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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Leon Mendelewitz 1
The Great Synagogue 5
The Shul-Hoyf [Synagogues Courtyard] 18
Plan of the Chayei Adam Synagogue 20
Shalom Krapinski, 1923 39
A Chanuka Menorah, 18th Cent. 45
The Perlstein Sisters 61
The Kahana Families 63
Avreim'l Laschitzki 66
Shlomo Schlachter's family 70
Mordechai Schlachter 72
Israel Zbar and family 73
Catholic Monastery 85
Russian Church  
Jewish houses 1957 86
A meeting of Polish Youths in Wasilkow 87
The Pogrom in Kielce 1946 89
Funeral of the 41 victims of the blood libel pogrom  
R'Leib Mendelewitz 103
Leon Mendelewitz  
Yerachmiel Zelevianski before 1939  
Wasilkov Judge's authorization for Moshe Ragovski and Esther Gottlieb 104
Chana Perlstein and Landsleit 107
At the Church 109
Eliezer Ben Yehuda 116
The first group of Halutzim [Pioneers] 118
Yudke Cohen and family  
Mirke Katz and family 119
The HashomerBrit Trumpeldor” Movement 120
Kibbutz training 121
The Balfour Declaration 122
Moshe Schlachter in the Hagana 124
Moshe and Gerda  
Moshe at the time of his Aliya 125
Zvi (Hershele) Halperin in the Jewish Brigade 126
The three Halperin brothers  
A queue in front of a shop 139
Under Soviet occupation 140
Avraham and Bashe Cohen  
Avraham Cohen at the deportation to Russia 142
Survivors, Rescued from the Holocaust 153
Yankel Sokolowitz  
Mendel Melnitzki 156
Mendel in Canada 159
Plan of the Death-Camp Treblinka 165
A Group of Orphans with Jonah Panimanski 167
Plan of the Bialistok Ghetto 169
Bialistok Commemoration Gathering in Melbourne 176
A Group of Partisans 183


Table of Contents

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