The Beauty of the Mountains of Yore;
the Karpatorus-Marmarosh Exile
(Zakarpatska (Region), Ukraine)

Translation of
Sefer shefer harere kedem;
golat Karpatorus-Marmarosh be-tifartahu-ve-hurbanah

Editor: Shlomo Rosman

Published in Brooklyn 1991

This is a translation of: Sefer shefer harere kedem; golat Karpatorus-Marmarosh be-tifartahu-ve-hurbanah
(The beauty of the mountains of yore; the Karpatorus-Marmarosh exile),
Editor: Shlomo Rosman, Published: Brooklyn 1991 (H 528 pages)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Chapter   Page
1 - A charming land, rich in tradition - Under the rule of the Czechoslovakian Republic - The Karpatorus Jewry in the framework of the Jewish Diaspora - The spiritual life - The simple and genuine life - Special figures of laboring people - The structure of the villages and towns - A Jewry rooted in the tradition of the Fathers - The framework of the Holy Communities 17
2 - Great Torah Scholars in the positions of chief Rabbis - The Rabbi's House - A leading place of discussions of The Law [Halacha] - The influence of the Rabbi on his community members - Fiery speeches and sermons - Rabbis and Geonim [genius-scholars], ADMORs, Heads of Yeshivas and Judges who served in the Holy Communities of Karpatorus - Marmarosh 40
3 - Great cities in Karpatorus - Ungvar, the capital of Karpatorus - Rabbi Yehuda Leibush Bodek-Reisman - Rabbi Gedalia Richtseit - Rabbi Yehuda Fried - Rabbi Zvi-Hersh Heller - The Great Scholar MAHARAM ASH [R'Meir Eisenstatder] - Rabbi Menachem ASH - Rabbi Chaim Zvi Mannheimer - Rabbi Elazar Lev - Rabbi Avraham Yosef Greenwald - Ungvar's last rabbi - “For the sanctification of the Holy Name” [Al Kidush Hashem] 78
4 - Beregszasz - The mark of the HATAM SOFER - Rabbi Yitzhak Rachlitz - Rabbi Avraham Yehuda Leib Hakohen Schwartz - Rabbi Shlomo Sofer - Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Hirsch - Rabbi Asher Steinmetz - Rabbi Aharon Raate - The ADMOR from Beregszasz - Toldot Aharon - From Budapest to Szatmar - His Aliya to Eretz Israel - The relocation of his “court” to Beregszasz - His settling in the Holy City Jerusalem 87
5 - Great Berezna - An old and beautiful community - Rabbi Avraham Broda - Rabbi Yoel Zvi Raate - Rabbi Shalom Sofer - Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Sofer.- 110
6 - Volove - From the Carpathian mountaintops - Rabbi Aharon Meir Friedlander - Rabbi Alexander Zvi Klingberg - Rabbi Mordechai Eliezer Weber - Rabbi Meir ASH - Rabby Israel Yakov Yukel Teitelboim - Rabbi Aharon Teitelboim - The last rabbi of Volove 118
7 - Hust - A fortified city - The Cedars of Lebanon - The first rabbi in Hust - Rabbi Yakov Gottlieb - Rabbi Menachem ASH - Rabbi Shmuel Smelke Klein - Rabbi Moshe Schik - Rabbi Amram Blohem - Rabbi Yoel Zvi Raate - Rabbi Moshe Greenwald - Rabbi Avraham Yosef Greenwald - Rabbi Yosef Zvi Dushinski - Rabbi Yehoshua Greenwald 130
8 - Munkacs - A city of a large population - The first Jewish settlers - A magnificient rabbinic tradition - Raising the flag of Hassidism - Rabbi Azriel Green - Rabbi Efraim Fishl Horowitz - Great agitation in Hungary - Rabbi Chaim Sofer - The author of Shem Shelomo - The author of Darchei Teshuva - Rabbi Chaim Elazar Shapira - Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz - A City of Torah and Charity - Continuing the “Golden Chain” 155
9 - The Holy Community of Swalive - Rabbi Yitzhak Aizik Weiss - Rabbi Shalom Goldenberg - Rabbi Chaim Leib Goldenberg 177
10 - Szeles - Nature's blessing and beauty - Rabbi Ya'ir Katz - Rabbi Baruch, father of the author of the Tanya - Rabbi Yehuda Hakohen Heller - Rabbi Chaim Meir Zev Hakohen Seelenfreund - Rabbi Falk - Rabbi Eliezer Lipman Stein - Rabbi Chaim Moshe Hakohen - Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke Klein - Rabbi Pinchas Chaim Klein - Rabbi Yosef Nechemia Karnitzer - Rabbi Shlomo Israel Klein 183
11 - Seredna - An old community = Rabbi Shalom Adler - Rabbi Menachem Yehuda Adler - Rabbi Yitzhak Aizik Adler - The last rabbis in Seredna and the Region 198
12 - Kaszani - A seething Chassidic center - Rabbi Yehosef Rothenberg - Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Rothenberg - The last rabbi in Kaszani 204
13 - Rachov - Rabbi Israel Chaim Friedman - Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Friedman 210
14 - Sighet - The most beautiful city of Marmarosh - Rabbi Yitzhak Zvi son of R'Moshe Avraham - Rabbi Yehuda Hakohen Heller - Rabbi Menachem Mendel Stern - Rabbi Elazar Nissan Teitelboim - Rabbi Yosef Stern - Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelboim - Rabbi Chananya Yom-Tov Lipa Teitelboim - Rabbi Chaim Zvi Teitelboim - Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelboim - The magnificent Sighet-Satmar kingdom - Rabbi Yoel Teitelboim - Krali, Head of the Religious Court - The Satmar Rabbinate - Years of stress and suffering - The return of the Good Old Days [lit. “return of the Crown”] - Rabbi Moshe Teitelboim - Upholding the heritage of the great scholar of Satmar 216
15 - The cradle of Hassidism - Hassidism is spreading to remote places - Responsibility for the future of the Nation - Journeys of spiritual awakening - The journey to the Rabbi - The Hassidim before the destruction 244
16 The Wizhnitz Dynasty - Rabbi Yakov Kopil Hassid - Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kasov - Rabbi Chaim of Kasov - Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Wizhnitz - Rabbi Baruch the author of Imrei Baruch [Baruch's sayings] - Rabbi Israel the author of Ahavat Israel - Rabbi Chaim Meir author of Imrei Chaim - Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Hager - Rabbi Mordechai Hager 257
17 The glory of the Mordechai House - Continuing the Dynasty in Hust - Continuing the Dynasty in Kretchnief - Continuing the Dynasty after the War 275
18 The Spinka House - A magnificent and lively dynasty - Rabbi Yosef Meir author of Imrei Yosef - Rabbi Yitzhak Aizik author of Hakal Yitzhak - Rabbi Yakov Yosef Weiss - Continuing to weave the Dynasty - Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Horowitz - The ADMOR of Spinka 285
19 - Jewish and Torah-education in Karpatorus-Marmaros - Talmud-Torah schools in the big communities - The Heder classes in the various settlements - Where the Heder was located - From dawn to darkness - First steps in the Heder - The advanced stages - Great Melamdim [teachers] - Total devotion to learning - 299
20 - Life aspiration - Dearer than gold and pearls - Feeding the Yeshiva students - Places to live - Titles at the completion of the study 312
21 The Upper Region and the Lower Region - “Go on exile to a place of Torah Study” - The Head of the Yeshiva - The “Study Times” [semesters] - The division of the students into “groups” - The syllabus - “Learning for the purpose of establishing the Law” - The Karpatorus-Marmaros Yeshiva before the Holocaust - 324
22 - The Holy Sabbath - The Jewish Mother - On the eve of the Holy Sabbath - Expenses for the Sabbath - “Let us welcome the Sabbath” - “Come, the Bride, the Sabbath Queen” - A guest for Sabbath - “The poor of your town come first” - The spiritual life - The Jewish mother and the “Tzena Urena” - The Rabbi's sermon - The end of the Holy Sabbath 338
23 - The Days of Forgiveness and Mercy - The charitable women [Nashim Tzidkaniyot] - Longing for past summer - Getting up early for the Selichot - The time of harvest 356
24 - The cantor for The Days of Awe [Yamim Nora'im] - The composers of the melodies - The Rabbi's sermon before the Shofar Blowing - Around the ADMOR - The Rebbe's Shirayim [leftovers from his food] - The melodies of the ADMORs' “court” 363
25 - The Holiday of Sukkot - A time of joy and spiritual pleasure - Autumn 374
26 - The winter months - To the Beit Hamidrash for spiritual pleasure - The morning people and the evening people - An occasion for spiritual accounting - “As the month of Adar arrives, we increase our joy” - Masks and “gragers” - The disguised and the players - The Purim Meal with the Family 381
27 - Preparations for Passover - Baking Matzot - With melody and song - Beautifying the home - The holiday of Shavuot - Days of besiegement and distress 390
25 - Jewish weddings - Difficult pairing - An atmosphere of joy - The Jester at the wedding - Joy of “Mitzva” 399
29 - “By the sweat of your brow shall you eat your bread” - The agriculture - The Lumber business - Merchants and shopkeepers - Fruit merchants - Butchers - Jewish milkmen - Wagon owners - Bakers - Tinsmiths - Glaziers - Carpenters - Smiths - Tailors - Cobblers 406
30 The Karpatorus amd Marmaros Communities in their glory and destruction - In the chains of poverty - A strong connection with the Homeland - The keepers of the Holy Duties - True Testimony - “The sun rises and the sun sets” (Eccl. 1:5) 428
Tales A string of wonderful tales about the noble way-of-life of the Karpatorus-Marmaros Jews 439


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