Memorial Book of Vitebsk
(Vitsyebsk, Belarus)

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Translation of
Sefer Vitebsk

Edited by B. Karu

Published in Tel Aviv, 1957

This is a translation of: Sefer Vitebsk (Memorial book of Vitebsk),
Edited by B. Karu, Former Residents of Vitebsk and Surroundings in Israel
Published: Tel Aviv, 1957 (H 508 columns)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Vitebsk (1957)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Vitebsk according to the Jewish-Russian Encyclpedia 1
Vitebsk and the Region in the 19th Century Yakov Leshtchinski 3
Letters from Vitebsk to Hamelitz newspaper 23
The Jewish social life in Vitebsk Gregory Aronson 31
Memories from Vitebsk Shmuel Abramson (Abramis) 41
Pages from my memories Alexander Rapaport 45
The Hechalutz in Vitebsk Zvi Gordon 47
Shmuel Shneurson Zvi Gordon 55
My meetings with Shmuel Shneurson Shlomo Muriel (Meirowitz) 59
Memories of a Prisoner of Zion by the end of the Czar's regime Israel Riffin 61
My life in Vitebsk during the First World War M. Nadel 65
The “Kloizl” people Arie A. 71
Vitebsk the cradle of my childhood Yocheved Greenfeld 79
The volunteer fire-fighters in Vitebsk Mark Chagall 81
The train Bella Chagall 103
The Jewish Vitebsk artists Yitzhak Lichtenstein 106
In Memory of Dr. Zvi Bruck
His life 109
Memories S. Czernowitz, Yehuda Karni 111
Bruck the journalist A. Oskoteski 115
Bruck and the masses Ch. L. Kharifay 115
I remember his look R'Binyamin 119
The innocent one S. Yanovski 119
Bruck in literature 123
My memories from the town Vitebsk Nachum Levin 127
The look-out of the fire-fighters Moshe De-Shalit 129
Shimon Zhitlovski 137
S. Anski 143
Chaim Zhitlovski 145
In my home Moshe Zhitlovski 147
Vitebsk Gershon Schoffman 155
Chaim Leib Harifay Zvi Gordon 157
In Memory of Residents of Vitebsk and Vicinity
The unknown soldier (Rachel Babin-Arnon) A. Romm 161
In memory of Zvi Meirowitz Moshe De-Shalit 165
Zev Kahanov 167
Shlomo Midbari Moshe Meilman 169
Moshe Wittenberg 171
Moshe Shalgi Arie Romm 172
Who are you? (poem) Moshe Shalgi 173
Arie Friedman-Lwow Karmi 175
Rabbis and Tzadikim
R'Mendele from Vitebsk, R'Israel from Polotzk Shimon Frenkel 177
History of the Vitebsk Rabbinate M. Tzinowitz 181
Rav Yosef Elchanan Melamed Avraham Melamed 189
Rabbi Shemaryahu Yehuda Leib Medalia From material by his son Rabbi Dr. Hilel Medalia 193
Memories about Rabbi Shamaryahu Medalia 195
The vicinity of Vitebsk 203
Polotzk A. Arnon 209
My town Sbezh and its customs Prof. Chaim Czernowitz 213
Nevel Menachem Urieli 219
Memories of Nevel from the days of my youth Menachem Mendel Khen 225
Memories of a Gorodok resident Dr. Zev Surkin 233
From me memories about the town Yanowitz Yakov Lieberman 233
The Story of Vitebsk Israel Zev Wolfson
The history of my Father Tzila nee Wolfson 245
This is the man Wolfson D. Volkhonski 247
R'Israel Zev Zvi Har Shefer 249
I. Z. Wolfson Zvi Gordon 251
Wolfson in Eretz Israel David Zakay 251
The story of Vitebsk Israel Zev Wolfson 253
Heroes and Martyrs
Dov Lipin 431
David Shmevdel A. Binyamini 433
Amiram Ram A. Binyamini 435
Rabbi Shmuel Gutterman Yakov Gutterman 437
Eliezer Refalowitz (Refaeli) 438
The annihilation of the Jews of Vitebsk P. Friedman 439
My Town (poem) Arie A. 455
Miscellaneous from Vitebsk Israel Matosov 461
Peretz Smolenskin in Vitebsk: the origin of the Ginsburg Family Moshe Tzinowitz 463
Dr. Avraham ben Yakov Koreltzuk 465
L. Postabelski-Argos Zvi Gordon 465
The awakening lion 467
Shmuel, the emissary to the Zionist Underground in Russia Binyamin West 467
Members of the Russian revolutionary movement in Vitebsk 469
From Poalei-Zion to the Sejmists Yehuda Beiner 469
R'Aharon Boim, the oldest in the group Zvi Gordon 473
Memorial Service [Hazkarat Neshamot]


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