Memorial Book of the Community of Zelow
(Zelów, Poland)

51°28' / 19°14'

Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Zelow

Editor: Avraham Kalushiner

Published in Tel Aviv 1976

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Zelow (Memorial book of the community of Zelow)
Editor: Avraham Kalushiner, Zelow Society, Published: Tel Aviv 1976 (H, Y 447 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Zelow

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

  With the publication of the book The Committee of the Organization  
[Y] With the publication of the book The Committee of the Organization  
[H] Foreword The Editor  
[Y] Foreword The Editor  
  An Article about Kalushiner Zev Shkopf  
  A poem Avraham Kalushiner z"l  
The Jewish Settlement in Zelow
  Zelow until 1930 Avraham Mendel Klein 33
  Zelow in the years 1890-1920 Yehoshua Lustigman z"l 63
  Our Shtetl Nathan Dinari-Goldmintz 65
  A Sabbath in our town Tzirl Klein 71
  From the old home Pinchas Menachem Feivlowitz 74
  Memories from my old home Salke Klein 78
  Episodes from Zelow Avraham Feilowitz 80
  Jewish Paramedics and Midwives in Zelow Sura Miriam Kipper 83
  How did they sit... (after Lamentation 1:1) Vove Ripstein z"l 89
Personalities, Institutions and Organizations in Zelow
[H] The religious life in town Zev Shkopf 95
[H] The Rav R'Israel Yakov Greenfeld z"l Zev Shkopf 103
[H] My grandfather R'Shieyele (Yehoshua) Lusner z"l Chaia Yustman 107
[H] The friendly and warmhearted Jew Mordechai Shertzki z"l Avraham Mendel Klein 108
[Y] The friendly and warmhearted Jew Mordechai Shertzki z"l Avraham Mendel Klein 112
[Y] When Jewish Zelow was alive... Nathan Dinari 115
[Y] Zelower Jews - farmers in Eretz Israel Nathan Dinari 126
[H] The Agudat Israel in Zelow Zev Shkopf 133
[H] “Bet Yaakov” in Zelov Chaia Yustman 136
[Y] Parties, organizations and institutiona Yerachmiel Goldmintz 142
[Y] My unforgettable family Tzirl Klein-Cohen 148
[Y] Zelower Jews N. Dinari 152
[Y] Excerpts from the Press   157
[H] A wondrous manuscript on Hasidism Yakov Zvi 160
Occupation and Holocaust
[H] The poem on the murdered Jewish people Yitzhak Katzenelson 169
[Y] The railway wagons are here again! (a poem) Yitzhak Katzenelson 170
[H] A memorial plaque Zev Shkopf 175
[H] The extermination camp in Chelmno Zev Shkopf 175
[Y] Chelmno Avraham Kalushiner 187
[H] In the Valley of Tears Avraham Kalushiner 191
[Y] In the Valley of Tears Avraham Kalushiner 193
  When Jewish blood was forsaken.... Zev Lisner 195
[Y] Zelow in the years 1930-1942 Yerachmiel Goldmintz 213
[Y] After the deportation Yerachmiel Goldmintz 224
[Y] By my Mother's violated grave Lea Falka Aba 234
  Memories Max Lieberman 238
[H] From the mouth of a survivor of the fire Meir Wunder 243
[H] Years of suffering and torment Pinchas Menachem Feivlowitz 245
[H] Longing Pinchas Menachem Feivlowitz 265
[Y] Zelow in the years 1930-1942 Yad Vashem Archives 266
  Testimonies Yad Vashem Archives 270
  Testimonies Yad Vashem Archives 272
[Y] The life and destruction of Jewish Zelow Tzeletzka Perla 276
[Y] The years of wandering Asher Kviatkovski 281
[Y] Episodes from the Hitler period Gedalia Weitz 294
[Y] Witnesses tell their stories   298
[Y] Our violated home Sara Ploskva Hochman 301
[Y] The Women Camps Chaia shenkelevski 303
[Y] Refugees from Stercev in Zelow Dov Horontchik 305
  Yizkor [Remember] Avraham Mendel Klein 306
[H] In Occupied France Avraham Mendel Klajn 308
[Y] In Occupied France Avraham Mendel Klajn 334
[H] Our Zelow Kalman Storch 362
[Y] About the activity of the “Judenrat” A. M. K. 363
[H] Zelow From “The Poland Story” [lit. the Poland scroll] 368
The Association of former Zelow Residents in Israel
  The Association of former Zelow Residents in Israel Zev Skopf 371
[H] A circular   373
[Y] A circular   375
[Y] A circular   378
May God Remember the Souls [Yizkor]
  Yizkor   391
  List of the fallen and the deceased   393
  Obituaries   406

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