Wieruszow; Memorial Book
(Wieruszów, Poland)

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Translation of
Wieruszow; sefer yizkor

Editor: Former Residents of Wieruszow Book Committee

Published in Tel Aviv 1970




This is a translation of: Wieruszow; sefer yizkor (Wieruszow; Memorial Book),
Editor: Former Residents of Wieruszow Book Committee, Published: Tel Aviv 1970 (H,Y 907 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wieruszow nad Prosna

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


The History of Jewish Wieruszow and Surroundings
A town on the border; the beginnings of Jewish Wieruszow Yehoshua Eybeschitz
The rabbis of Wieruszow and Campano during 5450-5705 [1690-1945]:
Rabbi Moshe from Vilna; Rabbi Israel Yona Landa; his son Rabbi Yosef Shmuel Landa; Rabbi Yosef Simcha Rahfisch; Rabbi Feivel Bressler; the MALBIM; Rabbi Yakov Meir Levy; Rabbi Avraham Binyamin Silberberg; the Rabbi from Litomorsk; Rabbi Naftali Wieruszower; Rabbi Shaul Silberman; Rabbi Avraham Binyamib from Widawa; the ADMOR from Piltz; his son Rabbi Hanoch Gad Yustman; Rabbi Avraham Mendel Ohrenbach; Rabbi Moshe Eliezer Kliger; Rabbi Yakov Shlomo Kovalski; the ADMOR from Komarno; Rabbi Elazar Ohrenbach
The Wilon region is spreading “Enlightenment”
Conscription of Jews to the Polish army (according to a Memorandum of a Polish nobleman)
Wieruszow Between the Two World Wars
Wieruszow at the end of the 19th century Israel Y. Mukshaki
The economy of Jewish Wieruszow at the end of the 19th century Kalman Frotzel
The economic situation in Wieruszov at the beginning of the 20th century Zvi Eliash
The destruction in 5679 [1919] Yakov Levy
Occupation by the Polish army Kalman Frotzel
The “Fair Goers” I. A. Wentchekovski
Wieruszow 1919 - 1925 Rivka Danieli
The Anti-Semitic Wieruszow Aliza Dafni
Wieruszow and surroundings under Polish rule Y. Eybeschitz
Campano in the past generations Y. Eybeschitz
Organizations and Institutions in Wieruszow
List of Institutions and Organizations The Editor
Synagogues and Prayer Houses Y. Eybeschitz
Community workers and leaders Manush Katriel
Achdut [Unity], the revolutionary movement in Wieruszow David Domb
The first sprouts of Zionism in Wieruszow David Domb
”The Circle” of Hanoar Hatzioni and the Hashomer Haleumi branch Nachum Yakov
Hanoar Hatzioni in Wieruszow Reitze Lieber
Zionist activity in Wieruszow Miriam Shmuelewitz
Agudat Israel; Tzeirei Agudat Israel; Poalei Agudat Israel Yehoshua Eybeschitz
Benot Agudat Israel; a “training kibbutz” in the name of the Chafetz Chaim
BEITAR in Wieruszow Arie Ohrbach
The Mizrahi Movement in Wieruszow Kalman Frotzel
The Communist Party and the Labor Union in Wieruszow Berl Shmuelewitz
The Bar-Kochba sports club in Wieruszow Aharon Yosef Russek
Books, libraries and librarians in Wieruszow Yehoshua Eybeschitz
Bikur Holim [aid for the sick society] and its founder Shlomo Grossberg Nachum Yakov
The first Hebrew kindergarten in Wieruszow Yosef Zelkowitz
Community Workers, personalities and Figures in Wieruszow
Boaz; Mordechai Shmuel Zelkowitz Yehoshua Eybeschitz
My uncle, Hersh David Gad Yosef Zelkowitz
How my brother berl became a Zionist Nachum Yakov
Yakov Shlomo Schulsinger; Gedalia Kerzhak; Yechiel Meir Berkowitz; Nachum Russek; Yitzhak Pankovski; Kalman Frotzel; Shmuel Tuvia Tuviashwitz; Adam Katriel; Tuvia Katriel; Yakov Meir Russek; Yechiel Ring; Berish Lichtenbaum; Nachum Lichtenbaum; Pinchas Kalinovski; Israel'ki Auerbach; Israel David Stern; the Hasid Ziskind Shachor; Aizik Alter; Shlomo Levy; Moshe Finkelstein; Yosef Baruch Glicksman and Nachum Tobiashwitz; Shlomo Levkowitz; Yitzhak Hersch Firnikrazh; Berl Eisner; Yakov Mantel; Motye Bahgen; Yechiel Meir'l Alberstein; Shlomo Koenig; Hersch Wolf Loewenhof and his son Sander; Henich Braun and his son Shlomo Beinish; Anshel Fantel's family; Shimshon “Ofitzir” [officer] Yehoshua Eybeschitz
My grandfather R'Refael Garbovski Yitzhak Garbovski
R'Hillel Cohen - my father z”l Nethanel Cohen
Personalities in Wieruszow
Hillel Cohen; Avreimel Scarzhinye; Shmuel Yehuda Goldman; David Levy; Nachman Landau Moshe Waltzman
Wilhelm Rosenblum; Lipman Zelkowitz; Grandfather R'Yosl Mokshaki and his brother-in-law Shmuel I. Goldman; Yakov Mokshaki
Gita Ben-Menachem (Goldman) Yosef Zelkowitz
Ritual Slaughterers and Cantors in Wieruszow
R'Zeinvil the Shochet Shtchektch Yehoshua Eybeschitz
R'Zeinvil and R'Yitzhak, the slaughterers Moshe Weltzman
My grandfather R'Zeinvil SHUV (shochet uvodek=slaughterer and examiner) Yitzhak Garbovski
Avraham Hut; Motel “Stertzawer”; Kalman Meisler Yehoshua Eybeschitz
Folklore, Stories and Memories
The spiritual Wieruszow Refael Knop
My family home Sara Auerbach (Katriel)
Days of yore Pinchas Goldman
My Aliya to Eretz Israel Nethanel Cohen
From the land of childhood Manush Katriel
What made me go to Eretz Israel Wolf Goldman
Childhood in Wieruszow Zvi Eliash
A wedding in town Zvi Eliash
“The wisdom of women builds her house” (Proverbs 14:1) Zvi Eliash
The story of an “interview” Zvi Eliash
The Hevra Kadisha [burial society] teaches the rich people a lesson Zvi Eliash
How I made Aliya to Eretz Israel Reizl Schlesinger (Bergman)
Our house in Wieruszow Nachum Yakov
A town that was, and is no more… Reitze Lieber
Wieruszow - my shtetl Esther Barkay
My family home Esther Barkay
Purim festivities in the Jewish kindergarten Esther Barkay
A murder in the woods: a true story Yehoshua Eybeschitz
A tale about non-kosher wine; The Wieruszow Jews welcoming the Archbishop of Czenstochow; Jewish “recruits” are having fun; The power of a curse; The priest urges me to learn Hebrew; I am beaten and I return blows; An “invitation” to the “supreme” court; occupations...
Jewish youth rebels against conventions Aba Lieber
Holocaust and Suffering. In the Ghetto and in the Death Camps
The Poem of the Murdered Jewish People (fragments) Yitzhak Katzenelson
The beginning of the destruction of Wieruszow Leib Bornstein
War, ghetto, concentration camps ane annihilation Yosef Zelkowitz
Total War Reitze Lieber
A Memorial to my murdered parents Devora Seill (Knop)
Freedom (a poem) Aharon I. Russek
The last “selection” Z. Bergman (Russek)
The Lodz ghetto Aharon I. Russek
Jewish youth in Wieruszow under Nazi rule; a discussion Yitzhak Garbovski
Memories from the time of the Holocaust Chaim S. Schwarzbart
Mathausen Avraham Kalushiner
”The binding of Yitzhak”; a poem Yehoshua Eybeschitz
Experiences from the Nazi Hell Efraim Rubinowitz
I experienced the Holocaust in Belgium P. Braker (Zelkowitz)
I saved a Jewish soul P. Braker (Zelkowitz)
The “Righteous among the Nations” during the Holocaust - in Belgium Tova Braker (Zelkowitz)
Nazi cruelty Tuvia Itzik
Women's camps T. Kornweiser
Years of suffering and torture Shmuel I. Langnass
In Auschwitz Chana Itzik
War and suffering Glika Moscowitz
Terrible days… Yitzhak (Aba) Waxman
The German murderers and their Polish helpers Moshe Leib Yitzchaki
From the death camps - to the War of Independence Yakov Shimsha
The tragic end of a Jewish family in Wieruszow Refael Knop
Under Nazi rule Arie Katriel
The ruin of Wieruszow in the light of historical data Yehoshua Eybeschitz
Chlemno; testimonies and data
Revolt and Underground: the Struggle against the Nazis
The struggle: facts about the resistance in France Ezra Neiman
Activity of the Underground in France Leib Domb
Notes by a Jewish partisan in France Avraham Lissner
The proud Jew and the courageous fighter - Leibl Louis Domb David Domb
Israel Wars. Sons who have Fallen for the Independence of Israel
Amos Danieli, may God avenge his blood, fell on 28 April 1948 Rivka Danieli
Moshe Lengnass, may God avenge his blood, fell on 20 Tishrei 5709 Yosef Zelkowitz
Moshe, may God avenge his blood Yehoshua Eybeschitz
Anshel Shmuelewitz, may God avenge his blood, fell on 29 November 1948 (Yizkor Book)
The young hero Beila Holzman
Guliver Uri Millstein
Friends speak about Guliver Dorit Geffen
”The beauty, O Israel, is Slain upon thy High Places” (II Samuel, 1:19)
In memory of Zvi son of Kalman Frotzel, fell on 4 Adar 5708 Yakov and Dov Brom
The thinking boy Chedva Eybeschitz
The greatness of his soul Yakov Brom
The Sheikh Hussein Bridge explosion The PALMACH Book
With all their might Y. Bar-Yosef
The suicide plan From the newspapers
A night hike (poem) Bumstein
Two poems in memory of Zvi Frotzel Zerubavel Gil'ad
About Zvi, may God avenge his blood Friends
When Zvi fell in battle Mula Cohen
Introduction Avraham Kalushiner 449
History of Jewish Wieruszow
The beginnings of the Jewish settlement in Wieruszow Yehoshua Eybeschitz 465
Jewish Wieruszow by the end of the 19th century Israel Yakov Mukshaki 475
Wieruszow during 1898 - 1924 David Domb 478
Wieruszow during 1919 - 1925 Rivka Danieli-Eliash 485
Personalities and social activity
My father Rav Shaul Silberman z”l Sara Silberman-Mandel 489
Wieruszow personalities from the past Yakov Mukshaki 491
The Wieruszow Jews Moshe Shari 493
Personalities, types and episodes Moshe Weltzman 496
R'Mordechai Shmuel Zelkowitz, may God avenge his blood Chaim Shlomo Schwarzbart 502
Visitors in shtetl Sara Auerbach 504
Gite Ben-Menachem - Goldman Yosef Zelkowitz 505
Types in the shtetl Yehoshua Eybeschitz 508
The warm-hearted Jew and active communal worker Avraham Domb z”l L. Wyessali 511
Agudat Israel in Wieruszow Avraham Zelman 513
Zionist activity in Wieruszow M. Rosenblatt-Shmuelewitz 516
BEITAR in Wieruszow Arie Auerbach 519
The sports-club Bar-Kochba Aharon Yosef Russek 522
Bikur Holim [aid for the sick] Society Nachum Yakov 526
On the Wieruszow way-of-life Sara Auerbach-Katriel 528
About my family and other memories Nethanel Cohen 532
Wieruszow - in the distant past Kalman Frotzel z”l 537
The Jewish Labor Movement in Wieruszow Berl Shmuelewitz 542
When Jewish Wieruszow was alive L. A. Weltzman-Sapir 547
Excerpts from the Jewish Press in Poland Y. Eybeschitz 552
Life and Memories
A walk through town Noah Russek 559
Life in the past Yitzhak Eisner 561
Anti-Semitism in Wieruszow Aliza Gafni 564
Wierszow images Yosef Zelkowitz 565
Many years ago Pinchas Goldman 570
Memories from the past Chava Litman-Inbari 575
A murder in the woods Yehoshua Eybeschitz 581
Almost a pogrom Y. Eybeschitz 583
Memories from the beloved birth town (Episode) Manush Katriel 585
The fair goers I. A. Wantchkovski 587
My Aliya to Eretz Israel Wolf Goldman 588
Occupation. Holocaust and Resistance
When Jewish life was worthless A. L. Bornstein 593
Chelmno Avraham Kalushiner 598
A Valley of Weeping (poem) A. Kalushiner 602
War, ghetto and death camps Yosef Zelkowitz 604
Memories from the Nazi Hell Efraim Rubinowitz 630
Through the painfull road of suffering Arie Katriel 634
Mathausen Avraham Kalushiner 640
In the Cemetery (poem) A. Kalushiner 644
It seems that it happened now (poem) A. Kalushiner 646
The life and the destruction of Jewish Wieruszow Reitze Lieber-Karlinski 648
In Auschwitz Chana Itzik- Markowitz 657
Years of blood Yitzhak Aba Wachsman 659
Wieruszow Jewish youth under the swastika A talk with survivors 663
Episodes from the Hitler era M. L. Yitzhaki (Itzek) 667
Testimony given at Yad Vashem 81/1 Yakov Yakobowitz 669
In the forests of Belarus P. Waletzki-Aleshinski 674
Years of pain and suffering S. I. Langnass 686
After the last “selection” Z. Russek-Bergman 694
Murdered during the last “selection” 697
During the occupation in Belgium Golde Yedow 699
Memories from the Nazi Hell Chaim Schwarzbart 700
”Righteous among the Gentiles” in Belgium T. Broker-Zelkowitz 709
My shtetl Wieruszow (poem) S. N. Lewkowitz 711
My experiences in Belgium P. Broker-Zelkowitz 713
Heroic acts of Christians in Belgium P. Freilich-Lewkowitz 715
We do not forget! [French] Yosef Zelkowitz 719
The nun Sister Mary - Mathilda Larott Y. Zelkowitz 722
A tragic episode S. I. Yablonski 727
Women's camps Tcharne Kornweiser 729
Jewish “criminals” Shlomo Meirowitz 730
In the Lodz ghetto A. I. Russek 731
Freedom (poem) A. I. Russek 733
The pogrom in Keltz Carola Freilich-Manes 737
In the Czenstochow ghetto C. Freilich-Manes 740
From the death camps to the War of Liberation Shimsha Yakov 742
War experiences Glike Moscowitz 744
Our shtetl after the destruction Moshe Asher 745
My escape to Russia Tuvia Itzek 748
The tragic end of a Jewish family Refael Knop 752
Memories from the murderous times Ch. Wiebert-Lewkowitz 754
An episode from the sad times L. Walgerman-Fliegeltaub 756
How our shtetl was ruined Avraham Ragovski 757
Notes from a Jewish partisan in France Avraham Lissner 760
From the “Botwin Company” to the French Underground Avraham Lissner 765
In the struggle Ezra Neiman 766
In the French Foreign Legion Mendel Ehrlich 770
My wanderings in France Efraim Bercowitz 771
The proud Jew and resistance fighter Leib-Louis Domb David Domb 773
My activity in the Resistance Movement Leib Louis Domb 777
Member of the Resistance Avraham Domb
* * *
Landsleit who fell for the Establishment of the State of Israel
May God Avenge Their Blood
Yitzhak Ben-Menachem - “Guliver” Yosef Zelkowitz 785
Amos Danieli R. Danieli-Eliash 788
Moshe Langnass Yosef Zelkowitz 789
Zvi Frotzel Yakov Brom 792
The young hero Anshel Shmuelewitz B. Holzman-Grabovska 794
Anshel Shmuelewitz's road of suffering P. Waletzki-Olshinski 794
Wieruszow Landsmanshaft in Israel Manush Katriel 799
Landsmanshaft in France Yosef Zelkowitz 805
Landsmanshaft in America Y. Zelkowitz 808
The Holocaust in Pictures - pictures telling the story Y. Zelkowitz Ed. 811
In Memoriam - People who have lived in Wieruszow 847
Names of the Martyrs 867
Necrology 885
Name Index for the Hebrew Section Y. Eybeschitz 951


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