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Wierzbnik Necrology

Translated by Jerrold Landau

Translator's notes:

  1. The necrology section of the Wierzbnik book has no page numbers in the original. Therefore, I have numbered these pages based on the Image number from the scans of the New York Public Library (https://yizkor.nypl.org).
  2. At the top of each memorial page, there is a verse fragment from Lamentations 1:16. “My eyes, my eyes, they drop water,” and “For these do I weep.” These fragments alternate every two pages, starting from from scan 435.
  3. The numerous photos are generally uncaptioned. In most cases, I was able to surmise the identity from the content of the memorial dedication.
  4. Spelling of names is always an open question. I used Hebraized forms of first names. I generally used Polish forms of surnames for the victims, and Anglicized forms for the perpetuators.




In eternal memory on Mount Zion in Jerusalem
In memory of the pure and holy souls
Elderly and youths, children and women
Of the community of Wierzbnik-Starachowitz and the region
Who were hauled to the furnaces of Treblinka
On 16 Marcheshvan, 5703 (October 27, 1942)
And who were murdered by the impure Nazis and their helpers
In any place during the Holocaust
May G-d avenge their blood, and may their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

[Scan 434]


by Yaakov Katz

Remember everyone who was buried, in quiet secrecy.
Without a grave to visit, without a monument to remember them, we cannot find comfort.
Remember… The people in the pits of corpses, when their souls ascended to the heavens.
We swore then to remember their names, to never forget them until the end of the world.
Hear Oh Israel; You have been adjured by the mouth that was strangled, and whose sprit died,
Oh G-d, oh G-d, why have you abandoned us, without You I have nobody to bequeath.
Please remember all the souls that have been listed by our hands
Those pure souls that dwell in Your house.
The souls of the holy and pure House of Israel
Who light up the Garden of Eden with the flame of their souls.
O, souls in the Garden of Eden, please listen, the sons of the nation of the Torah will never cease
They were murdered, strangled, and burned in the lands of murder, but their flame was not extinguished.
The burnt parchment will not be erased, and the eternal writing stands opposite truth,
The broken, shattered tables please remember, there is a continuation for the nation, and it exists.
The survivors of the furnaces, brands plucked from the fires, we weep with floods of tears,
To bring forth the hidden light and light up the vale of darkness.
We will cleave to the traditions of our mothers and fathers with greater strength,
To ensure the renewal of our days as of old, and the coming of our redeemer and redemption.

[Scan 435]

In eternal memory

The rabbi of our community, a scion of the dynasty of Admorim [Hassidic leaders} of the “Holy Jew” [1] may the memory of the righteous be a blessing.

Rabbi BenZion Shlomo Rabinowicz, may the memory of the righteous be a blessing.

Who perished along with the members of his community in the furnaces of Treblinka

His wife, the Rebbetzin Gitale, the daughter of
Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Tzvi Zilberstein,
may the memory of the righteous be a blessing.
The rabbi of Bodzentyn, Wierzbnik, and Toronto

Their daughters: Rivkale and Bracha

The survivors of the community of Wierzbnik Daughters: Racha, Dina, and Hashia, of Toronto

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In eternal memory

I hereby perpetuate the holy memory of the dear family members

My father: the rabbi and gaon, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tenenbaum,
rabbi and rabbinical judge of the community

My brothers: Yaakov and Zadok
My sisters: Chana and her sister Yosef Avrech, Hadassa, Rachel, her husband and their children

Minka Benno Tenenbaum  

[Scan 437]

A memorial candle

To the holy memory of our dear martyred family

Father: Reb Yeshaya Guterman, a scion of the Radzymin dynasty

Mother: Zelda

Brothers: Yisrael-Yaakov, his wife and children
Yosef, his wife and their children Moshe and Levi-Yitzchak


Chaya Guterman
Libtsha Guterman

A memorial candle

To holy martyrs

There was a righteous man:

Rabbi Chaoch Biderman

A scion of the family of the Rebbe of Ger

Blessed with a prominent wife: Rivkale

May their memories shine forever!

May G-d avenge their blood


Tzvi Morgenstern

[Scan 438]

In eternal memory

Our or dearly beloved parents, siblings, and relatives

Father: Pesach Ajzenberg

Mother: Rivka Ajzenberg

Brother: Mordechai, his wife Chaya, and daughter

Sister: Chaya Zisel Reisman

Relatives: Moshe Kuperman, wife Tova and son

Sara Rubensztajn and son

Shmuel Brandmesser, wife Reizel and family


Meir Eisenberg
Sam Eisenberg
Zev Reisman

In eternal memory

Of the memory of my dear family members

Father: Yosef Unger

Mother: Frania

Brother: Moshe


Sisters: Leah, Roza, and Paula,
who died in Cyprus and were buried in Israel

Their memory will never depart from our hearts


Tzvi Unger

[Scan 439]

In eternal memory

With great awe and honor,
I perpetuate the memory of my dearest

Father: Avraham-Natan Baumsztajn

Mother: Chana Baumsztajn (Lichtman)

Brother: Baruch Baumsztajn (lived in Paris)

Sisters: Pesel, her husband Moshe Waldman, and two children.

Ita, husband Zelig Zilberman, and two children


Shlomo Baumstein (Sam Stein)

In eternal memory

Of our dearly beloved


Father: Reb Shmuel Isser

Mother: Rivka-Yehudit

Sisters: Sarale, Tzipa, Chaya

Children: Chaim-Yosef, Rachel-Pesil, Manya

Relatives: Sara Milman

Roiza Isser-Herling

[Scan 440]

With awe and honor

I perpetuate my dear

Father: Moshe Baranek

Brother: Yechezkel

Relatives: Ben-Zion, Lea, Dova and her husband Avraham


Michael Baranek

In sorrow and pain

I perpetuate our dearly beloved

Father: Yechiel Ajdelkopf

Mother: Esther

Sisters: Malka and Yona Brojt and children

Sara-Lea and Yosef Brojt and children

Golda and her husband Jablowski and children



Chana Korenwasser-Ajdelkopf

In eternal memory

With honor, awe, and a holy obligation, we hereby perpetuate

The memory of the martyred residents of our town

Shimshon Bornsztajn

Chana Bornsztajn

Meir Stajnbaum, his wife Rucha Stajnbaum,
and their sons Monek and Leibcha

Who perished in the terrible Holocaust, may G-d avenge their blood


Guta Blom-Weintraub
Noach Blom, and their son Moshe

In deep sorrow

And a weeping heart, I perpetuate

The memory of our unforgettable

Husband and father

Ben-Zion Baranek of blessed memory


Wife: Sara (Sala) Baranek
Daughter: Necha Markovitch (Baranek)

[Scan 441]

In eternal memory

Of my dear

Father: Leibish Binsztok

Mother: Rachel

Brothers: Akiva, Avraham

Sisters: Dvora, Neche, Chana

Aunt: Esther Malka Kacman

Father: Abba Kacman

Relatives: Leibel Wajnman and children

Yitzchak Tropper and daughter


Mindel Binstock

In eternal memory

Of my dear

Brother: Manela Binsztok


Sister: Rivka-Rachel


Miriam Binstztok-Shulman

A monument

To the graves of my dearly beloved

Father: Leibish Bekermaszin

Mother: Hinda

Sisters: Matela, Yentale

Aunts: Dina, Golda, Rachel

Uncles: Tovia Tenenbaum, Mendel Rubin,
Baruch Rubin, Leibish Rubin, Shimon Lipszyc


Baruch Bakermaszin

[Scan 442]

In eternal memory

Of my dear parents, brother, and sister

Father: David the son of Reb Yaakov Shlomo

Mother: Tzirel the daughter of Reb Yaakov Nisker

Brother: Menachem

Sister: Bracha


Yosef Brodbeker

In eternal memory

Of my dearly beloved

Relatives: Perl Furman

Feiga Furman

Rachel Furman

Reizel Furman

Reizel Najman, nee Rozenzweig

Fishel Najman

Moshe Najman

Shmuel Najman


Luba Bar-Birenzweig

In eternal memory

Of my dear martyrs

Father: Chaim the son of Mendel

Mother: Freida the daughter of Avraham Meir

Brothers: Kalman, Yaakov, Lipa

Sister: Dvora

Aunts: Neche, Tzipa, Chaya

Uncles: Yosef Shmelki, Moshe, Naftali

Relatives: four children of our brothers and sister
– Mendel and Hershel


Levi Brodbeker

In eternal memory

Of our dearly beloved martyrs

Father: Yaakov Birenzweig (died before the war)

Mother: Rachel

Brothers: Mendel, Hershel, Moshe-Leib

Aunt: Hinda Mendelson and her husband Pinchas

Relatives: Avraham and Moshe,
the children of Mendel Birenzweig


Luba Bar-Birenzweig
Ida Brechin-Birenzweig
Feiga Weisman-Birenzweig
Sara Monstein-Birenzweig
Yosef Birenzweig


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