Yizkor Book in Memory of Voislavize
(Wojsławice, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer zikaron Voislavitse

Editor: Shimon Kanc

Published in Tel Aviv 1970

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Sefer zikaron Voislavitse (Yizkor book in memory of Voislavize),
Editor: Shimon Kanc, Former Residents of Voislavize, Published: Tel Aviv 1970 (H,Y 515 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wojslawice

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

We shall remember   5
A candle in their memory   6
El Male Rahamim [memorial prayer]   7
Map of Wojslawice   8–9
The book The Book Committee 10
Wojslawice, my town Shlomo Ofir 12
“And you shall tell your son”   17
History of the Town
Introduction Shimon Kanc 23
History of the Jewish settlement in Wojslawice [Y] Shimon Kanc 33
The blood libel in 1760 [Y] Moshe Strassberger 52
Spiritual and economic background of Wojslawice Moshe Sagie–Kleinmintz 66
My sixty years of life in Wojslawice, 1879–1939 [Y] Mendel Schaffer 69
   Winter pleasures    
   In the village    
   Jewish self–defense    
   Hevlei Mashiach [pre–Messianic ordeals]    
   Wojslawice Jews hear about Dr. Herzl    
   The first Zionist speech    
   Wrathful winds    
Our rabbis [Y] Arie–Leib Reiz 96
   Rav R'David London    
   Rav R' Baruch Israel    
   Rav R'Levy    
   Rav R'Meir Feivel Weinstein    
   The great dispute    
   Rav R'Yakov–Yitzhak Tzitrinboim    
   The Rav appointed by the authorities, R'Yehoshua Kleinmintz    
The Synagogue and the Bet Midrash
The Hassidic shtiblech [Y]   108
   Trisker, Belzer, Gerer    
Cantors   110
Sabbath and Holidays in town   111
   High–Holidays, Sukot and Simchat Tora,    
   Chanuka, Purim, Pesach, Shavuot    
The Community   122
   From my grandmother's treasure    
The town of my parents and grandparents [Y] Yakov Tennenbaum, 131
   In the legendary Kotchyal cellar    
   Yichus [lineage]    
   At the fair    
Jewish Education
The Heder, the Melamdim and the Bet Hamidrash Moshe Sagie–Kleinmintz 163
Learn Torah, my son Moshe Rab 170
   Teachers of little children    
   The elementary School    
   Our fight against Christian hatred    
   Education in my home    
My school–years [Y] Yehudit Eines 184
Movements and Parties
The Zionist movement Shlomo Ofir 191
Wojslawice, a stronghold of Poalei Zion Yakov Becker 195
The Poalei–Zion left Yakov Suessman, Shlomo Zayantz, Shabtay & Leibtche Eines 199
The convention David Eines 207
The revolutionary funeral David Eines 208
BEITAR Shmuel ben Meir–David 213
In the training–camp [Y] Chaim Avni 219
My political wanderings [Y] Shlomo Barek 227
Tzeirei Agudat Israel [Young Agudat Israel] Shlomo Barek  
Linat Tzedek [free bed for the needy] Chaike Weisstop–Schaffer 231
Our Drama–Circle [Y] Chana Schaffel 233
The loan–fund, professional courses   236
Once Upon a Time…
Horrors of One Night Sheindel Peichman–Wagenfeld 241
The miracle Sheindl Fireman–Wagenfeld 242
Nightmares from the World–War [Y] Mendel Bareck 243
   Wild Polish soldiers    
   Cultural activities    
Meir–Yosl's liberation [Y] Shlomo Zayantz 247
   Moshe–Chaim's house    
   Heroic defenders    
The Bath alley [Y] Yechiel Mittelman 253
Childhood years in my birth town [Y] Rachel Yogli–Huberman 257
   The Wojslawice Landsmanschaft    
   The jester's rhymes    
   At the river    
Holiday with the modern young people [Y] Chana Schaffel 263
Wojslawice Jews in Warsaw [Y] Avraham Hendler 266
Our life during childhood and adolescence [Y] Rachel Gertz 270
A lost Lag Ba'omer [Y] Moshe Strassberger 280
The sad tune Ch. Feivel 286
Personalities and Way–of–Life
Sadness and smiles in my town [Y] Yehudit Einess 289
   The idyllic life    
   Days of unrest    
   Aunt Ester'l    
   David Kupper    
   Zecharia Rupp    
   Yosl Petyach    
   Mendel Yoshes    
   Perhaps the other way around    
   Feivel Chaytche Lahke's    
   Chaim Baruch Abes    
   Grandma Pessele    
Folk sayings in our town Collected by Yehudit Einess 316
Fairs, thieves and Jewish heroes [Y] David Einess 324
   At the blue well    
   A pogrom    
Various figures [Y] Yitzhak Rab 336
   Uncle Mechl    
   At the Rebbe's Tish [gathering, lit. table]    
The first Halutza [woman pioneer] [Y] Tzviya Leber–Tzelentchuk 343
The doctor and home–medications [Y] Leib Pram 344
Brotherliness, in the Manner of Wojsławice [Y] Yisrael Kelner 347
Wojslawice mood and spirit [Y] Shimon Kanc 348
   Betzalel Tennenbaum    
   Enthusiasm and skepticism    
   The soul of the town    
Baking Matza – The orchestra and the rabbi Feivel Hochlehrer 362
My journey from Wojslawice to Paris [Y] David Kupper 367
Our dear town Grunia Tennenbaum 374
The Horrors of the Holocaust
In the valley of pain and death [Y] Chaia Eidelman–Blatt 385
The beginning of the end [Y] Mendel Bareck 402
Fear, hunger and death [Y] Sara Gerber (Turbiener) 405
From one fire to another [Y] Esther Tannenbaum–Frumer 413
   Wojslawice – Lodz – Auschwitz    
Horrible days and nights [Y] Rachel Gertz 420
On the gloomy roads from Wojslawice to Haifa [Y] Chaim Avni 428
Wanderings [Y] Tzirl Shmarek–Leber 440
The Saga of Heroism
Stronger than iron [Y] Mordechai Kalmanowitz 445
Testimony Mordechai Kalmanowitz 450
A Kadish for my town [Y] Yakov Zissman 473
In memory of those who have left us M. A. 478
The sons that we have lost   485
I remember you, Wojslawice [Y] Rivka Luden 501
List of martyrs (necrology)   502
Map of Wojslawice Drawing by Alexandra  


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