Memorial Book of Wislica;
The Wislica Yizkor Book


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Translation of
Sefer Vayslits; dos Vayslitser yisker-bukh

Edited by: Itzhak Kaziemierski, Association of former residents of Wislica

Published in in Tel Aviv, 1971



Project Coordinator

Morton H. Katz


This is a translation from: Sefer Vayslits; dos Vayslitser yisker-bukh (Memorial book of Wislica; the Wislich yizkor book),
Editors: Itzchak Kazimierski, Tel Aviv, Association of Former Residents of Wislica, 1971 (H,Y,Pol, 299 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wislica

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Hebrew translated by Sara Mages

Yiddish translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


Forward The Editorial Board 5
In Memory [Y] Alter 6
Blessed the one who sanctified us Aharon Zeitlin 7
Our Shtetl [town] [Y] HaRav Elimelech HaCohen Schwartz 9
The sunrise and sunset of Wislica Shimon Silberstein 11
The history of the Jews of Wislica Yitzchak Kazimierski 12
Chapters of History [Y] Yitzchak Kazimierski 31
The history of the city of Wislica [P]   59
I remember ancient times Menachem Kazimierski 61
Wislica and its suburbs Y. Avieli 78
Movements and Organizations
The history of the Zionist Federation Shimon Silberstein 85
“HeHalutz HaKlal Zioni“[1] Shimon Silberstein 93
“HeHalutz HaKlal Zioni” (the central Halutz) Zev Meller 96
“Betar“[2] in Wislica Natan Ben Avner 98
“Poale Zion Left”[3] Y.A. 100
“Mizrachi”[4] – “Hashomer Hadati”[5] Y. Avieli 101
“Agudat Yisrael”[6] Y.A. 103
Society and Institutions
The Jewish Community Menachem Kazimierski 107
The Synagogues Y. Avieli 111
Hebrew and Yiddish Shimon Silberstein 120
Jews and the Municipal Council Y. Avieli 122
Melamedim [teachers] and Hadarim[7] Yitzchak Kazimierski 124
The Former Wislicer Melamed [teacher] [Y] Kalman Eisenberg 128
Chevrah Kadisha [the burial society] Y. Avieli 130
People's Bank [Y] Shlomo Sheiner 132
Jewish Amateur Circle [Y] Kalman Eisenberg 136
Types and Personalities [Y]
My Shtetele [small town] [Y] Alter Eisenberg 176
I Remember [Y] Menachem Kazimierski 177
The Holocaust
My Burned Talis [prayer shawl] and Tefilin [phylacteries] [Y] HaRav Elimelech HaCohen Schwartz 203
Resistance against the Nazis Avigdor Price 209
The expulsion from Wislica Yitzchak Kazimierski 213
In the extermination camp Auschwitz Bella Szidlowski-Tekel 216
In the Village of Stawiszyce [Y] Ester Miller-Wiesfeld 220
Memories from the bunker Yitzchak Avieli 222
There Once Was [Y] Alter Eisenberg 231
I will remember those   236
Back to the Past [Y] Alter Eisenberg 243
The First Letter [Y] Y.K. 256
My Road of Suffering [Y] Dvora Orbach-Guterman 258
How I Became a Partisan [P] Marjan Bielecki 277
We Polish Jews [P] Julian Tuwrim 283
Afterward [Y] M.K. 285
Epilogue Menachem Kazimierski 287
Bibliography to the history of Wislica's Jews   288
Mameshi – [Mommy] [Y] Alter Eisenberg 289
Holocaust Memorial List   291
Translator's Footnotes

Note: All articles are in Hebrew apart from those marked with [Y] – Yiddish, [P] – Polish.
  1. HeHalutz HaKlal Zioni – The General Zionists Pioneer Return
  2. Betar - the initials of Brit Yosef Trumpeldor- The Covenant of Joseph Trumpeldor, the educational youth movement of the Revisionist Zionist Organization.. Return
  3. Poale Zion Left – Workers of Zion left wing. Return
  4. Mizrachi – Religious Zionist party. Return
  5. Hashomer Hadati - A Zionist religious youth movement associated with the “Mizrachi” party in Europe. Return
  6. Agudat Yisrael - Union of Israel – an anti-Zionist Orthodox movement. Return
  7. Heder – room - a religious elementary school. Return

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