My Zakroczym
(Zakroczym, Poland)

52°26' / 20°38'

Translation of
Zakroczym Sheli

Editor: Josef Zilberberg

Published in Tel Aviv 1985

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This is a translation of: Zakroczym Sheli (My Zakroczym),
Editor: Josef Zilberberg, Published: Tel Aviv 1985 (H, Pol 156 pages)

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Translated by Ada Holtzman

Introduction by Isachar Fater 5-7
Map of Town 8
Forward by the Author 9
Extracts in Polish 10
Translation of the extracts 11-12
The 11-18th centuries 12-18
The 19th century 19-30
The 20th century until 1914 30-31
The end of WWI 31-32
Poland 1918-1920 32-33
The Bolshevik Invasion 33-35
Back to the Shtetl and the speech of Greenbaum 36-37
Number of the Jews: 921 and the first Immigrants to Eretz Israel 37-39
Children and their school 39-40
The Communist underground 40
More about the children 40-42
Elections 42-43
Outsiders: Jankel Moshe Polcza 43-45
The three killed 45-46
A wedding in the shtetl 46-47
Brochel 48, 65
P h o t o g r a p h s 49-64
Fire in town and the death of Rozka 66-67
A Theological dialogue 67-68
“The Tea House” 68
The hoarse Wolf Ber 69
Hashomer Hatazir, Beitar 69-70
The tinsmith, Seger Rigyi 70-71
Chana Rywka, Seger Rigyi 71-72
Pudo, the mute 72-73
The Hebrew University 73
Sad regards 74
Let us travel and tour 74-78
“Odopost” in town 78-80
I learned from all my teachers 80-82
The Filsudski Revolt 1926 82-83
Reb Mendel Jarlicht 83-84
Icze Wolach and his son 84-88
The opposition in Poland 86
Greenbaum and Sneh 86-87
Azriel Lejb Szapszowicz
An apostate girl 88-92
The 1929 riots in Palestine 93-94
Mendel Bilhe's 94-95
1665 Jews in Zakroczym 96
Sima Jarlicht 97-99
Reb Shmuel Fater 99-100
Reb Szmelka 101
A brother and a sister (Bogac) 192
We and our Christian neighbours 103
Wandering… 103-104
The Rabbi and the daughter 104-106
On the gates of Holocaust 107
“As long as we live” 108
J o c h e w e t 111-116
The rage
“der halber tata” - a half father 117-118
Three women, Chaja Cohen, Rywka Szlang, Rywka Appel-Kalmanowicz 119-120
Reb Fyszel Cukier and his grandson Szmuel Lejb Fogel 121
…And the smile will never leave him 122-126
The Zakroczym Landsmanschaft in Israel 127
The grandson was killed in defense of the homeland 128
P h o t o g r a p h s 129-144
Y i z k o r - R e m e m b e r 145-148
A private section 149-150
A journey to Poland 1 9 8 4 151

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