Memorial Book of the Communities
Wadowice, Andrychow, Kalwarja, Myslenice, Sucha

(Wadowice, Poland) (Andrychów, Poland) (Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland) (Myślenice, Poland) (Sucha Beskidzka, Poland)
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Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-kehilot Wadowice, Andrychow, Kalwarja, Myslenice, Sucha

Editor: Dr. David Jakubowicz

Ramat Gan 1967



Project Coordinator

Max Heffler


Emeritus coordinator Martin Cahn


This is a translation of: Sefer zikaron le-kehilot Wadowice, Andrychow, Kalwarja, Myslenice, Sucha
(Memorial Book of the Communities Wadowice, Andrychow, Kalwarja, Myslenice, Sucha),
Edited by Dr. David Jakubowicz, Published by Former Residents of Wadowice, Andrychow, Kalwarja, Myslenice, Sucha;
Ramat Gan 1967 (H,Y 454 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wadowice

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TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner

With The Book - Dr. David Jakubowicz, Editor 9
The Wadowice Community
First Chapter - The history of the Wadowice Community (historical sketches)  The Editor
The beginnings of the settlement in Wadowice   15
The religious and cultural character of the town   19
A demographic study of the town   21
The contribution of the Jews to the development of the town   27
Second Chapter - The public life (public and religious institutions)  The Editor
    a. The community   30
    b. Rabbis and Judges   35
    c. The Synagogue   40
    d. Prayer houses   44
    e. The cemetery   46
Third Chapter - Milestones in the History of the Town
A short review of the Jewish settlement in Wadowice Dr. Wilhelm Kluger 51
Our town and its Jews Malka Wiener-Ram 53
On the Jewish way of life in Wadowice Anna Goldberg-Bruner 60
Changes in Wadowice, fragments of memories Shoshana Feuerstein-Nehushtan 63
My beloved town Hanka Offner-Kaufman 64
The sprouts of the movement in Wadowice Hans Lev 67
Fourth Chapter - Reflections of the way of life of the Jews  The Editor
The Wadowice Jews on Shabat and Holidays   71
Memories from the First World War   78
The economic life   81
Participation in the Town Council   87
Representation of the Jews in Court, in taxation and in Banks   88
Fifth Chapter - Educational Institutions, movements and parties  The Editor
    a. General education in our town   91
    b. Religious education   96
    c. The Hasidic movement in Wadovice   101
    d. The Zionist Movement   195
Sixth Chapter - Organizations and Institutions for Mutual Aid  The Editor
Community institutions   128
Charity associations   132
The social and sport life   136
Seventh Chapter - Personalities and Public Figures
Personalities and figures   142
Final notes on the history of the Wadowice Jewry   168
The Jewish settlement in Zambzitz   169
Eighth Chapter - Days of Catastrophe and Disaster
The Wadowice Jews in siege and distress (from the beginning of the war to the establishment of the Ghetto)   172
Prayer (a poem) Mania Bader-Kroithammer 193
The tragic day of the expulsion of the Jews from Wadowice, 2 July 1942 (description of eye witnesses) Hela Strauss-Mandelbaum, Lea Neuhart-Beeri 194
Ninth Chapter - The Period of the Wadowice Ghetto and its liquidation
In the Ghetto   198
The fateful day: 10 May 1943 (the fourth Aktzia) Hella Strauss-Mandelbaum 216
The atmosphere in the ghetto in the last months before its liquidation Paula Brunner-Einhorn 217
An inhuman struggle, which failed, for the rescue of one family Bertha Wurzel-Holzman 220
In the days of fury and wrath Lucia Bleiberg-Weissman 221
Fragments of memories from the Wadowice Ghetto Pela Bruner-Hersteil 223
A city without Jews   229
We shall remember - The names of the Shoah victims   232
Index of the names of the Wadowice Community members mentioned in the book   245
The Andrychów Community
The establishment and development of the Jewish community in Andrychow, rabbis and judges The Editor 251
Rav David Avigdor Pinchas Scheinman 256
Where are you? A poem) Lola Bader 259
The synagogue, the community buildings, the religious life, the cemetery, the economic life, the Zionist Movement, education, charity institutions, culture and sports Yitzhak Koren 259
Figures and Personalities The Editor 275
The annihilation of the Andrychow community Isidor Krumholz 280
The Andrychow Jewry at the time of the Holocaust Yitzhak Koren 294
Ruth'ke Lieblich, her personality and pages from her diary The Editor 298
A fateful escape from the Valley of Destruction Lola Rauchberger-Bader 310
Poems Lola Bader 318
Victims of the Holocaust - list of names   320
The Kalwaria (Kalwaria Zebrzydowska) Community
The Book and the Sword descended jointly from Heaven Avraham Avish Zehnwirt 327
The Jewish Kalwaria - history, institutions, parties and personalities Avraham Avish Zehnwirt 327
The town Kalwaria Dr. Hirsh (Zvi) Leibel 345
Memories about the Jewish way of life in Kalwaria Yehezkel Shraga Nichtburger 347
Kalwaria Yoel Scherf 353
My little town Kalwaria Chana Grinkroit-Grinbaum 355
Memories Zev Neuman  
Yizkor Slomo Sternberg 363
How the town Kalwaria was destroyed Zecharia Schagrin 364
Without response Yoel Scherf 373
Names of victims of the Holocaust, the Kalwaria community   374
The Myślenice Community
Notes on the history of the Myślenice Kahal Dr. David Jakubowicz 381
Dayan Rabbi Moshe Langenauer Noach Weinman 385
The Kahal Rachel Perlroth 386
Prayer Houses, Shochets, Jewish Cemetery in Myślenice Dr. David Jakubowicz 388
An episode in the life of the Bet Hamidrash (house oflearning) Noach Weinman 391
Teaching of Religion, Voluntary Institutions, Cooperation with the town council Zhawa Fenster (Olga Weinman) 392
Zionist Movements in Myślenice Stefan Bober (Ozias Wasserfall) 393
Dr. Lazar Goldwasser Cwi Faden 396
The Doboszynski Pogrom (Doboszynski's March on Myślenice) Dr. Dawid Jakubowicz 398
Excerpts from the Jewish Press in Warsaw   400
The First Days of the War Mendel Becker 407
Myślenice during the Holocaust Beno Richtman 411
Victims of the Holocaust in Myślenice and surroundings   417
The Jewish community in Sulkowice Avraham Leibler 423
Residents of Sulkowice who died in the Holocaust   425
The Sucha (Sucha Beskidzka) Community
The Jews of Sucha Meir Gross 429
The Years of the Holocaust in Sucha Yakov Schachter (Chanina) 439
Names of the families who perished in the Shoah   445
Conclusion The Editor 447
List of illustrations   455
Photographs from the Myślenice Cemetery    

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