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4 Pictures from the Second Meeting of the Yedinitz Emigres in Israel - March 7, 1967 15
3 Pictures from the Anniversary of the Death of M. Reicher 17
2 Photos Regarding Planting of Bessarabian Martyr's Forest 29
3 Photos of Gravestones in Yedinitz of Those Killed in July 1941 31
Religious Seminary in Yedinitz 43
Patchova Street 52
Eretz Yisrael Working Block Committee 83
Drawing of Avraham Hirsh Kaufman's House by Yosy Lande 111
Two Yedinitz Intellectuals 136
Shimshon Bronstein and his Contemporaries 173
Photo from the 1920's including Shimshon Bronstein 187
Founders of the Loan and Savings Fund. Audit Committee Directors. Founded 10/17/1926. 195
Avraham Bronstein's pharmacy on the Post Office Street 201
On the Steps of Avraham Bronstein's Pharmacy 203
“Zhedka with the hens.” 207
A Sewing Machine Class Sponsored by Distributors of Singer Sewing Machines 209
Women's Committee to Provide Food for Poor Students 217
Sheindele Berezin-Sadovnik 223
Jewish Hospital donated by Shmuel and Chava Loibman 225
Loibman Hospital Women's Auxiliary 227
Loibman Hospital Staff after the War in 1945-46 229
Dr. Rosa and Yisrael Shott 234
The Public School aka Talmud Torah 237
Founders and Supporters of the Tarbut National School in Yedinitz, 1925 241
Yosef Diamant 243
Teacher and Poet A. L. Yagolnitzer and his wife Bina 255
The Teacher Yaakov Kizhner 259
R. Moshe Leiderman's school in 1923 263
The last photo of the private school of Mr. Dubrow's school 267
The Dubrow School in the 1930s 269
Senior leaders in Yedinitz in the first decade of the 20th century 274
The gravestone on the grave of Baruch Yashchikman 278
Teachers of the Talmud Torah 283
Departure Photo of Zippora Toporovsky upon her emigration to Palestine 283
The Gymnasia - 10 year anniversary 285
A group of gymnasia graduates of 1923 graduating class. 287
Departure photo for teacher Dubrow, who left the school. 289
Gymnasia teachers upon the departure from teaching of Mr. Dubrow. 291
Departure of Teacher Gandelman. 295
Etty Gutman's kindergarten in 1932. 299
Tarbut Library Committee 301
Yedinitz Soccer Team 303
Levi Leon Trachtenbroit 307
Idel and Chana Reichman 309
Bracha Weiner 313
Actor Yitzchak Goichberg 320
The Theater Club during the 1930s 321
Theater Club from 1920 323
Alexander Melechson speaking 331
Golda Gutman-Krimer (Argentina) and her book My Town Yedinitz 334
Yitzchak (Isaac) Weinshenker 336
Yehuda Steinberg 337
Menashe Halpern 341
Eliezer Steinberg 345
Yehuda Leib and Miriam Grozman 347
Der Spiegel Headline (Jan-Feb 1959) 351
The Great Synagogue 353
Rabbi Yechiel Michel Burstein 375
Rabbi Michel Burnstein welcoming the Vizhnitz Rebbe 377
Purim Carnival Picture Circa 1931 - Gordonia Zionist Group 387
Purim Carnival 1935 388
Cartoon: The Crier by Peretz Weinrech 393
Cartoon by Peretz Weinrech 401
Cartoon: “Those Heretics…” by Peretz Weinreich 403
Cartoon: “A scandal…” by Peretz Weinreich 408
Cartoon: “What a great life!” by Peretz Weinreich 410
Neta Schoor and his wife 414
Penina (Perl Schorr) and Asher Goldberg 416
Avraham Weissman 418
Purim Party in the school of the teacher Dobrov, 1934/35 457
Picture: Unidentified Title 466
Zionist Youth in Yedinitz 473
Zionists activists bid farewell to the teacher Dubrow 477
Zionists in Britchan bid farewell to the Lankovsky and Goldgale families 481
The first regional Zionist council in Britchany, 1920 485
Leaders of Keren Hayesod with a delegation from their head office in Kishinev 487
Farewell photo for Esther Snitkovsky prior to her departure for South America (1929) 489
Yedinitz in the Newspapers 491
Zionist Women’s Association in Yedinitz, 8/18/1935 493
A group of Zionist women in the 1930s 493
Activists of the Jewish National Fund in the 1930s 495
Association of Zionist Youth of Yedinitz 497
Poalei Zion [Workers of Zion] Committee in 1930-31 501
A group of members of Poalei Zion, 1932 505
An article about the reorganization of the Poalei Zion 508
Pioneer Training in the 1920s – Chopping Wood 509
Two of the first pioneers from Yedinitz 512
Natives of Yedinitz on the Fourth Migration to Palestine (1920's) 514
A group of pioneers in the Kishinev training camp in 1927 516
The end of the Hehalutz carpentry shop 520
Gratch family – among the first pioneers from Yedinitz 521
A group of pioneers in training in the early 1920s 522
“Ha'Or” (The Light) 524
A Group of Members of the Hatechiya [Rebirth] Movement in the mid-1920s 529
A Reading Evening (started in the 1920s) 532
A literary court (regarding The Priest [Hakohen] 532
A Group of Students in the late 1930s 535
A Group of Youth Studying in the late 1930s 536
A Group of Students in 1930 536
The Gordonia Branch in Yedinitz, 1934 537
1925 – The Yedinitz Hachaver Committee 541
The first leadership group of the Gordonia branch at the end of the 1920s 543
The Gordonia Group in Yedinitz in the early 1930s 545
Members of Gordonia with Eliyahu Bitchutsky-Naor and his girlfriend Batsheva 546
Leaders of Gordonia branch in 1933/34 548
Meeting of Leaders of Yedinitz Gordonia 1936 548
Gordonia activists in the 1930s 549
Leaders of Gordonia in the mid-1930s 551
First group of pioneers of Yedinitz Poalei Zion group called Yungbar in 1933 553
Members of Yungbar (Poalei Zion youth) with Shalom and Manya Caspi 554
Poalei Zion youth group planning to embark on pioneer training 555
Girls’ Group “Rise” of Poalei Zion youth in 1930-31 556
Dror-Poalei Zion youth group in 1930s 557
The Second Dror Seminar, Yedinitz, Passover 1937 559
Group of Poalei Zion pioneers from Yedinitz - 11/22/36 560
Revolutionary Youth somewhere out of town in 1935-36 564
A group of revolutionary workers from the area who gathered in Yedinitz 566
The Staff of the Soviet Clinic (formerly the Loibman Hospital) 574
Rabbi Dov Burstein 575
Dr. Michael Landau 578
Meir Zeit 582
Map of Bessarabia and Ukraine: Detailing Places Yedintz Jews Were Sent 727
“The Expulsion of Yedinitzers”, an oil painting by Yuzi Landau 747
Mutzlmacher Family, the Martyred Family 766
“Deportation” drawn by Avigdor Meller 1946 773
“Kol Nidre Eve/Night in the Kaseuz Forest” 1971 by the world-renowned artist, Ben of Paris 786
On the Bank of the Dniester, photograph 791-2
“The Forgotten Child in the Forest” - a drawing by Zinovy Tolkochev 799
Yedinitz gravestone of Avraham Yehuda, son of Yisroel-Moishe Zaiv (from the shoichtim family Elkis) 826
Monuments in the Jewish Cemetery of Yedinitz, as found by the returnees 826


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