Memorial Book of Targovica
(Torgovitsa, Ukraine)

50°33' / 25°24'

Translation of
Sefer Trovitz

Editor: I. Siegelman

Published in Haifa 1967

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Sefer Trovitz (Memorial book of Targovica),
Editor: I. Siegelman, Former Residents of Targovica in Israel, Published: Haifa 1967 (H,Y 452 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Targowica

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

There Once was a Shtetl [town]
Foreword The Editorial Board 7
Foreword [Y] The Editorial Board 8
To our children   11
The mound that turned into a Monument R. Raverman 12
Targovica my town I. Zakay (Fierer) 17
The Sabbath in Targovica A. Rosenfeld 20
A wedding in town D. Maranz 24
A cry of vengeance (poem) R. Raverman 26
Remember Dr. Dvorzhetzki 29
Life and Customs
History of Targovica R. Raverman 33
Our town Targovica D. Maranz 38
I miss my town [Y] I. Riez 46
Jewish life in town [Y] I. Danyuk 49
My Universities A. Rosenfeld 56
Jewish festivals and holidays in town A. Hurwitz 60
A wedding in town [Y] B. Schreiber 63
Landscapes and figures in Targovica R. Raverman 66
The rabbi's last road R. Raverman 93
Danger and self-defense R. Raverman 101
New times in town D. Maranz 103
Occupations that have disappeared R. R. 112
The lake A. Blovstein 116
Targovica - mountains and mud [Y] M. Steinkroyn 117
Entertainement on the Hill A. Blovstein 119
Memories I. Korotki 121
A story about Rav Itzi-Meir of Trisk I. Zazola 123
A visit in 1937 [Y] S. Pressman-Galin 124
On Targovica (poem) [Y] I. Riez 125
Memorial Days R. R. 128
Figures and Landscapes
Our great rabbi R'Mordechai-Neta z”l R. R. 137
My uncle, R'Mordechai-Neta I. Zakay 139
The last rabbi of Targovica - R'Hershel Ackerman R. R 141
In memory of R'Meir Feldman S. Mandelkern 142
Eli Yunitzman's family D. M. Maranz 142
The Shlomo and Feige Bondik family D. Maranz 148
I remember Targovica Feiga Alperin 151
The house on the hill G. Yakirewitz 152
The Melamed R'Yechiel-Moshe Maranz B. Shemesh 153
Targovica landscapes [Y] I. L. Feldman 156
The landscapes of my town Z. Huarshtock-Hurwitz 159
Figures in town Sara Ben-Yaakov z”l 161
Portraits in my town: Reuven 163
   a. R'Meir Feldman - cantor, and R'Dudi Misonzhik   164
   b. Moshe Felex - teacher and educator   165
   c. Nachtzi and Binyamin Bernstein   172
   d. Chaim (Munili) Feldman   175
   e. Aharon Perlok and Brili Sosies   178
   f. The born rebel and his tragic death   179
   g. Gitl Sade - the zealous communist   182
   h. The death of a converted to Christianity   183
   i. The Fidomi Family   185
“Activities” in the Beit Hamidrash I. Riez 188
Home and Family
Families in town D. Maranz 191
From a large family [Y] Bracha Ber 197
My home and my parents Yehudit Zakay 198
About our home Hershel Danyuk 205
Grandmother Freide Adek 208
My family Binyamin Shemesh 212
The demons' hut I. Zakay 216
Our family, the Raverman family Michael and Reuven 217
The Israel and Mia Geller family A. Blovstein 229
Feivish Schulman and his family B. Schulman 231
In memory of my brother Leibish and his family A. Hurwitz 236
At home and Outside Dudi Kimchi (Melman) 238
In memory of two families Asher Geller 243
Shaye the blacksmith Munia Schreiber 249
My parents [Y] Fishel Bodnik 253
The Yehoshua Yonik family Esther Green 255
The Yonik family Sara Ben-Yaakov z”l 256
R'Yakov Yosef and Tobrita Yunik Arie Ben-Yosef 259
The history of the Krupnik family Arie Ben-Yosef 263
From Panschina to Sovietization R. R. 269
The day of the fateful declaration R. R. 275
Slaughter at dusk and retreat of the Soviets R. R. 278
The first massacre R. R. 282
After the first slaughter R. R. 289
The horror of those days Peretz Sade 292
We left Targovica A. Geller 299
Away from Targovica [Y] P. Bodnik 300
Between life and death N. Yinitzman 302
Why have we not run away? Peretz Sade 304
The “Judenrat” and the “Ordnungstdienst” R. R. 306
Studinka - a labor camp R. R. 308
A day in the Ostrozhetz ghetto R. R. 312
Our town as a ghetto I. Kieperman 317
Like haunted animals in the forest R. R. 320
Between despair and hope R. R. 338
Wandering in the shadow of death R. R. 345
“Penska-Dolina” - a place of refuge R. R. 349
The annihilation of a family R. R. 352
In the Holocaust [Y] Mordechai Kishka z”l 357
The fight for survival [Y] Sara Kishka 360
From the land of terror to the mass grave Zvi (Hershel) Danyuk 362
There Are No More Jews in Targovica
Targovica in ruins Adek 369
With my brother in the destroyed town [Y] P. Budnik 371
In my town after the destruction [Y] Yakov Danyuk 373
A Memorial for Those who Died in our Country
R'Bentzi and Bluma Hurwitz 377
In memory of Feiga Yunitzman Menker Yael 379
A profile of Sara Yunik Yona Ben-Yaakov Avira 381
Bat-Sheva (Lota) Spodek Rina Meshy 382
In memory of Nechemia Yunik Rachel 384
In memory of Moshe Blovstein A. Blovstein 385
Avraham and Eliahu See A. Blovstein 387
One who cried in vain for revenge (in memory of M. Kishka) R. R. 388
A memorial Reuven 393
In memory of he Likwornik family Ida Fliter 395
In memory of he Eisengart family Ida Fliter 397
The Ferdman family Z. Huarstock-Hurwitz 398
In memory of my family N. Goldberg 399
The Hilel-Zev Brik family M. Feldman 400
Our beloved [Y] Peretz (Ben-Itzi) Sade 401
My family [Y] Itzik Zazola 402
My family in the holocaust [Y] Meir Lichter 403
My home [Y] M. Steinkorn 404
Even work did not save from death Munia and Avraham Geller 405
In memory of my beloved [Y] P. Budnik 409
The survivor of the slaughter who fulfilled his vow
(in memory of Moshe Ben Meir and Perl Wasserman)
Adek 410
Memorial Photographs   414
Memorial Pages   419
Family memorial days   441
Index of photographs   443
Table of Contents   447
Errata   451
To our Children [English]   452

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