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List of the Slain

Transliterated by Esther Snyder

Edited by Yocheved Klausner


Sex Marital
Name of
AHARONOVITZ Sheftel          
AHARONOVITZ Rivka F        
AHARONOVITZ Shlomo M Married   Pesia children
AHARONOVITZ Pesia F Married   Shlomo children
AHARONOVITZ Rasha          
AHARONOVITZ Tzvi M        
AHARONOVITZ Elka F        
AHARONOVITZ Dov M Married Moshe Gutel children
AHARONOVITZ Gutel F Married   Dov children
AHARONOVITZ Dov M Married Tzvi Chaia children
AHARONOVITZ Chaia F Married   Dov children
AHARONOVITZ Alter M       his family
ILIANSKY Dov M        
ILIANSKY Feigel F        
ILIANSKY Esther F        
ILIANSKY Beila F        
INZEL Israel M        
INZEL Sara F        
INZEL Dina F        
ARSH David M        
BUNIMOVITZ Alter M        
BUNIMOVITZ Barukh M        
BUNIMOVITZ Binyamin M        
BUNIMOVITZ Chaia F        
BUNIMOVITZ Yaakov M        
BENKBATZER Shimon M        
BROIDE Feige F        
BROIDE Rahel F        
BROIDE Rivka F        
BASS Rashel F        
BASS Nahum M        
BASS Rivka F        
BAREL Gedalyahu M        
BAREL Lea F        
BAREL Etel          
BAREL Yehuda M        
GOLDBERG Velvel F   Tzvi    
GOLDBERG Sara M        
GOLDBERG Yerahmiel M        
GOLDBERG Tzvi M        
GOLDBERG Moshe M        
GOLDBERG Dabel          
GOLDBERG Hava F        
GOLDBERG Rahel F        
GOLDBERG Netanel M        
GOLDBERG Mendel M        
GOLDBERG Velvel M        
GOLDBERG Chaia F        
GOLDBERG Abba M        
GOLDBERG Lea F        
GOLDBERG Leib M        
GOLDBERG Sara F        
GOLDBERG Karpel          
GOLDBERG Chaia F        
GUREVITZ Yehuda M        
GISSER Yitzhak Meir M        
GISSER Feige Golda F        
GISSER Rahel F        
GISSER Chaia F        
GISSER Tzvia F        
GISSER Leib M       his family
GITLITZ Mordekhai M        
GITLITZ Moshel          
GLOCH Beryl M        
GLOCH Freidel F        
GLOCH Yentel F        
GLOCH Rahel F        
GLOCH Lipa          
GLOCH Gotel          
GLOCH Yeshaiahu M        
GOLOMB Tamara F        
GOLOMB Henya F        
GOLOMB Chaim M        
GOLOMB Bezalel M        
GLEICH Zalman M Married   Sara family
GLEICH Sara F Married   Zalman family
GLEICH Yosef M        
GLEICH Gittel F        
GLEICH Sheindel          
GLEICH Motel M Married   Hodel family
GLEICH Hodel F Married   Mattel family
GLEICH Merl F       her family
GLIKIN Shabtai M        
GLIKIN Dina F        
GLIKIN Anya F        
GLIKIN Rashel F        
GALPERIN Benyamin M        
GALPERIN Chaim M        
GALPERIN Liza F        
GALPERIN Israel M        
GALPERIN Avraham M        
GALPERIN Batya F        
GALPERIN Tuvia F        
GALPERIN Freidel F        
GALPERIN Yitzhak M        
GALPERIN Lea F        
GALPERIN Shimon M        
GROZOVIK Yentel F       her family
GROZOVIK Sara F        
GROZOVIK Bluma F        
DUBOVSKY Moshe M Married   Fanya family
DUBOVSKY Fanya F Married   Moshe family
HERSHFELD Gittel F        
HERSHMAN Yosef M        
HERSHMAN Sonya F        
VIDATZKY Berl M Married   Rahel family
VIDATZKY Rahel F Married   Berl family
VIDATZKY Alter M        
VIDATZKY Beila F        
VILKISKY Lea F        
VILKISKY Yitzhak M        
VILKISKY Zina F       her family
ZELIKOVITZ Alter M        
ZELIKOVITZ Chana F        
ZELIKOVITZ Leib M        
ZELIKOVITZ Chaim M        
ZAYONETZ Leib M        
ZAYUNTZ Freidel F        
ZAYONETZ Chaia F        
ZAYONETZ Eliyahu M        
ZAYONETZ Nahum M        
ZAYONETZ Pesia F        
ZEMLIN Moshe M        
ZANDMAN Yitzhak M        
ZAMITZENSKY Shaine Tzvia F        
ZAMITZENSKY Beila F        
ZAMITZENSKY Moshe M       his family
ZAMITZENSKY Shmuel M        
ZAMITZENSKY Hirshel          
ZAMITZENSKY Shmuel Meir M        
ZAMITZENSKY Feige F        
ZANDER Luba F       her family
HASDA Michael M        
HASDA Aharon M        
HATZENSKY Sara F        
HATZENSKY Yehuda M        
HATZENSKY Pesia F        
YOSHPE Mendel M Married   Feige family
YOSHPE Feige F Married   Mendel family
YOSHPE Yehuda M        
YOSHPE Pesl F        
YOSHPE Shmuel M        
YOSHPE Shaine F        
YOSHPE Moshe M        
KATZ Hanokh M        
KATZ Raizl          
KATZ Eliyahu M        
KATZ Yehiel M        
COHEN Leib M        
COHEN Katriel M        
COHEN Yeshaiahu M        
COHEN Abba M        
COHEN Alter          
COHEN Miriam F       her family
LEVTER Lea F        
LEVTER Tuvia F        
LEVTER Sonya F       her family
LEVTER Golda F       her family
LEVTER Moshe M        
LEVTER Freidel F       her family
LEVTER Eliezer M        
LEVINE Tzvi M        
LEVINE Chana F        
LEVINE Gronia F        
LEVINE Yehoshua M        
LEVINE Chana F        
MASHEVITZKY Hillel M        
MASHEVITZKY Gittel F        
MASHEVITZKY Freidel F        
MASHEVITZKY Eliyahu M        
MELTZMAN Miriam F        
MELTZMAN David M        
MELTZMAN Chaia F        
MELTZMAN Shimon M        
MELTZMAN Uri M        
MELTZMAN Gershon Moshe M        
MILNER Yitzhak M Married   Chana family
MILNER Chana F Married   Yitzhak family
MILNER Tzvi M       his family
MILNER Rivka F       her family
MILNER Hanan M        
MILNER Reizl          
MILNER Gitta F        
MILNER Rivka F        
MILNER Idel M       his family
MALETZ Shneur M       his family
MALETZ Abba M        
MALETZ Moshe M       his family
MALETZ Chaim M       his family
MALETZ Tzvi M       his family
MALETZ Leib M        
MALETZ Sara F        
MALETZ Aharon M        
MALETZ Yettel          
MOSKIN Devora F        
MOSKIN Motel M Married   Gnesil family
MOSKIN Gnesl F Married   Mattel family
MOSKIN Luba F        
MOSKIN Shmuel M       his family
MOSKIN Sara F        
MINKIN Yosef M        
MINKIN Sima F        
MITELENSKY Yosef M       his family
MITELENSKY Tzvi M       his family
MITELENSKY Nyuta F       her family
MILIKOVSKY Tzemah M        
MILIKOVSKY Rahel F        
MILIKOVSKY Uri M        
NUDLER Israel M        
NUDLER Chaia F        
NUDLER Tzira F        
NUDLER Tuvia F        
SAVIRSKY Shaine F        
SAVIRSKY Esther F        
STRAZ Yitzhak M        
STRAZ Pesia F        
SENDLER Nahum M        
SENDLER Zelda F        
SENDLER Sara F        
POTASHNIK Yitzhak Yaakov M        
POTASHNIK Shaine F       her family
POTASHNIK Yosef M        
POTASHNIK Lea F        
POTASHNIK Freidel F        
POTASHNIK Yaakov M        
POKROISKY Shimon M        
FENSTER Freidel F       her family
PODOLINSKY Mendel M        
PODOLINSKY Rahel Lea F        
PARTZOVITZ Tzvi Arye M        
PARTZOVITZ Disl [Zisl?]          
PARTZOVITZ Shlomo          
PAKMAN Sheftel M Married   Rashel family
PAKMAN Rashel F Married   Sheftel family
FUCHS Sara F       her family
CHORNEY Laizer M        
CHORNEY Sara Gittel F        
CHORNEY Beinish          
TZVIK Zalman M        
TZVIK Rivka F        
TZVIK Beila F        
TZVI Nahum M Married   Fanya family
TZVI Fanya F Married   Nahum family
TZVI Shimon M        
KLAUSNER Kadish M        
KLAUSNER Rahel F        
KLAUSNER Gedalyahu M        
KLAUSNER Rashel F        
KLAUSNER Luba F        
KLAUSNER Alte          
KLAUSNER Shlomo M       his family
KLAUSNER Chana F        
KLAUSNER Pesl          
KONSKY Mendel M        
KONSKY Chana F        
KONSKY Shimon M        
KONSKY Chaim M        
KONSKY Luba F        
KONSKY Chana F        
KONSKY Rahel Lea F        
KONSKY Yechiel M        
KOTZ Eliyahu M       his family
KOTZ Shimon M        
KOTZ Mindel F        
KOTZ Malka F        
KABTZAN Chaim M Married   Shaine family
KABTZAN Shaine F Married   Chaim family
RABIN Yosef M       his family
RABIN Nehama F       her family
RASHKOVITZ Chana F        
RASHKOVITZ Etel          
RASHKOVITZ Chaia F        
RIBAK Zeev M Married   Yentl family
RIBAK Yentel F Married   Zeev family
SHUB Avraham M        
SHUB Sima F        
SHUB Hava F        
SHUB Rephael M       his family
SHNEIDER Yaakov M        
SHNEIDER Gittel F        
SHNEIDER Elhanan M        
SHNEIDER Esther F        
SHNEIDER Kalman M        
SHNEIDER Bluma F        
SHNEIDER Nahum M        
SHNEIDER Mira F        
SHNEIDER Henya          
SHNEIDER Nahum M       his family
SHABSELS Tzvi M        
SHABSELS Rahel F        
SHUBIN Tzvi Hirsh M        
SHUBIN Buba F        
SHUBIN Kuma F       her family
SHAIKON Malka F       her family


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