The book of Vladimerets
(Volodymerets', Ukraine)

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Translation of
Sefer Vladimerets: galed le-zekher irenu

Editor: Aharon Meyerowitz

Published in Tel Aviv 1963

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Sefer Vladimerets: galed le-zekher irenu (The book of Vladimerets),
Editor: Aharon Meyerowitz, Former Residents of Vladimerets in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1963 (H,Y,E 515 pages)

Note:The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wlodzimierzec

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

A Memorial Monument and a Death Scroll Eliezer Shostak 7
The Well
Our town that exists no more… Rav Moshe Shalita 15
A noble tradition Sender Tcherniak 66
A marvelous combination Charlie Shukh 70
A marvelous combination [Y] Charlie Shukh 82
To the old days Moshe Appelbaum 94
Memories from the diary Yakov Bass 117
A letter from Yakov Eisenberg [Y] Yakov Eisenberg 147
Notes and impressions I. Ben Arie (I. Ch. Ziniuk) 149
A school for the Jewish children Yitzhak Pintchuk 154
Home Shmuel Kamin 158
Home [Y] Shmuel Kamin 162
Many years have passed Eliyahu Germanik 167
How much I loved you! Chaia Germanik 182
A bright side Chaim Schwarzberg 184
Fragments of memories Rachel Reznik–Rochel 191
Chapters of the diary A. Mordechai Nelvitzki 196
The old home Teibel Sandberg 200
Between dream and reality David Borko 202
Old and new Yitzhak Kamin 214
The BETAR movement Meir Brill 222
A meeting place Penina Tcherniak 224
One bundle of memories Chasia Tischler–Reznik 236
Circles of Zionist movements Chaim Schwarzberg 241
The spiritual origin Sarah Proust (Dik) 246
There once was a town Elchanan Borko 251
The merit of the founders Chaia Pinhoiz 253
Rescued pages Shlomo Reznik 256
Few words about many things Yosef Brill 260
When I remember… [Y] Yitzhak Dekelboim 268
I remember these things… (from Psalms 42:5) Yitzhak Dekelboim 271
The Destroyer
In those days Yitzhak Brat 277
A Lament Baruch Smola 280
The last generation Yakov Modrik 288
The last generation [Y] Yakov Modrik 297
In distress Yakov Dik 310
Me and my son Shlomo Appelbaum 321
“Two of a family” (from Jeremiah 3:14) Sender Appelbaum 337
“Two of a family” (from Jeremiah 3:14) [Y] Sender Appelbaum 347
A bleak nightmare Eliyahu Kotz 356
I was a young boy Yosef Leshetz 361
The town of my birth Mordechai Salivkin 384
Bereavement and Wandering Yakov Bass 397
I escaped from the killing graves Mordechai Weissman 430
I escaped from the killing graves [Y] Mordechai Weissman 443
To fight back Yosef Feigelstein 450
In the murderous hands [Y] Golda Lichtig–Koziol 464
In the murderous hands Golda Lichtig–Koziol 469
YIZKOR (List of martyrs)   477
Burning Embers
Welcoming the survivors Dov Germernik 491
Dear Landsleit [Y] Chaim Meir son of R'Yakov Hakohen
Kanantish (Kahn)
A meeting of friends Moshe Appelbaum 495
Activity of the Committee and the Loan–Fund Chaim Schwarzberg 497
A fountain of longing [Y] Sender Tcherniak 499
My brother, David Bass z”l Rivka Brill–Bass 504
R'Shlomo Appelbaum z”l Baruch Katzenelbogen 505
Moshe Borko z”l David Borko 507
With the erection of a Memorial on Mount Zion Rabbi Moshe Shalita 509
A Memorial Monument and a Death Scroll [English] Eliezer Shustak 510–514
Epilogue The Editorial Board  

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