Hivniv (Uhnow);
Memorial Book to a Community
(Uhniv, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Hivniv (Uhnow); sefer zikaron le-kehila

Editor: Rabbi Natan Ortner

Published in Tel Aviv 1981

Our sincere appreciation to Helen Rosenstein Wolf
for typing up the English text to facilitate its addition to this project.

This is a translation of: Hivniv (Uhnow); sefer zikaron le-kehila (Hivniv (Uhnow); memorial book to a community)
Editor: Rabbi Natan Ortner, Uhnow Society; Published: Tel Aviv 1981 (H, E 381 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Uhniv

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


History of the Jews in Uhnow
Foreword   5
Memories from the past Moshe Adler 8
Uhnow (historical review)   12
Memories from Uhnow R'Dov Berish Ortner 16
The Uhnow trial   24
The First World War   34
Between the two World Wars   36
Uhnow during the Holocaust Yakov Zak, Sonia Zhetchinski, Shmuel Katz 45
Our town David Zaritzki 55
The Institutions of the Jewish Community   59
Synagogues and Minyanim   60
Rabbis and Scholars of Torah and Chasidism
Uhnow rabbis   66
The Holy Rabbi R'Feivish of Uhnow z”l   87
Rabbi Yakov Moshe z”l   94
Rav Shmelke Rokach Zev Zohar 96
The Rav Dr. Meir Munk Zev Zohar 100
R'Israel Hibenwer   103
People of Charity
The charitable people   108
R'Levy and Israel Miller   113
The Bikur Cholim [Visiting the Sick] Society   116
Writers and Poets
Yakov Schodrich 118
Avigdor Schpritzer   120
Yitzhak Arie Berger   123
Mordechai Gottfried   127
Personalities, Melamdim and Cantors
Figures in our town Dov Ramon 130
Memories from Uhnow Jews Leibish Ber 142
Cantors in our town Shlomo Ost 147
More about cantors in our town Asher Kleinspiez 162
Benzion Spritzer Mordechai Hersh Ost 164
Various people in town   166
R'Aharon Zukerman Rav Doberish Zukerman 173
Our Homes
My home Yakov Zak 181
The history of one family Arie Siegel 182
The history of my family Reizl Tischler 185
The history of my family and its home Esther Reisner 188
In memory of relatives and friends Chaia Stahl (Tene) 190
The Ravhoon Family Chaia Schreiber 194
Way of Life
Unforgettable memories Asher Kleinspiez 197
The vain and the ignorant   199
Wedding joy in Uhnow   201
Public movements in Uhnow   203
From the local folklore Asher Kleinspiez 212
The Stories of Some who Survived the Fire
Our deportation from Uhnow and the miracles of my survival Sender Halperin 232
How I was saved Sonia Zhetchinski 242
My experiences during the war Leibish Ber 249
Several times I was saved from certain death Yehoshua Ortner 252
From Uhnow to Eretz Israel Arie Schaechter 262
My experiences in Siberia Sheindl Ehrlich 273
List of Martyrs [Necrology]   284
List of those who died after the Holocaust   296
Introduction   3
Memories of the Past Moshe Adler 6
Uhnow (Oonov) Historical Survey   9
Memories from Uhnow Dov Berish Ortner 12
Our Town David Saritsky 27
Memories of the Uhnow Jews Leibisch Be'er 37
Rabbi Levi and Israel Miller (Banai) – Managers of “Linat Zedek”   43
Bikur Holim   44
Writers and Poets   46
Unforgettable Memories Asher Kleinshpiz 51
My Town Uhnow Mordechai Gotfried 55
Synagogue Readers in Our Town Asher Kleinshpiz 60
My Family History Esther Reisner 61
In Memory of Friends and Relatives Hava Shtahl (Tenne) 64
How I Survived Sonia (Yudenberg) Rzeczinski 67
A Few Times I was saved from Death Yehoshua Ortner 73


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