yakov Weiner 11
The History of T”L [Trochenbrod–Lozisht]
Introduction Tuvia Drori 13
Jews in T”L – early generations Eliezer Barkay 35
My shtetl Trochenbrot [Y] David Schwartz 113
First World War Avraham Potash 154
Cultural institutions and youth movements   159
The Zionist Organization Yakov Weiner 159
Institutions and youth movements in T”L Tuvia Drori 160
Organizations and youth movements in the last decade Anshel Spielman 171
Hano'ar Hazioni Yakov Weiner 176
Hano'ar Hazioni movement Shmuel and Genia Potash 176
The BETAR branch in Ignatovka Gad Rosenblatt 178
The Communist party   179
From the book “The man who kept his vow” Anshel Spielman 180
From the book “Anonymous soldiers” Yakov Banay 194
Generation follows generation Tuvia Drori 198
The Holocaust   227
At the light of the memorial candle Yakov Weiner 229
We shall not forget! [Yiddish]   237
Ashmeday [king of the demons] I. Beider 238
Two fountains (poem) [Y] Eliezer Barkay 239
A fragment of a Torah scroll saved from the fire Gad Rosenblatt 240
A moving letter from Avraham, son of Sara Rivka [Y]   241
“A saved scroll”   242
The war against the Nazi oppressor   248
Feigel the rabbi's daughter [Y] Yosef Fuchsman 244
“The forest caught fire” (excerpts from a book) Gad Rosenblatt 249
Motl Blitstein Moshe Kol 316
The annihilation of the T”L Jews Heinrich Tzibolski 318
A night in dead Lozisht Chaim Vatsin 333
The Jewish Partisans Section [Y] Shlomo Strauss–Marcu 344
From my wanderings [Y] Wolf Ehrlichgerecht 358
My life with the partisans Michael Malir 364
One chapter from the tale of my suffering Devora Boslik 366
The suffering of the Zofiowka Jews in the Nazi period   379
A hiding place in a chimney Yitzhak Horn Gorenstein 388
Revenge – the story [Y] Daniel Katz 390
Happenings during the Nazi occupation Zvi Reuter 392
The shtetl Trochenbrod Rosa Tcherpak–Suchetzki 395
Experiences and memories   400
“In the tent of the Torah” Moshe Avrech–Startz 401
In memory of my brother David Startz Moshe Avrech–Startz 404
Glimmers of memory Chaia Wechselbaum 406
Memories from an aching heart Yehudit Zakay (Fierer) 408
Our ancestors, the charity people David Schuster 409
A darkened childhood Chana Tziporen (Friedman) 411
Longing for Trochenbrod and Lozisht Avraham Feldman 416
A noble tradition Tova Ofek 420
My brother Yakov Burk z”l Chava Gordin 423
How and Why?? Dov Ben–Tov (Gildin) 425
The “Sirkov Aliya” to Eretz Israel Ben–Zion Rosenblatt 426
My town and the landscapes of my birth place Bella Shechori 431
Memories from my family Chaia Ben–Nun 433
My years of youth in the Diaspora Baruch Rosenblatt (Raz) 438
Bet Tal [T”L House]
“Burning Embers” Yakov Weiner 450
The establishment of Bet Tal [T”Lhouse]
by former T”L residents
The inauguration of Bet Tal   456
   Yitzhak Deutch
   Eliezer Barkay
   H. Ben–Zvi, Mayor of Giv'atayim
   Rav H. Rubinstein
   Rav Broida
   Major Yakov Banay
   Gad Rosenblatt
   Asher Fishfieder
   Chaim Watchin
Assembly of former T”L residents 1974 Anshel Spielman 470
My speech at in the T”L Bet Hamidrash [Y] Yehoshua Shemesh 472
Eng. Yosef Eisenstat, pioneer of the Israeli industry   476
The black spot (a story) Tuvia Drori 478
Yiddish in the land (memories) I. Beider 482
Our children write essays on T”L (1966)   487
   Efrat Ben–Tov
   Avi Geller
   Tova Bisker
   Friman Dov
   Chana Shechori
   Chana Spielman
   Sara Raz
Epilogue   497
An agreement between the Leibush brothers and
Ben Zion Rosenblatt, in the handwriting of R'Zalman Schuster
Memories Netanel Rosensohn (Sani) 502
In memory of T”L residents who fell in the Israel wars   513
T”L martyrs who perished in the Holocaust   521
…For these things I weep! [Lamentations 1:16]   532
List of people who passed away in Israel   560
Introduction to the English Section Yakov Weiner  
Introduction to the history of T”L [English] Tuvia Drori VI
The Agricultural Settlement of the Jews in the West of Russia [English] Tuvia Drori XXIV
Agricultural Settlement in Tsarist Russia [English] Tuvia Drori XXXVII


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