Memorial Book of the Community of Zborow
(Zborov, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Zborow

Edited by Eliyahu (Adik) Zilberman

Published in Haifa, 1975



Project Coordinator

Ann Harris


This is a translation from: Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Zborow, (Memorial book of the community of Zborow),
edited by Eliyahu (Adik) Zilberman; published by the Zborow Society. Haifa, 1975 (Hebrew, Yiddish, 477 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Zborow

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund (Yiddish) and by Sara Mages (Hebrew)

Edited by Ann Harris

Title Author Language Page
The History of the Jews in Zborow
The Historical background of Zborow Y. G. Labiner H 17
Zborow according to the Russian Encyclopedia A. Silberman H 22
Additional details to the history of Zborow Yehudis Katz H 24
The messengers of national revival in our town and its first activists Mordechai Marder, z”l H 26
The Scroll of Horror
Passing thoughts during the days of “Shiv'a” [Mourning] Y. G. Labiner H 37
Experiences in Zborow Ghetto and in the Bunker Tzvi (Hersh) Fuhrman H 39
Experiences in Zborower Ghetto and in the Bunker Tzvi (Hersh) Fuhrman Y 50
From the sufferings of a Holocaust survivor David Meierstein H 65
From the Zborower Ghetto, Work Camp David Meierstein Y 69
Letters from the Valley of Death Letters of Ida Berger, z”l H 75
Letter from Zborower Ghetto to a Prisoner in Eretz-Yisroel Ida Berger, z”l Y 84
Among the Wolves–the one who saved Jews Sima Zeiger (Jung) H 97
Hiding from Death Tziporah Schindlheim (Stock) H 103
In the struggle for life Michal Jung H 104
Memories from the period of horror Chula (Helena) Broda H 107
Memories from the days of horror Leib Kronisch, z”l H 111
Reflections of Moshe Jung, z”l, and his wife Regina   Y 123
And the Ukrainians slaughtered… Shmuel Stark H 130
The Zborow Labor Camp Benedict Friedman H 131
With Christian Friends Faya Shapira Y 133
From the testimony of Mr. Tzvi Ebers   H 145
From the memories of a Jewish Fighter Shmuel Jung H 148
I was “Aryan” Arye Jung H 149
Zborow in the shadow of destruction Chula (Helena) Broda H 158
The priest Jan Pablitzki Gad Rotem H 160
Segments of sad memories Shmuel Silberman H 162
Visiting the mass grave of Zborow’s Jews Lipa Fisher H 164
“We Accuse” – two stories from the book by Lena Kichler-Silberman
(Story A of Aharon – Max son of Manes and Lea Schwab)
  H 165
In Zborow Under the Nazi Yoke Menachem Doll, z”l Y 175
Dora, the Nurse Menachem Doll, z”l Y 179
The Jews’ rescuer Antosho Suchinski   H 181
Itz'a Zeiger, z”l   Y 181
The tree planning ceremony in “Ya’ar HaKdoshim” [The Forest of the Martyrs] Remarks by A. Silberman H 182
Uprising attempt in the Ghetto G. Schneider H 183
Levi Remer z”l, the commander of Zborow Ghetto uprising G. Schneider H 184
Benjamin Fleischner z”l, One of the Rebels G. Schneider. H 185
My wanderings with the Red Army soldiers Tzvi Katz H 186
The Righteous Among the Nations in our town   H 187
In the Soviets’ instruments of torture Michal Fuhrman H 188
Memories, Images and the Way of Life
From the memories of a Zborow man Y. G. Labiner H 191
Remarks to the article by Y. G. Labiner Y. Radler Feldman (Reb Benjamin) H 211
“From Zborow to the Kinneret” – Segments from the book by R’ Benjamin   H 213
Communities Leaders and Public Activists Benjamin Reis H 245
The main Public Institutes Benjamin Reis H 255
The "Kitchen" Benjamin Reis H 262
The "Kitchen" Benjamin Reis Y 266
The Zionist Pioneer Movement A. Silberman H 272
Zborow between the two world wars A. Rotem H 282
The public image of Zborow G. Schneider H 286
The Halutz [pioneer] Movement in Zborow Dov Mehlsack H 293
When I remember my heart shrinks… Itka Strasberg (Linder) H 297
A few memories from my birthplace Natan Heiman, z”l H 299
Shredded Memories Yehudit Katz H 301
Zborow of Yesterday Ephraim Katz H 303
The town is no longer Leah Gang (of the Shechter family) H 306
Memories from the years of my youth Shlomo Amitai (Warhaftig) H 307
I Remember the Years of My Youth Melech Diemand Y 309
The Youth Movements in Zborow Moshe Shapira H 311
Kol Nidrei night in the town Yaron Zelig (Jaeger) H 314
From the town's images Yaron Zelig (Jaeger) H 315
Zborow during Weekdays and Holidays Yakov Weller H 318
In the Six Working Days Yakov Weller H 319
A Few Memories Eli Richter H 322
The Orthodox Community in Zborow Michael Roth H 324
Betar in Zborow Shmuel Hollander and Michal Fuhrman H 328
The Chapters of Zborow Azriel Pollak H 330
The Organization of Zborow Former Residents in the US A. Silberman H 336
The “Balamot” [sack of fodder given to the horses] case Benjamin Reis H 339
“Ohel Moshe” – the title page of HaRav Alter Zweig z”l   H 341
The judgment of HaRav Alter Zweig in the matter of the convert Judge Dejewski   H 342
This is how the Ukrainian Boycott Conspiracy was foiled Benjamin Reis H 343
The emergency invitation of the Jewish Public Activists Benjamin Reis H 344
Personalities and Community Workers
Reb Benjamin (Yehoshua Radler Feldman)   H 351
Simcha Bunem Feldman   H 353
The Rabbi Ben-Zion Shlita   H 354
The Rabbi Shlomo Kleinhandler   H 354
The Rabbi Alter Zweig   H 355
Aharon Zierfenig?   H 355
Dr. Moshe Brumer   H 356
Moshe Chaim Silberman   H 357
Yisroel Katz   H 357
Mendel Sigal   H 358
Naphtali Katz   H 359
Hersh Shapira   H 360
Jakov Fuchs   H 361
Reb Shimon Buchwald   H 362
Mendel Jung   H 362
Jakov Mendel   H 362
Abba Waltuch   H 363
Arye (Leib) Adler   H 363
Poldi Auerbach   H 364
Aiziv Silberberg   H 365
Zainvel Leibling   H 366
Yitzhak Auerbach   Y 367
Zainvel Rutte     371
Moshe Shamas   Y 372
To the Memory of the Fallen
Asher Halpern   H 375
With his Heart and his Soul   H 378
David Schneider   H 379
Micha Heiman   H 381
I will commune with Micha Bratt   H 382
Shmuel Katz   H 383
Muti Shapira   H 386
To the Memory of Holocaust Martyrs
My Father my Teacher Moshe Chaim Silberman   H 391
Mendel Halpern-Segal   H 395
Ester and Shmuel Schneider   H 396
He was a Righteous Man   H 397
Haber Family   H 399
Family of Jankel Roth   H 400
Family of Fishel Tzipora   H 401
Jaeger Family   H 402
Davidsohn Family   H 403
Piper (Pfeffer) Family   H 404
Rabbi Schechter about his parents   H 407
Family of Shlomo Linder   H 408
The Mehlsack and Linder Families   H 409
Michal Leibling Family   H 410
Elka Minzer   H 411
The Weller Family   H 412
The families of R' Yakov and R' Shimshon Pollak   H 413
Family of Rivka Katz   H 414
Klahr Family   H 415
Family of Uri Schechter   H 416
Family of Aitzi and Sara Schapira   H 417
Family of Aron Bord   H 418
Family of Manes and Ester Roth   H 418
Family of Genetsha Diemand   Y 419
Fleissteiner Family   H 420
Fuhrman Family   H 422
Richter Family   H 423
Spindel Family   H 424
Family of Hersh Rapp   H 425
Family of Shmuel Adler   H 426
To the Memory of Those who Died in the Land [of Israel]
Josef and Lena Auerbach   H 429
Shoshana Reiman   H 430
Chana Shifra from the Pollak family   H 431
Arye Marder (Heiman)   H 432
Nachum and Sara Linder   H 433
Elka Wallach   H 434
Rivka Katz   H 435
Sara Jaeger   H 436
Josef Klahr   H 437
Moshe Jung   H 437
Eliezer Spindel   H 438
Emil Brumer   H 438
Moshe Kronberg   H 438
Tzvi Rosenbaum   H 439
Rivka Wolkowicz (Pollak)   H 440
Benjamin Buchwald   H 440
Natan Heiman   H 441
Penina Rosenfeld   H 444
Moshe Pfeffer   H 445
Meir Labiner-Roth   H 445
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